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  1. Taken. Have a good night everyone. Wish I was there. March 2023 for the Sydney reschedule
  2. Hopefully one less conservative government in the world in a few hours. Absolutely dreading some type of unforeseen Red wall-esque swing in the outer suburbs of Sydney
  3. Still a standing ticket for tonight if someone wants it? Not expecting anything other than a cider at Glasto if You are going. Its going to go to waste otherwise.
  4. Anyone want a standing ticket for Saturday. I bought it 3 years ago when it was supposed to roll on to Glastonbury but it’s not possible with this reschedule. Happy for it to go to a good home. Preference given to someone with a good posting history, and if you are going to Glastonbury you can buy me a cider.
  5. Seems like he was getting distracted by cheese quite a bit at 10 Downing Street over the last 2 years.
  6. All good. Just the usual symptoms at the moment. Thanks for the well wishes.
  7. Removed the problem of testing Covid positive before my flight by doing it this morning.
  8. Seconded. They were there 16,17 &19 so fingers crossed!
  9. Boris. Glass houses, stones etc. 😉
  10. Australia to rocket up the ladder when we turf Morrison out on his ass in 10 days time. Will hopefully provide a bit of hope to most on here. A Labor win against a Teflon coated Conservative backed by a sycophantic Murdoch media.
  11. The Regrettes. Im excited but the clashes are going to pile up quickly.
  12. Daft Punk 91 Depeche Model 109 Elton John 91 Rage Against the Machine 91 Pearl Jam 71 Talking Heads 99 Kate Bush 99 Taylor Swift 51 (+10)Nick Cave 99Dua Lipa 91
  13. Leave the 17th from Sydney and gone again on the 27th, so possibly last in and first out!
  14. Daft Punk 72 Depeche Mode 80 The Strokes 49 Led Zeppelin 59 Eminem 40 Elton John 110 Stone Roses 25 Rihanna 55 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 40 Rage Against the Machine 65 Green Day 60 The Weeknd 50 Pearl Jam 84 Talking Heads 82 Kate Bush 70 Taylor Swift 103 (+10) Nick Cave 80 Dua Lipa 80 The Jam 60 Lady Gaga 65
  15. Daft Punk 58Depeche Mode 70The Strokes 52Led Zeppelin 59Eminem 43Elton John 100The Stone Roses 39Rihanna 55Red Hot Chilli Peppers 40Rage Against the Machine 62 Green Day 55The Weeknd 50Pearl Jam 99 Talking Heads 77AC/DC 24 (-10)Kate Bush 70Taylor Swift 100Nick Cave 70Dua Lipa 76The Jam 60Lady Gaga 65
  16. Picking straight up from the last album. Really hoping to avoid a clashmageddon in June to go see her.
  17. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-03-25/pre-departure-covid-test-international-travellers-australia/100938716 Pre-Departure test to travel to Australia has been ditched. As I am flying back the Monday night straight after, the ability to get a test during the festival was my only worry so glad that is now gone.
  18. Reckoner

    Crazyfool is in!!

    This thread makes me happy and I’ve never even met you.
  19. Booked flights! Arrive Saturday the weekend before, depart Monday from Sydney. It’s a long way for a Short time from Sydney but I was 8 hours closer when I actually got the tickets.
  20. Wednesday is the Hill and sunset followed by a bimble. Thursday is Ultimate Power at WG. Yacht Rock beforehand in 2019 was a great lead In. Baggy mondays at the Stonebridge if the times work.
  21. I’m worried there is actually too much for me to see and I’ll be running from stage to stage with limited bimble time but based on the last 2 years, I feel like my week may peak at Girl in Red during Serotonin
  22. Sad girl Indie 2022 here we go! Pheobe, Clairo, girl in red, beabadoobee, Holly H, Olivia R ( sort of). Hook it to my veins
  23. I managed to change the address to a UK one through editing my registration before going to pay the balance, so that’s an option for those who have somewhere to send them, and don’t want to go with the collection option.
  24. Paid. Maybe even a small tear when the confirmation arrived. Might be my last for a few years so ready to go out with a bang.
  25. Fair, but i rationalized it with the fact that he doesn’t curate a stage at least.
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