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  1. WheresMyTent


    I think a lot of people were waiting too! So glad you got tickets. As @Lubic87 said we were all three very lucky! Imagine if two of us were and one wasn't! I don't think I'd cope! 😂
  2. WheresMyTent


    How did you do? Fingers crossed we'll see you in the fields! Thanks for the feedback
  3. WheresMyTent


    @crazyfool1 hi I think we've got it back on both platforms now!
  4. WheresMyTent


    Just call me Frank Turner 😉
  5. WheresMyTent


    Ahhh someone else has mentioned this to me too! Let me investigate!
  6. WheresMyTent


    Oh I've just checked, you're not wrong! I'll message Miguel and see what's going on there... (as I freely admit, I'm not as involved with the tech/editing/backend!)
  7. WheresMyTent


    Hi all, sorry for the radio silence all summer, hope you had an incredible festival. Letting you know we’ve released a new episode today! Good luck for ticket day! ☺️
  8. Success percentage last year for the first main sale was around 60%, and we got another 30% ish on resale day. I’m very strict and mean when it comes to my group! If you don’t participate and help then that’s it, you’re out, never again. I give every new member a lecture about what is expected of them and what happens if you take advantage. 😈
  9. We have the same criteria. If you've survived the rough years you get prioritised! Also looking at your signature, we have a similar festival past! Well Glasto and Bestival anyway we've done the same years! Hello fellow festival addict
  10. Another large one! Our group was at 84 last year! But I've narrowed it down a bit this year to be 72. Twelve groups of six. I shaved off the ones that didn't participate / didn't wake up in time / caused issues etc. It's difficult but manageable. Everyone in my group knows I'm the boss! Haha. And I've very strict rules as I'm sure you do too.
  11. WheresMyTent


    Awww thank you @JoeyT!! So nice of you to say! It's been such a passion project, it's amazing that it's grown wings! Have an amazing festival, and hope you get more done at work than I will today
  12. WheresMyTent


    Hi all, thought you'd like to know we manage to squeeze one more episode together which went live this morning! (links above) We have recordings from David (a Worthy Warrior), Theo from the Green Info Tent, and Claire from Pennard Property Lockups! As always would love to know what you think. See you all on Wednesday!
  13. WheresMyTent


    We're recording again tonight, so we HOPE so, but can't guarantee. We all have a lot of things to get sorted in 7 days! Will do our best though
  14. WheresMyTent


    Hi all, I know a few of you were waiting to see what season 2 would bring. We just put out our first episode today, interviewing the Media Manager for Avalon and Glade (two of my favourite areas! ) Links below, would love to know your thoughts! iTunes Google Podcasts Spotify Soundcloud Stitcher Pocket Casts
  15. Ahhh I see! So you’re saying I should bring lots of biodegradable glitter to the efests meet... excellent... 😉
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