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  1. WheresMyTent


    Episode 4 was definitely delayed so sorry about that, but we do now tick the other boxes! External input and 55 mins long
  2. WheresMyTent


    Looks like we managed to get in before thanks for your support!
  3. WheresMyTent


    Hi all, slight delay on this episode, but #4 is live! Thanks for sticking with us. On all podcast players of course! https://glastocast.co.uk/episode/s1-ep4-arriving-at-glastonbury/
  4. WheresMyTent


    Hi Zico, We've recorded Episode 4 and are editing it together as we speak. It's taking a little longer as we have external input to add in this time, we have recordings from a few people to add in, and tweets to read out etc! So yes this next episode will be the first to show how we plan to get people involved going forward! We originally planned for one episode a month between January and the festival, those first 6 episodes being a guide for newbies, and then we would have spontaneous mini episodes in between if we had time. However we've enjoyed it so much and it's been so well received that we've accelerated the schedule massively. Episode 4 will be out ASAP. We're recording Episode 5 very shortly too so will be putting calls out on social media for any input from listeners we can get for that one. We're going as fast as we can, all 3 of us have full time jobs (Rob's is especially demanding as he's a fireman!). We hope that going forward we'll be putting out at least two episodes a month but this is dependent on finding time, sadly! We plan to run this year round though, and have all said we want to make this ongoing. I hope you'll forgive our slowness! Do email me if you have an amazing Glasto story to tell. For Episode 5 we'll be talking about things to do on the Weds & Thurs before the music 'really starts', so if you have something related to this, here's a heads up on how to get your voice heard before I've asked on social jessi@glastocast.co.uk Jessi
  5. WheresMyTent


    Ahahaha I'm not sure if that's a good thing!?? I usually hate the sound of my own voice! Since doing the podcast I've sort of got used to it however...
  6. WheresMyTent


    Episode 2 went live this morning! I think I mentioned this, but our plan for the first 6 episodes is essentially a "Newbie's Guide" but hopefully with enough fun chatter to keep veterans happy too. Then we'll move onto season 2 - and be discussing line ups, different areas, glasto history, the environment, volunteering/working... etc. Any suggestions gratefully received! Also if you want to record a clip of yourself telling a little story/top tip, please do so and email it to me: jessi@glastocast.co.uk - Or alternatively you can call our hotline ( ) and leave us a message - we'll receive it as an mp3 clip we can use in the show! How clever is that... 020 3807 7081
  7. WheresMyTent


    I can do that
  8. WheresMyTent


    Obviously the quality here won’t be excellent but we thought for little clips it would be fun! If we have guests on, we’ll invite them to join us face to face I think if we can.
  9. WheresMyTent


    I forgot to say in my original reply! We actually have a phone line set up for this! You can record clips for us and we might use them on the show! (As long as they’re not explicit!) Leave us a message on this number and we’ll get the audio message emailed to us. Nifty eh? +44(0)20 3807 7081
  10. WheresMyTent


    We’d love to have them if they’re keen!
  11. WheresMyTent


    Hey all! What a surprise it was to see this thread! Thanks so much for sharing. Some great feedback here. Sorry we were a little cheesy, it was our way of dealing with the nervousness! The second episode is much better Yes hi it’s me, Jessi from wheresmytent.com *waves* We were too so surprised that an ongoing podcast didn’t exist already. There is so much to talk about! We’d always encourage people to just jump in and do it! We luckily have a sound wizard in the form of Miguel that has all the equipment. But you can record straight from your usual headphones, it just won’t sound as clean. I know I’m not a regular poster here, just a lurker at best, but I’d love to get efestivals involved somehow in the future! If anyone has a great story to tell, or is particularly music obsessed, when the line up comes out we’d love to have you join an episode or two with us! We’re london based. Do send me an email if you’re interested! jessi@glastocast.co.uk Thanks again and please do keep the feedback coming! Episode 2 should be out this weekend!
  12. Put my deposit down last night, super excited! Although I made the silly mistake in thinking the deposit/split payments were still in Tiers. Tier 1 was still available when I added to my basket, but chose deposit so I could have more money for Christmas presents this month. Now stuck with a £216+ ticket! Ah well, lesson learned! This’ll be my 6th Boomtown but my first as a ticket holder! I normally volunteer as a steward, this year I worked as a steward supervisor. So much fun to work it, the crew bar is fantastic, but I’m excited to finally be able to experience every minute of the Fair as a punter.
  13. Hi all! I'm Jessi, and I'm a new poster, long time lurker! This will be my 9th Glastonbury, and as always I'm so excited! I usually discuss Glasto on twitter with the lovely #twisto bunch but as I started a festival blog this year a lot of people said I should start posting here too! I'm hoping to come to the meet up on Wednesday, I just can't wait to be back in Pilton's hallowed fields. We usually camp in Big Ground with an Ainsley Harriott flag. Looking forward to meeting you all! xx
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