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  1. Who we thinking? Go on @JBarbour give us a hint whether that be names or what slots on the lineup are to be filled
  2. When do we expect the next release to be and who do we think will be on it?
  3. Any idea when we should expect the next lot of acts?
  4. Fair enough, maybe sub headliners
  5. Why’s that? And I’m on about tramlines
  6. As in tramlines is going more rock than normal next year???
  7. They’re from last year
  8. Be very dissapointing if it’s DMAs as headliners, could be sam fender or Gerry
  9. Stereophonics would be a bit bland but an understandable booking, sure plenty would like it and does seem to make some sense sadly
  10. Marginally bigger do you reckon? More on the level of boardmasters and victorious?
  11. Just seen licensing has been granted for another festival at hilsbrough park from 2023 as well
  12. Get that 2022 thread made and whack a hint in there 😉
  13. Anyone who’s been before advise me how strict security are with checking for alcohol in bags etc
  14. Anyone know what time the tents with djs stay on until each night? Thank you
  15. Quite suprised and dissapointed that prices have pretty much doubled for the early tiers for next year compared to this year. Wonder if this may mean a better lineup or they just see they can grab more money.
  16. Agreed in all honesty. Dizzee my set of the weekend, great vibes
  17. Thankfully they have got back to an email we sent to them and are letting my friend take their own food in due to their circumstances so if anyone is in a similar position with difficulty of not taking food in it’s definitely worth sending them an email
  18. My friend has a peanut allergy so feels much more comfortable taking their own food in so I hope they will have a rethink
  19. Correct but in the past you have been allowed to exit and re enter the site. I don’t think it’s very reasonable to essentially force everyone to have to purchase food inside the site
  20. Just seen that you are not able to re enter the site on each day if you leave at any point and that you also can’t take any of your food in. This seems absolutely rediculous to me and not very fair. I hope they will re consider the taking food in
  21. Just because it’s not to your taste doesn’t mean it’s dreadful. It’s not completely perfect for me but I’d say from a neutral perspective is a pretty standard quality of lineup compared to previous years
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