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  2. I don't think so - they are playing the Azkena festival in the Basque Country on June 22 and it has been advertised as their onloy Spanish date in 2019.
  3. Hopefully Future will cancel too and he'll replace him. Seen his Coachella set on youtube, amazing
  4. Unavailable? Have you taken it down?
  5. Beerqueen

    Avalon lineup 2019

    ....and me! Though I don't think I'll wear it, as it's rather warm here today.
  6. Probably not, but reading it in advance and working out a few to bear in mind so that you recognise the names when you come across them is what I had in mind.
  7. Never is in SH. I don’t really look for it on the drop, tbh. We’ll get plenty of gems in Block9, The Common, Arcadia, Glade, don’t panic. The Craig Richards/Ben UFO set should be up our street! Though Ben is SOOOO varied in his stuff, who knows?! Ben
  8. Would you actually take the time to consult a food spreadsheet during the festival? Fair play to you I could never be that organised 😂 I have one or two places in my head that I know I like but apart from that it's whatevers infront of me when the hunger hits.
  9. Joshuwarr


    It looks absolutely glorious there right now!
  10. There aint that much DnB is there? Pretty much just Shy FX, AFT records and the Sub Focus b2b Wilkinson thing.
  11. "lost the plug" did he indeed? 🤔 ......i'd advise you probe him further for the location of the plug, it may be much closer to home than you think & all your boyfriend is guilty of is possibly trying new experiences at the other festival & maybe widening the circles of his friends! 😉
  12. Its possible they were trump supporters the populist right and left agree on a hell of alot of things anti-free trade for example. Trump has been a democrat for most of his life and only used the republicans as a vehicle to get elected. I do think it would be a mistake to go for Bernie though, someone like Andrew Wang maybe an interesting choice.
  13. A friend put me onto these a while ago - super handy! Just ordered myself a new batch for the glasto pile 😊
  14. Madyaker

    Silver Hayes 2019

    Too much DnB and not enough techno if you ask me
  15. Oh I see ...I'll get my coat
  16. There’s a big Anderson Paak size hole in this year and last year’s Primaver poster. Such a talented performer, a real opportunity missed.
  17. Revisited the big glasto packing list, and started pruning out the stuff I won't need / can't carry as I'll be on a staff coach this year!
  18. Today
  19. Glad to hear that you're still loving Fat Whites. I've got tickets to their Brighton date and will be sure to see them at The Great Escape too. Have you seen Saul's solo show? Saw him supporting Jessica Pratt a few weeks ago and it was a really good set.
  20. EamerRed


    Never mind, I've seen a few on Twitter yesterday afternoon. I'm going to risk it!
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