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  2. OK I'll believe it when I see it
  3. Sofi broke her ankle jumping around on stage and they had to cancel their tour until it was heeled. I saw them at osheaga last year and it was a massive party. I hope they dont headline a stage so theres less of a clash chance.
  4. Passed it 😁 So gonna be spending a lot of money on this trip haha
  5. nicnzl

    2020 New Music

    Have they considering Doing Something and asking?
  6. Oh that would make me very happy. Also Lizzo is headlining Osheaga. 🥳
  7. Neondrift

    2020 New Music

    Managed to talk to the guitarist of Do Nothing & ask the big question at their show tonight. He said they're really desperate to play but still haven't yet been asked..
  8. Young Fathers are back supporting Massive Attack at APE, reckon they would make a great West Holts sub
  9. Good spot! That might help a bit.
  10. Lots of overlap last year. Tame Impala, Hozier, Chemical Brothers, Mac DeMarco, Denzel Curry, Janelle Monae, Fontaines DC, FKJ, Kurt Vile, King Princess, Sigrid, Black Madonna just at a quick glance, I'm sure there's plenty more. Although given how weak their lineup is this year I'm not sure that's a good thing.
  11. Hold on. That wasn't listed in the ts & cs!
  12. Yesterday
  13. The concept of touring is kind of the greenest way of doing live music, no? Bands hit all the festivals in Europe on a big ole tour, and it's entirely doable without flying once you're here. If Glastonbury didn't book anyone that had flown, punters would just fly elsewhere to see 'must sees' (within reason) People fly in to Glastonbury specifically: even from within the UK (which is obviously a problem with the infrastructure nationally, but unfortunately we won't get any sensible policy on this topic with this government). Would be a far better use of resources to encourage sustainable travel to the festival imo - i.e. greater numbers of more combined coach/train etc packages. Even this is still problematic because someone from Glasgow could fly down to London to get a 3hr coach. It's a tough problem.
  14. Surely if Volt is announcing stuff and the same promoters do the stuff for both them and Sziget, they'd prioritise what's been announced. Same thing with APE and BST Hyde Park in London - same city, both big park fests, why have them go on sale on the same day? But you'd expect something to be announced for this soon enough given its usually such a big deal and its been oddly quiet in this initial phase of 2020.
  15. Honestly I'd prefer to go to their O2 show given how inconsistent Finsbury Park's acoustics can be. For Arctic Monkeys in 2014, it was good when I was in the front rows for Royal Blood & Miles Kane but when I had to go to the back of the front circle after I got food and couldn't get back to my initial spot, the sound was nothing like as good, and for Queens, it was bizarrely inconsistent where I stood. Though I do recall Rage in 2010 sounding great. But then my memory of that night is a little hazy.
  16. mattiloy

    The 1975 2020

    They’re from Cheshire. No matter how much they wish it were otherwise.
  17. I agree, nothing to justify a 3 days pass but as acts i'd have seen Kraftwerk, David August, Yaeji and Britanny Howard on sat!
  18. chazwwe

    2020 headliners

    A few people have been saying they're hearing that Dua is not on the Other stage. I can see Calvin being one though, maybe Biffy across from Taylor but I still see that one as Foals.
  19. Realistic looking fake or not, they're surely gonna have to get a move on soon and announce something otherwise the target audience is just gonna drift off and do other stuff. And I say that fully aware that it feels like the August events are being left behind as June/July is looking quite stacked.
  20. The scenes if Shrewsbury are the first team to win at Anfield this season. Even if Liverpool are gonna treat it like a Leasing.com Trophy game. But I do get Klopp's point. It is bizarre the PL made a huge point about a winter break being introduced this year, only for the FA Cup to dump in a load of replays that could negatively impact clubs that have to partake in them. If we're going to start having winter breaks, and I feel like its getting to the point where we should do, the English football authorities are going to have to do better at coordinating this in practice. Hell, it has not escaped my attention both Steve Bruce and Karl Robinson have said they didn't want Newcastle v Oxford to go to a replay, given both sides are struggling with player fitness/availability at the moment. I don't mind the idea of replays but it feels like they're just starting to become more trouble than their worth, which is a bit sad due to it being traditional and occasionally exciting, but ultimately not unsurprising.
  21. I assume you're talking about the 2018 Primavera set? I was there too and loved it, predominantly because it was very loud and late at night (1am?). I think it will be very different at APE where I imagine he will play earlier and with considerably less volume
  22. Guess it all depends on what you like, I personally think its really good.. I've been waiting to see Tyler for time and having that many dance acts on the undercard is a bonus (Underworld, Hot Chip, Anderson .Paak, My Nu Leng, Bicep) are going to be highlights for me
  23. Beerqueen

    Volunteering 2020

    Glad I remembered to mention that I know how to use one - you never know it might just do the trick!
  24. Think you could be spot on here...though maybe 10 mins between bands so; Korn 6:45-7:55pm, Disturbed 8:05-9:15pm, SOAD 9:25-10:55pm Anyway I hope Haken finish before Korn!
  25. I saw him at Primavera and then on his own in a concert hall and the latter was a completely different experience. Primavera was fine though, can still work
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