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    Only if Job For A Cowboy are opening main that day
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    Neutral Milk Hotel headlining NME opposite Arctic Monkeys init.
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    Arcade Fire subbed by Pixies. Just need NWA and the Manics now don't we.
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    It's nice to have a little poke now and again
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    Stop announcing stupidly good gigs I can't go to ffs.
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    As far as 2am impulse purchases go, this is a good one.
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    I think you had to sign up whilst at the festival last year and it cost 10 Euro (unless there's another scheme I'm not aware of). Tickets didn't sell out until quite late on last year, but I guess that's no indicator of what might happen this year.
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    Listen to 'Nonagon Infinity' and 'I'm in your Mind Fuzz' for starters Biggest gig tracks are 'Rattlesnake'. 'cellophane' 'Gamma Knife' and 'Robot Stop'
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    I need Foos to be on the Saturday or Sunday..... Please adjust your wishlist accordingly to stop depressing me. Thanks.
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    Happy Wednesday one and all.. Tis horrible out there and as this is a NFRNFC thread I thought I'd post a nice happy pic.
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    Yeah, following KOL, Kasabian, Arcade Fire, Alt-J it'd be a step down. David Byrne is a bigger act than Iggy IMO and he isn't headlining, so...
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    There’s no way gorillaz won’t be a headliner.
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    Just to throw something else into the mix - why was it controversial (and universally condemned) for Rachel Dolezal to “identify as black” but acceptable for man to “identify as a woman”? I don’t have an answer, I just think there are interesting parallels.
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    An essential tenant of bringing up children gender neutral is an all-out ban on posting "still shite old sons lol" in the hip-hop thread every 20 or so posts, I think that's the real reason why Guy is struggling with it.
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    I think 5th down main or something
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    Nice use of the word “hysterical” there If ever a word was intended to put women back in their box...
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    If anyone wants an interesting read, this article covers Arcadia's background and the engineering behind the spider: http://www.ingenia.org.uk/Ingenia/Articles/1108
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    As much as I hate to say it the chances of both Foos and Arctics are incredibly slim . Foos are currently the biggest rock band in the world and arctics are the biggest indie . Because of foos tour dates right now and arctics hardly sharing any news at all it will almost defo be foos . Then they'll have like Kendrick or someone aimed at younger generations and then it will be a coheadline with defo royal blood but who else is the question . Probably paramore, maybe 1975 or stereophonics or catfish or something like that . But they will only have 1 huge headliner and that is either foos or arctics and almost definitely foos.
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    You must have been giving off Purple Aki vibes to those around you!
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    Where's all the co-headline talk coming from? The last band on are the headliners.
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    Arcade Fire can get in the bin, one of those bands that I've just never 'got'.