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Wide Awake festival 2024


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I bought a pre-sale ticket for this, but it turns out I can't go anymore. I've tried contacting Wide Awake/Kaboodle  about ticket re-sale or exchange and it doesn't look like they're supporting it anywhere. They are, however, allowing me to transfer the QR code to a friend. If anyone is looking to get a ticket to this, DM, and we can work out that transfer. I'm just looking to get back what I paid for the ticket which is less than they are currently on sale for as they are using the tiered pricing system. Cheers!

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Got a ticket but not feeling this lineup at all (can't complain as have been well catered to previously) or seen a lot of the top names already, so using this year as a chance to investigate the smaller stages and unknown to me acts. 

Hope they've got the logistics right this time. Late running stages, gates not opening on time, equipment failures and whole stages not being built at all have been features of the early editions of the festival. Understandable in the first couple of years but does seem reasonable to expect they could be a bit more on the ball now.

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13 hours ago, BoogiemanCam said:

What do people reckon are the chances or more bands being added to the lineup?

Still holding out hope we will get one of SLIFT or Fat Dog - both fit so well with the fest.

I think all the bands are announced.

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