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  1. He’s essentially moved on from the solo release already, and back to Gorillaz. Who are touring Europe during Glastonbury. He’s 99.9% out.
  2. Really can’t see him ever playing in any capacity personally.
  3. Yeah, but Foals have a new album to hawk, and can do four nights at Olympia. Elbow, I would hazard, cannot.
  4. Sorry, to clarify, this was said in relation to the latter bit! No idea how many times she may (or may not) be playing.
  5. All I’ll say is I’d be amazed if it were her.
  6. Fri: Billie Eilish Sat: Macca Sun: Kendrick. Never done a Pyramid 1-2-3 before!
  7. Sheeran is Saturday. This is discussing Sunday’s unannounced acts. *sorry, realise you’re talking openers!
  8. The addition of Turnstile makes this look even less of a ‘Gorillaz day’ to me.
  9. The undercard is a bit of an odd one in that Gorillaz will almost certainly wheel out an eclectic load of acts, yet Pusha T is the only previous collaborator to have been announced. Was expecting more of a sort of ‘Gorillaz curate[s]’ day to have been revealed by now, which would’ve been a lot more appealing.
  10. Wolf Alice to sub, or too soon?
  11. Also seems a somewhat questionable decision to hold this on the same weekend as Nottingham Craft…
  12. Their cancellation announcement made it sound like they won’t be playing again for quite a while, if ever.
  13. As in not big enough, yeah. May well be completely mistaken, of course!
  14. Also surely a way away from that sort of status at the moment?
  15. Not necessarily if they’re reduced to dishing out freebies when doing two…
  16. As a favourite all-time songwriter, I was looking forward to his set the most, but was ultimately left disappointed. The Latitude show was so much better… and certainly more sober.
  17. Likewise, would love a WhatsApp link!
  18. Not 100% but Giant Swan for one night, I’ve been led to believe…
  19. Could not agree more on yesterday feeling oversold, and that VIP viewing bit in front of the East stage really didn’t help. Felt touch-and-go at times during Foals, with plenty being lifted over the back barrier from Olympic Airways onwards. Much preferred Caribou for that reason; less so those insistent on bawling “whoomp, there it is” over more or less every song…
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