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  1. I went last night, fucking incredible stuff, they are on fine form. Caught ORB and Stonefield too, definitely worth getting in early to catch those guys. If you're into Sabbath inspired stuff you will love them both, slow and heavy stoner vibes!
  2. Seeing them twice this tour, Nottingham on Monday and London the following Saturday. Hoping to see a good mix of tunes over the two nights going off of the variety of deep cuts that North America and Australia have seen. Really want to see the epic Head on/Pill jam, lasted 30 minutes at one of the USA dates. Also footage of Bitter Boogie has looked amazing. Would like to see either of those close the show. According to IG they've sols 9K tickets for Ally Pally so not far off capacity, gonna be a hell of a night! Dream setlist for the night (probably been a bit greedy): Self Immolate Mars For The Rich Crumbling Castle The Great Chain of Being Superbug Robot Stop Big Fig Wasp Gamma Knife Plastic Boogie Reals Not Real Acarine Inner Cell Loyalty Horology Muddy Water Sense Billabong Valley Cut Throat Boogie Perihelion Planet B Head On/Pill or Bitter Boogie
  3. I have four I'm super excited for: Khruangbin- Instrumental psych stuff inspired by Thai funk and surf rock. Check out their KEXP session on YT (Friday Obelisk) A Place to Bury Strangers- Noisey shoegaze. From I've read and from what I've seen on YT they have an insane and brutal live show (Friday Sunrise) Pigs X7- Sludge doom metal. Definitely going to scare a few unsuspecting people (Saturday Sunrise) Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever- Noodly indie guitar music, they have three guitarists and make a gorgeous layered noise (Sunday BBC Music) I'll also try and catch Parcels, think they will be great to have a boogie to. Really looking forward to it now!
  4. Personally pretty pleased. Just could not get excited about Snow Patrol. Not a huge fan of the Stereophonics but at least they have a few gears to their sound and a couple of good tunes to boot! I'll be watching them on Saturday night.
  5. They have confirmed on twitter (in a reply to somebody) that Street Feast are back again this year with specific vendors coming soon. Great news.
  6. YES! Their debut album is great. Sunrise line up is looking very solid this year.
  7. Pigs X7 and A Place To Bury Strangers on the Sunrise are definitely going to scare the shit out of some of the typical Latitude contingent! Overall really pleased with the undercard, so much to get stuck in to. Just a shame its a bit a bottom heavy line up.
  8. Will be happy with any one of the following: Pigs X7, Kikakgaku Moyo, Kurt Vile, King Gizzard, Vampire Weekend, GOAT, White Fence, Wand, Wooden Shjips, Oh Sees, MBV... So we will definitely get none of the above! Anyone else got a wish list?
  9. Is it just me or was last year a bit of an exception for the Sunrise in that there weren't as many acts as in previous years? Maybe I'm imagining it but last year there seemed to be a lot less acts, maybe they had longer set times? Could have been down to having to cut the budget due to having The Killers, a headliner of which stature we don't seem to have this year.... I hope they have a few surprises up their sleeves for the remaining acts on the top 3 stages. I'm relatively pleased so far but feel its lacking that one special name, we will see I'm sure! Holding out hope for someone like Vampire Weekend as a sub but my predictions never pan out too well!
  10. DJ wise I'd love to see Crazy P there in some incarnation, whether that be a DJ set, their Soundsystem or live. I think they're doing the summer rounds so fingers crossed. Really hoping The Comet is Coming crop up on the line up somewhere. Their session for 6 Music was insane. I believe there is a member crossover with Sons of Kemet so hopefully that makes them pretty likely. I'm sure we will get some kind of announcement this week.
  11. Bit of an earworm that is, cant wait for the new record!
  12. As mentioned above still plenty more to come, if we don't get an announcement today I think we can expect one next week at the latest to tie in with it being pay day. Huw Stephens curates the Lake Stage and tweeted last Friday that there will be news soon so standby.
  13. Strokes day is shaping up real nicely which can only mean its gonna be an absolute clash fest!
  14. Had a bit of spare time on my hands and had a look at artist websites to try and suss which days they're playing. For those interested: Loyle Carner: Friday Parcels: Friday Khruangbin: Friday (Playing in the states on Sunday) Kero Kero Bonito: Friday Gomez: Friday or Saturday Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: Sunday Sigrid: Sunday Guessing we will get an official day split announcement in April and maybe some arts stuff before then.
  15. And The Killers on top line. Hoping that money they saved this year on their headliners has gone on some special, head turning bookings. But probably not.
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