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  1. I really like Nation Of Language. Hadn't clocked previously that this was the day of the Champions League Final.
  2. That's mega. Glad I got a ticket. Bet nobody had Kraftwerk down on their predictions.
  3. I've got tickets for next year. I'd love to see War On Drugs back. They headlined last time I went and rounded off the Sunday very well. Belle and Sebastian look to be doing stuff next year so those two would be my dream headliners and then someone else. I'd like Four Tet but I don't know what he's doing.
  4. Is Lorde enough of a draw to headline? Her last arena tour here sold poorly and when I saw her at APE she topped a respectably attended but not rammed second stage.
  5. It was great to have the brewery stalls there, I particularly liked Brick and Bullfinch's offerings. Some big queues across the day but I don't think I waited more than about 15mins. Six quid plus seemed a bit much but I paid that for 330ml can at Maiden Voyage other week so comparatively this was very good value. I loved Kokororko, Black Midi and Lazarus Kane. Also enjoyed A Certain Ratio, Goat Girl, White Flowers, PVA and Mauskovic Dance Band. My only let downs were Squid, who I shouldn't have left ACR early for, and BCNR. Squid wasted a big receptive crowd with a really indulgent performance. Didn't find BCNR very engaging at all despite loving the record and sense by amount of talking and crowd deserting mid set that others felt same. Sound bleed was definitely an issue and their communications could be improved but otherwise very enjoyable day. I got hit by a can that someone threw during Black Midi which was irritating rather than painful. Really wish people wouldn't do this.
  6. Such a great lineup but getting very bad vibes from this to be honest. Organisers are failing to respond to numerous disabled ticket holders with accessibility requests who are having to take to social media to shame them into doing so, bands dropping out not being confirmed by the organisers, just disappearing from the poster and lack of proper set times.
  7. The fyre festival comparisons are a bit of a stretch. That event had genuine safety concerns for attendees. In this case a few acts cancelled because of a global pandemic.
  8. That seems poor, other festivals are able to provide end times. What has been released then are stage times not set times. A set time by definition having a beginning and an end.
  9. Oh great, the end times of the sets have been confirmed then? Hadn't seen that.
  10. Hope we get set times in the next day or two.
  11. Don't really understand the point of putting up set times without end times, as impossible to plan around that.
  12. Giles Peterson was added yesterday, not sure there is going to be another lineup addition.
  13. Nice. Really nice attitude to women you have.
  14. Well she did nothing wrong so yes.
  15. Jenrick potentially did something quite serious that deserves having the whip removed. It should probably be more than just a sacking. The RLB thing is just a factional witch hunt. I was bothered about it but it's how the political game is played I suppose.
  16. Israel. Nobody mentioned Jews.
  17. Nothing antisemitic in the article or tweets. Israel is a colonial project, a racist endeavour, and a flagrant abuser of human rights. Neither Maxine nor Rebecca have done anything wrong.
  18. He voted to bomb Libya and went into coalition with the Tories on Derby council so yes he is a bit nuts but he's not the "far left". He's an entryist who saw the way the wind was blowing and allied himself to Corbyn for personal ambition.
  19. If the centre of the party had taken that on board instead of throwing a massive hissy fit over the prospect of mild democratic socialism for the best part of five years we could have had a Labour government by now.
  20. It does make you a bad person, very much so.
  21. Cool, about time. Do Churchill next.
  22. The Rolling Stones also tweeted that and they wrote the violently racist Brown Sugar and won't acknowledge a black guy as a proper member of the band despite him playing with them for 25 years. Nobody wetting themselves over that I see.
  23. Kendrick Lamar - 65 Lana Del Rey - 45 Fatboy Slim - 60 Editors - 60 FKA Twigs - 50 Thom Yorke - 75 Kelis - 75 Manic Street Preachers - 75 Laura Marling - 58 Paul McCartney - 40 Dua Lipa 101 Robyn - 79 Charli XCX - 60 Glass Animals - 80 The Isley Brothers – 60 Thundercat - 45 Caribou - 100 The Avalanches - 78 Taylor Swift - 90 Diana Ross - 70 Pet Shop Boys - 60 Supergrass - 56 Primal Scream - 50 Kano - 40 TLC - 35 (+10) London Grammar - 55
  24. Kendrick Lamar - 55 Lana Del Ray - 55 Fatboy Slim - 60 AJ Tracey - 20 Editors - 23 (-5) FKA Twigs - 50 Thom Yorke - 63 Kelis - 75 Manic Street Preachers - 70 Laura Marling - 55 Paul McCartney - 50 Dua Lipa - 76 Robyn - 71 Charli XCX - 55 Glass Animals - 80 The Isley Brothers – 60 Thundercat - 50 Caribou - 110 The Avalanches - 75 Taylor Swift - 85 Aerosmith - 30(-5) Diana Ross - 70 Pet Shop Boys - 50 Supergrass - 56 Primal Scream - 50 Kano - 50 TLC - 47 London Grammar - 50
  25. As much as there is little to be gained from obsessing over polls at this point, I do think there's some encouraging signs for Labour. Starmer has had a good crisis, after a shaky start (calling for clarity on ending lockdown was not where consensus was), he has struck the right note consistently and media attempts to smear him, the absurd story about him buying his Mum some land to keep rescue donkeys backfired, entirely misjudging the public mood. The current crisis has also taken some of the media heat off of Labour, coverage of internal factional spats within the party and the spurious EHRC investigation are not cutting through as the right would want them to, if at all. After the financial crisis the Tories were able to sell austerity by exploiting the public's lack of understanding of the complexities of the financial system by pushing lines that were clearly not true (the economy is like a household budget, this was caused by Labour overspending etc) but received little challenge and the broad left, still reeling from the failure of the anti-war movements of the early 2000s was sluggish to confront the political nature of the crisis. They won't be able to pull the same trick twice. Small state, laissez faire government is going to be become a lot less popular over the next few years and Labour will be well placed to challenge that.
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