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  1. Minor news but there was something the other day about the literature stage now being on the Talking Heads stage rather than next to the cinema tent.
  2. (in fact the whole Brighton gig is on YouTube if that helps).
  3. Yes, most of the new material would have fitted well on the last album, and I guess it is mostly stuff that they were already working on before he left, and have continued to develop. I'm guessing the multiple leads are bringing their own ideas forward and they are developing them together, for example the keyboard player's contribution last night was her playing and singing solo for much of the song (with the rest off stage) with the others coming back on to join in for a crescendo finish, but it very much seemed like her song. The bass player has been doing solo gigs and some of her solo material has made it into the band set (or they were intended for the band and she's used them in her solo sets). The violinist isn't on the tour but think she's still in the band, and writing songs, one of which they've been playing on this tour. That makes it sound like a bit of a jumble but it did hang together as a band set.
  4. Saw them last night at Glasgow, the material was strong, their performance genuinely brilliant and the crowd was very much willing them on from the start - lead vocal duties were split between three of them which makes them feel more of a collective and not reliant again on one person fronting them.
  5. That might explain why I've got a shipping notification for wristbands, even though I'd gone in and ticked "collect at venue" on our 4-day orders, I didn't think to do the same for the extra day so maybe they are sending them.
  6. I'd assume the 5th day is just entry by ticket.
  7. Ritzy from TJF lives in the US and has done for some time, and they tend to record there. I'm going to RF this year, pleased with the announcement generally, I've made a start on researching lower billed bands as there is a lot in the lower reaches that I don't recognise (which can turn out to be a positive of course). Surprised they announced NIN, I know they were a rollover but their schedule made it look unlikely for 2022.
  8. WFD


    Those lads love a day off between each show.
  9. Crossed posts - that "Mad Cool sunset" is in Madrid, not part of "Andalucia Big", entirely separate but same promoters
  10. Also playing the Mad Cool site itself - but in September
  11. Ents24 currently showing: September 23 - Earth, London 24 - Cluny, Newcastle 25 - Classic Grand, Glasgow 26 - Gorilla, Manchester 28 - SWX, Bristol Newcastle tickets already available to buy.
  12. Different scene altogether I know but it's clearly a thing at 2000 Trees where they have clear relationships with certain labels e.g. Big Scary Monsters and Xtra Mile, and a lot of slots go to their rosters.
  13. WFD

    Wet Leg

    I was at Newcastle too and I'd not seen them before so didn't have another performance to compare it to - but thought that both Wet Dream and Chaise Longue were rushed to the extent that they sounded like cover versions of their own songs, but conversely I felt some of the weaker songs on the album came across better live. The University is the worst venue in Newcastle though - it's just about bearable when it's only half full but sell out gigs are horrendous, you're either crammed too tightly into the centre section or forced out to the sides (and then competing for space in the spots where you can see past the pillars). It's like having gigs in an underground car park. I would have liked to have heard more of Honeyglaze but the chatter was in danger of drowning them out at times. And maybe adding to the potential snobbery here, but when Honeyglaze came on someone behind me said "thats not *them* is it?" and their companion answered "I don't think so, maybe there's more than one band on".
  14. She'll catch her death of cold if she dresses like that at Leeds.
  15. Seems to have disappeared from the line up section of the website (but still on the version of the poster that is on the homepage). Nilufer Yanya now appears between Lucy Dacus and The Weather Station (which is where Greentea Peng should be as it follows the order of the poster).
  16. Aldous Harding had previously self confirmed the Sunday (and she's definitely not the Friday) though her website just shows 1-4 Sept.
  17. Mad Cool launching "Andalucia Big Festival by Mad Cool", in Malaga in September, over three days.
  18. I did mention it on a previous page - she is only doing three dates (Nottingham is 31st August) then going to continental Europe and then coming back for more UK dates later in the month which looks clearly like she's here that weekend for a reason other than to just play Nottingham, Brighton and Bristol otherwise they would have just got tagged onto the main tour.
  19. Bonny Light Horseman announced for Way Out West so looking likely for EOTR given two of them are already there.
  20. There is some talk that they've made some changes which have increased the maximum capacity and that this was one of the first big shows since. He also didn't have the sort of additional staging that a lot of arena acts have. But yeah it does sound like a bit of a technicality rather than him genuinely being the most popular act to play there, though admittedly him filling it at all is a rapid rise.
  21. Agree, with the reduced profile of the Pit and Lock Up they aren't going to make a booking that size now, and it's even more of a stretch putting them on a night that's stacked with rock acts already. I know the bookers are doing some strange things these days but they don't usually do strange things that involve them spending more money than they need to.
  22. There are a couple more dates between Cardiff and Newcastle that are missing from that listing.
  23. Soccer Mommy in Brighton on the 1st September and Bristol on the 3rd, in short swing ahead of further UK dates later in September.
  24. Got in through artist presale eventually, just now.
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