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Slam Dunk Festival 2020


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13 hours ago, Jericode said:


Maybe just coincidence that prices are going up soon but this is the "album in full reunion show" I've wanted most for Slam Dunk for a while so I'm holding hope.

Saw this and instantly thought full album show for dunk, since they played in 2009 I could see it happening.
Fingers crossed on this one! 

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On 9/25/2019 at 11:53 PM, R Shah said:

Who are we thinking for second headliner? Sum 41/Shikari/Architects perhaps?

Surely if it's the same size as this year the PID/Fireball stage is going to be the next biggest stage? Would love to see Rancid doing a 25 year anniversary of 'And Out Come The Wolves'.

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I weren't really impressed with Angels & Airwaves when I saw them play, it didn't help the crowd were really annoying. There were some teenage girls giggly to themselves the entire time and complaining about people wanting to move around to the music.

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32 minutes ago, moams said:

Do we think Twin Atlantic will make an appearance with a new album and tour on the way next year? The were billed as special guests in 2018 if I remember correctly so not sure where on the bill they would play

Pretty suer they played about 4ish on the second stage. Personally after them doing that in 2018 I can't see them being back for a while, if at all. More likely to play 2000 Trees.

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