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  1. Potential announcement soon then if they’re taking current ticket release offline likely to charge at next years more inflated prices post announcement?
  2. Sum 41 being there leaves the second Slam Dunk hosted day at the same site open for someone interesting if this is true. ADTR headline shows are long long overdue in the UK and they owe SD after cancelling twice now. FOB is an odd choice but do people not remember the uproar when MCR headlined in 2006 and now it’s looked back on fondly to some extent. 👀
  3. Just saw their tour tbf aha, guess it frees up Rancid for SD like people want.
  4. Their US tour is July/August anyways. Lines them up for BST as rumoured though
  5. Here’s to hoping they’ve booked someone decent for the days either side of the festival that they use the same site. ADTR with some pop punk and metalcore bands please. 🤞🏼
  6. They’ve officially released the most underwhelming lineup they’ll ever have. Easiest pass.
  7. Less than 10 minutes til disappointment. 👀😂
  8. They’re pretty much surviving from nostalgia at this point. Biggest tours in recent years were anniversary shows. Can’t just rely on that gimmick forever and do more anniversary shows this year 😂
  9. Download and r&l capacity is way bigger so £100 day tickets and selling 60000 tickets allows them to book those bands over SD that’s around 20k I believe? Still hoping for ADTR, YMAS are a weak main headliner. They’ve headlined in the past when the fest was much much smaller (I mean it was £37 a ticket that year, for all those bands and stages is mental) and they were at there peak with them doing a co-headline arena tour with All Time Low the same year.
  10. I’d hate for them to play myself. It would sell out on them alone and the crowds for the rest of the headliners would massively suffer. 🙁
  11. After WWWY, I feel like Good Charlotte could be a good contender to headline tbf.
  12. AAR only headlined as ADTR pulled out or they were the sub. One of the Key Club stage headliners opposite YMAS on the other side.
  13. That’s pretty crazy! I don’t pay much attention to them in all fairness.
  14. Zebra head January tour rules out the return of the house band I’d say also
  15. Are I Prevail really at the level to headline one of the main stages? I thought they were still an average academy level act. 2nd down sort of placement. That Green Day tour will hit UK/EU with a different line up. Likely someone like The Interrupters/Distillers or someone on that level.
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