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  1. As soon as I saw those dates I thought she's got to be on the list for that slot now. Plus Paramore have played the festival way back so I guess they have some form of relationship.
  2. This is my main reason for thinking it's Neck Deep. Personally don't think as good as they are Creeper are big enough and it probably wouldn't warrant a secret set.
  3. That's my #1 choice at the moment for the secret set. They'd headline whatever stage they'd play and started and ended the peace and the panic tour at Slam Dunk. So seems very likely, no sure how the clue I was given connects with them though aha.
  4. Ah that’s fair, tbf I wouldn’t consider them a stretch to get or anything particularly special for a secret set. it’s either got to be someone that would play high up/headline or someone that’s rare to see. I mean people were predicting bmth last year. Could simple creatures be an option? Good relationship with atl and Mark lives in Near London now doesn’t he?
  5. Very possible, though a Y could relate to a number of bands I guess. Was wondering if it's like an abbrieviation of a song title or something like last year with Y3K YMAS would fit very nicely on that stage though and they've played a secret show at the Key Club in Leeds before.
  6. So in terms of secret act I've been given a clue from someone that works for Slam Dunk. The clue is: Ubsylon Any ideas?
  7. Getting that nostalgia card like most other indie bands from that period with an anniversary tour of their biggest album. So will be off the back of that aha, still odd for a mainstage booking.
  8. Could see it being either of those or Creeper, Shikari, Neck Deep or even something like 5SOS which id pray heavily against lmao.
  9. You have seen this years R&L line up right?
  10. I'm guessing it is that central viewing platform as a means to make some more money. They definitely must have blown a fair chunk getting RATM now they're adding extras like this that were always free in the past.
  11. I remember in 2012 you used to be able to get on there if you were a Vodafone customer and got lucky. You chose a band you wanted to see from the platform and entered a draw.
  12. Is it not just the raised platform in the middle of the mainstage area? This thing with the screen on the back?
  13. How R&L could make up for the dogshit line up, a Slipknot secret set? I mean if they strip back the stage like that Maida Vale show it could be a thing.
  14. Feel like they'll announce the new album and drop a single or two first. I'm honestly expecting a secret set at Slam Dunk from them.
  15. Now Bizkit > Rage i'd fucking love!
  16. Why are TDCC special guest btw? Is it just the fact that should be a sub but they've been knocked down a spot?
  17. Tbf, I was speaking with Frank last year and he said if he ever joined Gallows again he'd mate it a big deal and everyone would know about it. So looks like it won't be Frank, like you said he's absolutely smashing it with Rattlesnakes at the moment. Can only hope it happens in the future!
  18. If it's the Wade lineup it's a poor headliner, their last two albums aint been that great tbf. Frank joining them would have my day ticket right there though!
  19. Or a 30STM coheadline with them. Ugh!
  20. Though his Nike collab is amazing!
  21. Until the secret set speculation starts flying around. Strap yourself in, this is your life now. 😂
  22. I love the use of all the comments in the video 😂
  23. I know there's the leak for Sziget of Eminem and R&L sometimes share artists. Could be a possibility he just does his own headline shows in the UK I guess? He'd easily sell out a stadium date or two and would free us a headliner spot up. Just hoping it's not him as I purely cba with him aha!
  24. Or test the waters with artists names...
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