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  1. Pretty decent line up. Im more happy that the good line up poster is back this year. Last years looked like piss.
  2. Does anyone think Don Broco could appear? They are around in June and the Big Top is still awaiting acts and so is Thursday. That would be a dream if so.
  3. I can't see Broco being there this year. As much as I would love them to be, I don't that its going to happen. They have small festivies here and there such as community. I feel they will play those this year and then come to R&L next year with a new album under their belt. Maybe third down on main stage or even headlining R1 stage. Either way, they deserve a good slot if they appear next year IMO. With the 3rd announcement, not sure why people think another act is going be third on the Foos day on the main. Bit of a strange thought and if someone is announced for third down, ill be very surprised. I can't really think of who the TBC is so I'm a bit useless haha. Most probs someone like Giggs as already mentioned.
  4. You must be very wise using the same word twice "will will"? Nah only joking. Yeah I know it will come around obviously but that's the whole point of this forum. To discuss announcements, predict line ups and not just say "it will come when it comes". If you don't care about talking about stuff like that why do you comment on here? Not being mean or anything just being truthful.
  5. Oh really? Didn't think of that one 😕 Silly me.
  6. When do we think the next announcement will be. I'm hoping for it in March but can see it being in April. I think the next announcement will be a big one again. By saying that I mean the Thursday acts and headliner and the Big Top headliners throughout the weekend. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.
  7. I also think BMTH will be at R&L 2020. I don't have a source or anything like that just think they will appear
  8. If DON BROCO were to sub on the main stage, GOD DAMN that would be spicy. Just gotta hope! They are such a good band and IMO, they deserve a slot like that.
  9. Chilli Peppers or Greenday could be possible?
  10. Hi guys, not been in this forum for a long time. Could anyone be nice enough to give me any rumours that are lurking or anything people are thinking for who could appear this year? Thanks
  11. Yeah, I'm seeing DON at Community fest anyway but still would love to see them at Reading & Leeds.
  12. I love the line up this year but there's one thing missing, where is DON BROCO? Could they be the R1 Headliner on Friday?
  13. its live on the R&L site so yeah. Big up Dan haha https://www.readingfestival.com/
  14. @eFestivals what do you think about that poster? real? i believe its 100% legit
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