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  1. Ill take your word but i fucking hope not... Dont get me wrong, I like the names but for them three to be the main acts across the weekend, that would be a massive disappointment after having Foos, 21P, Post and 1975 this year. Edit: the guy above just shut you down jeez Double Edit: I checked myself and his correct.
  2. Hopefully that narrows it down for us. There are quite a few names on there that i would like to see.
  3. My memory is terrible but in previous R&L Surveys that they do every year, I cant remember them ever mentioning Slipknot? I may be wrong but if not, do you think they are mentioned in this list because they are potential headliner or even a booked headliner. Would honestly be class to have Slipknot!! Again, I can be very wrong just cant remember previous surveys.
  4. My guy, if IOW drop Foo Fighters as a headliner, ill shit myself with excitement. Di not expect them to still be around next year knowing they have been touring for AGES. I caught them at Reading this year and travelled to Germany to see them in 2018. They are by far my favourite band. Especially live. Lets pray.
  5. What do people think of the new Glass Animals tune? I think it absolutely slaps. I love it. Really wanna see them back at Reading
  6. Not particularly. You could most probs get a ticket a few weeks before the event. Its not quite Glastonbury level with ticket sales so dont stress yourself
  7. Yeah would make sense. Kind of hoping its out in the next few weeks but that might be me being too hopeful.
  8. 2019 announcement seemed pretty delayed and came out in Jan this year. Previous years before that, we have had announcements within the first week of December. After last years, im unsure on when but social medias have been active so could possibly be in December but I cant really say for sure.
  9. drip feed as you called it They usually annouce headliners and a few acts, then more acts with Big Top headliners, then the Thursday acts and then bits and bops throughout the year until June!
  10. I enjoyed last year as its a weekend to what you make it. BUT I really into Rock more than anything and there were bits to see but not as much. Like IDLES and Biffy were insane for me and i loved it. Just hoping 2020 still pulls in some good rock bands. Im in the same boat though, waiting to see the line up but most probs go anyway
  11. Thats not true. People are currently saying how they are not playing. Firstly because they are in italy that weekend and because IOW seems to be going to a lower tier festival. I feel they wont be getting acts like RHCP, Foos, Green Day or any acts of the category anymore. Unfortunately.
  12. I cant see IOW getting anyone like that anyway with how the festival seems to be going to a lower tier. Its a shame but I think headliners will be smaller than RHCP now. I think headliners will be the likes of acts such as Catfish, FATM, Mumford and Sons, Foals and more that level. Not saying these acts are bad because they are not. I would love to see them and ill be doing IOW no matter what just to have a good weekend. But yeah, cant see acts like Foos, RHCP, Coldplay, Green Day or anyone on that level playing the fest anytime soon. I hope im proved wrong but with the price of tics, i cant see it happening.
  13. Yeah I noticed that as well. Im fairly confident something is coming this month and im excited about it!!!!
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