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  1. Most probs. The line up is very poor compared to previous years. Hardly any rock as well? Like we had Biffy last year. Who we got this yeah 😕
  2. I think Biffy will be back after their new album this year.
  3. Anyone think Nothing But Thieves could still be added to the Sunday at Reading? would be such a great act to be added. Maybe drop slowthai and get them in haha
  4. I did some bullshitting and emailed R&L to see what info i could get. They said its unlikely they would clash. Lets hope.
  5. So annoying though because ive seen IDLES before and they are class and put on a real good show.
  6. Also the issue with looking at last years Sunday at Reading is Foos had a 2.5 hour set so there was defo going to be some clashes. Where I dont think Rage will have that big of a set time so I feel IDLES and Rage wont clash. Idles will finish as Rage is about to start?
  7. if IDLES and Rage clash then not sure what i would do. There my most wanted to see for that day so would be shit. Hopefully they dont fuck us with this.
  8. Will IDLES clash with Rage? Because I really hope not. Im guessing not.
  9. Other than a few acts like Rage and idles, this is a stinker imo.
  10. Slipknot then they headline 2021. Please make it happen FR.
  11. Or his just testing to see how far and how desperate we would go to get any info. And his doing well. I'm desperate as shit just to know if Rage are there or not.
  12. I've seen blossoms like a thousand times because they are at every gig ever for the last decade. Also met them at a meet and greet at R and L and the lead singer is the most miserable fuck I've ever met. Not a fan of them.
  13. hope not. I know im not Dan. Just throwing opinions about.
  14. More trolling? Like anyone else think Dan actually doesnt have a clue in the slightest and just saying all the stuff to troll? We dying out here mannnn
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