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  1. I paid full price for Field Day and because I'm in London, I've got 2-4-1 tickets for the Friday, that is a bargain. Very happy to pay this.
  2. Weekend tickets for Leeds going for £150 to £200 on Twickets even though it is sold out! I honestly thought 1975 would hold the price up, however it just shows how many old skool goers invested in Rage playing. I'm not willing to take a £100 loss on mine so as Jamie T once sang, I'm Back in the Game.
  3. Great news for me, we might get someone decent as they were average at best at Glastonbury. I'm hoping for Architects and Jamie T to make up for the loss of Rage.
  4. Remember the days when you could fill your day times in the lock up and watch the likes of Bouncing Souls, Cancer Bats, Bronx, Slaves. If only they had booked a few bands like this along with Turnstile, Kennyhoopla.
  5. Exactly this ^^^ i bought a weekend ticket for the first time in a while as I got suckered in to thinking it was going to be more rock / heavy music than usual with Rage and BMTH announced. Even with Rage playing i was struggling to fill the weekend with things to watch, especially the Saturday at Leeds when i was even contemplating going home for a shower and some sleep! I've put my ticket up for sale for about £50 less than face value, if it does not sell i will just go on the Sunday at Leeds and take the hit, and hopefully learn that this festival is no longer what I want it to be.
  6. Sounds like the Libertines have replaced 1975 as the secret set. They were very underwhelming at Glastonbury.
  7. I would upvote but i have run out of them for the day so i would like to say thank you
  8. Ha ha that is a fair point about Colossus 🙂
  9. Yes I was at the Leeds gig too and tbh they came on late at Glastonbury and played to time.
  10. Kraftwerk 8.00 to 9.15 Chemical Brothers 9.25 to 10.55
  11. No clash between Turnstile 6.45 to 7.45 and Idles 7.45 to 8.45 (Gorillaz 8.55 to 10.55). Turnstile usually play a 55 minute set for festivals like this so hopefully they hit the stage on time.
  12. I think most people's anger would be less if there was viable alternatives such as the NME tent and the Pit, with someone decent playing at the same time. When you look back at the history section on the official website, those line ups are stacked with alternatives. The issue is the festival has put all the eggs in one basket nowadays so if the main stage is not to your personal choice, you are a bit fucked.
  13. That's a fair point, however this is not a like for like replacement so anyone with a day ticket for this particular day should be offered a full refund. I was only really going to watch Rage (and some of the Sunday line up) so have bought a weekend ticket, i don't think i should be offered a refund even though i would like one right now, however day tickets are completely different.
  14. I saw them play after Self Esteem (who i had never listened too) at Glastonbury and left half way through the set as they had no stage presence at all. Self Esteem were amazing and I'm now off to see them again next weekend.
  15. That would be enough for me to keep my ticket. Ive seen 1975 from opening up stages to headliners a few years ago at Leeds and they were good, however cannot say I'm bothered about seeing them headline again, especially given the new music they have put out has not been great. Some people mentioned Kasabian too, I have also watched them grow as a band, I have no interest in them as headliners of a major festival right now. Maybe if they put out some decent new music i will change my mind.
  16. Very true, it could be 1975 were already playing a secret set and have stepped in to help out the festival. Some people have suggested Gorillaz are playing because they have removed UK exclusive, however i would imagine thay is because they are replacing Rage at Connect Festival in Edinburgh.
  17. I thought it was just me! I don't have Instagram so will have to wait
  18. I'm looking to see my weekend ticket, however I'm holding fire until the 1975 are announced as i will have a better chance of selling it for face value.
  19. Where can I find these as don't seem to be on the site, twitter or the App?
  20. These boys are playing the likes of Bingley now, next time they play, it will be to headline the Festival Republic stage.
  21. There must be a chance of moving Bring Me the Horizon to headlining the Friday (Leeds) and Sunday (Reading) and bringing someone smaller in on the second stage like a Foals / Kasabian / Biffy / Courteeners?
  22. That's a good point, if it is some medium size band such as Foals, Biffy, Kasabian then no chance of getting my money back.
  23. Chemical Brothers are free on Friday and Sunday......
  24. That would be the type of band that would stop me selling my ticket.
  25. Post Malone must be due back at the festival soon?!
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