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  1. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    Going on the guess of we still have one more main stage sub to know. The Vaccines potentially to sub maybe the Saturday? Not big enough to headline but would be a decent sub
  2. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    Feeder? They would be a good T’other Stage headliner they have been at quite a few global festivals in the past always good live when I’ve seen them
  3. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    Slaves potentially? Thursday night at Truck so could easily headline T’Other stage. Personally I’d love Don Broco on the main stage but I’m only guessing. I could be completely out and those slots have already been announced and only smaller acts left but who knows. Guessing Good Cop Bad Cop will probably be announced held back due to their tour being on sale which is mostly sold out now
  4. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    Going by what Tramlines are posting on Instagram Manics and Rag N Bone man are on the main stage but Doves are on T’other Stage. Could be wrong but based on that we should have one more sub and potentially a T’other Stage headliner to be announced
  5. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    Really hope Don Broco are there, probably my favourite band at the moment. Saw them in Nottingham on Friday there were insane the pits were ridiculous
  6. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    @JBarbour Are any of the artists still to be announced on the first line up announcements at other Global festivals or new ones altogether?
  7. moams

    YNOT 2019

  8. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    Don’t say that haha that’ll keep me guessing. Don’t say LG or the kids will go mental 😂
  9. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    What we talking like intimate arena size (Rock city/o2 academy) or smaller
  10. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    Just realised they headlined the Thursday night at YNOT last year as well can't believe it. They do have a few good songs to be fair I think they'd go down well mid main stage or maybe even 2nd stage headliner.
  11. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    Didn't realise Razorlight had fallen down festivals so bad, headlining a 8000 capacity festival here. Wonder if they will make an appearance at several Global festivals this year? They have a UK tour to sell this month so could be on the next announcements.
  12. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    @JBarbour any reason behind lowing the capacity this year or was last year just a one off as it was the 10 year anniversary?
  13. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    Miles Kane I assume will be second stage headliner not sure about happy Monday’s playing twice 😉
  14. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    Think so Joe will be there anyway with Revs but agree looking forward to hearing this new album, should be good
  15. moams

    Tramlines 2019

    If it is true it’s not a bad line up for the money. All I need now is Milburn to be anncounced 😂