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  1. Would like to see The Amazons at this, smashed it at Rock City last night.
  2. But again where would the tent go at the Leeds site? If the layout stays the same and I can’t see them getting rid of any of the smaller stages there isn’t really room for a tent either. But this could just be me hoping that Broco and Sum 41 don’t clash when I know for a fact they will do.
  3. Saw The Amazons last night, what a gig would be great if they were there next year. Could also see them being high up the bill at major festivals in the next 5 years.
  4. I’m sure it was the 1st week in Feb when they announced the 1st acts. Next year they are sharing some main stage acts with Tramlines and they’ve already said the 1st announcement will be in the new year so I assume the same will apply for Truck
  5. If the fresh and black ones do sell out I’ll be using this tent. Used it a number of times and always faired me well. Not completely black out but still decent and keeps out a fair bit of light and heat. https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15905155/freedomtrail-shadow-250-2-3-person-tent-15905155
  6. Well we’ve booked the national express coach and fairly early on the Monday as well so hopefully it won’t be an issue.
  7. Where do we think the second stage would go at the Leeds site though? They’ve still got the 2 heavy stages to announce so would assume they would go in the tent same as before and the PID stage will be in the same place. The only way I can see it happening is expanding the site which would explain the move last year out of the city.
  8. Quite an open question so would depend on everyone’s taste but where is the best place to go to after the headliners have finished?
  9. Are the queues actually as bad as people are making out for the coaches on Monday, even the national express ones?
  10. Yes, saw they replied to someone’s tweet saying first announcement in the new year. Will they officially be announcing sharing a main stage with truck or will they just both be announced simultaneously?
  11. Could we be due an announcement soon? Tier 4 have sold out but they are holding off on Tier 5 going on sale. Could be just a marketing ploy and releasing Christmas tickets with bobble hats like last year
  12. moams

    Fake Poster....

    But have Belgium mums heard of Foals?
  13. Slightly frustrating as I booked the return coach due to the fact it was the only direct one without a stop so would’ve been easier. I’ll just plan to get to the coach park a bit earlier and hope for the best. It is fairly early our coach so hopefully won’t be an issue.
  14. I really hope not, that annoyed a lot of people. If they do then it will be a tough decision between Broco and Sum 41. NOFX are on the Punk In Drublic stage which I’m guessing will be outside again. By the sounds of it they could be headlining it as well
  15. I’ve just got an email from See tickets. They said Sum 41 as co-headliners with Don Broco as I’m guessing that they will both be on the same stage and alternate who does the closing set
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