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  1. Only just haha, I wonder who is still left to be announced?
  2. Another artist announcement and full stage splits later this week according to Twitter
  3. It did used to be, Good Charlotte headlined it in 2018 when the were joint headliners with JEW but think that’s the last time it was.
  4. It was the stage Bullet headlined last year
  5. moams

    The 1975 2020

    I saw them in Nottingham, definitely wasn’t ready for People and then Sex but they were brilliant. They didn’t play Girls which surprised me.
  6. Hopefully it’s better than the football I have to endure there 😂
  7. moams

    The 1975 2020

    They were brilliant last night, fingers crossed they do make an appearance this year
  8. Do all National Express coaches go direct to where you need to go or do some involve changing? I booked a certain return coach as it was the only direct one but didn’t realise it was a free for all. A bit misleading though as I could’ve booked a cheaper coach if I had of known.
  9. Don’t think so but guessing from that probably Pale Waves, Dizzee and The Fratellis with The Kooks, DMA’s and The Hives subbing
  10. I actually don’t think it’s that bad. Predictable but it’s pretty good value for money. Good to see they’ve opened up T’Other stage on the Friday as well.
  11. DMA’s as well, would be dangerous to put them in a tent
  12. Looks like this answers my question
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