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  1. Could we potentially see a number of festivals over the same weekend and bands moving between all of them on different days (similar to Reading/Leeds)
  2. Do we think Foals could headline Glastonbury next year if so can’t see them doing smaller festivals as well?
  3. For the price Tramlines is good value even if the music isn’t to your taste. I managed to bag what seemed to be the few super early bird tickets they had on sale, returning for a 3rd year in a row.
  4. The bars were cashless last year kind of, you had to get tokens before you could get a drink which was alright for me as I was there all weekend. The people who came just for the libertines day however were queuing for ages hence I assume the cashless route.
  5. Blink have teased at bringing Enema of the State tour to the UK next summer. Are they too big to headline Slam Dunk or could it possibly happen?
  6. Just seen that, I’ll update the Clashfinder tomorrow
  7. Well this was posted by Ollie Horner who’s the tour manager for various different bands. Good Charlotte, The Faim, Yungblud and Northlane. Obviously won’t be any of those bands but still
  8. Are we actually thinking it is also someone currently big? The way they said ‘Their last UK headline tour they were playing arena’s’ could this mean they’ve played in the UK more recently but maybe not as a headline act maybe as a support act
  9. I’m pretty sure bmth are playing late on at radio 1’s big weekend in Middlesbrough which would make sense for them to be playing early on at Leeds on the Saturday then at Hatfield in the Sunday. I just hope it actually isn’t Busted.
  10. It said it on Twitter. Exact words were ‘ The Key Club Stage will be a bit of a change for our Secret Special Guests this year at #SDF19.... On their last UK Headline tour they were playing in arenas...’ Can’t be Architects, they said that whoever it was has never played slam dunk before.
  11. Yep just seen that it was more a hope they’d be there more than anything
  12. Unless I’ve mis-read it Mark Hoppus just posted on his Instagram story some hotel keys from the Greenwich Hotel in London. We don’t actually think the secret act could be Blink do we, no other reason to be over here this early before Download? Edit - scrap that he seems to be going though loads of old stuff, never mind
  13. Apparently the secret act on their last UK headline tour they were playing arena’s
  14. https://clashfinder.com/s/tramlines2019/ Here's my attempt based on acts who have already been announced and timings from last year. I have never made one before so any feedback or changes let me know
  15. Do we think they’ll announce the secret act on the day or will we just have to wait for them to walk out which wouldn’t really work seeing as it seems it’s the same act at both sites.
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