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Slam Dunk Festival 2021


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6 minutes ago, LazyDavid said:

Skindred are a great addition, Creeper not clashing with Your Demise (except 5 mins) is a bonus for me! 


Creeper -> Your Demise -> Trash Boat -> Funeral for a Friend -> Skindred is a great run! 

Would be good to know if Your Demise are doing a The Kids We Used To Be 10(11) year set so I know whether to leave Creeper a bit early to catch MMX 😄 

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I remember seeing Skindred at Download France in  2016…they stuck them in a tiny tent (it was a main stage, a second stage and a little tent) and I’ve never seen a tent so rammed in my life. It was actually pandemonium. Glorious overall. They’ll smash Slam Dunk. So good live. 

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With so many bands pulling out (and I expect more to come) I'm not sure why they are bothering with a secret set as the line-up could do with an extra name bolstering. Personally I think the line-up is excellent now but (apart from Refused and to a lesser extent The Vandals) I was never that fussed about Sum 41 and the other pull outs. 

I remember the first Slam Dunk I went to, it had Capdown headlining a stage with Skindred and The Skints under them, now Capdown are doing 30ish mins early in the day with the others above them.

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Saw that but someone pointed out there's also references to The Used and All Time Low on there too (which I can't see but hey ho!)


That being said I do think it'll be Neck Deep as well!


Maps below for anyone interested, enjoying the titles of some of the food places (While She Eats, Frank Furter etc)237277652_6473519662658222_6016751995522250343_n.jpg?_nc_cat=100&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=UyBgsXpumKUAX9CrH1a&_nc_ht=scontent-lcy1-1.xx&oh=e80d9888f0f0369b64058b6b12fd151d&oe=6149E8ED



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The used reference is a heart in a noose hanging from one of the trees, not sure on all time low

The holding absence rumour would be very welcome, love their latest album to bits and they smashed it at download 

Also buzzing about the skindred addition. That will be a busy, hot, sweaty tent 

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So the day is looking something like this for me. Frank Turner and While She Sleeps clashing is annoying but I can live with the rest of the clashes.


Days N Daze

Deez Nuts



The Skints if not Vukovi or Thrash Boat

Skindred if not Anti Flag & Alkaline Trio

Frank Turner if not While She Sleeps

Probably head home to beat the crowds but may check out the start of NoFX to see if they are putting effort in this time.

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I'll spend most of the day jumping around stages and checking out random bits until funeral for a friend 

Then I'll do ffaf > skindred > holding absence > Frank Turner > Don broco 


Think Frank may clash though and holding absence take priority, seen Frank like 50 times. 

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