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  1. The thing I Like about Shikari is they have no massive egos, they love what they do and they always deliver live, I have seen them 5/6 times and they’ve never disappointed even in a tiny crowd in an arena to which Rou jokingly said 'Making arena shows intimate’ due to the lack of attendance, similar to Broco the bigger venues they do don’t sell as well due to how much they tour I guess, but there’s no way Shikari play lower than a 3rd down main slot.
  2. When looking at Green Day dates on Ticketmaster, Lytham Fest comes up to purchase tickets?
  3. Shikari are weird ain’t they, brilliant band, but when they try and do a bigger tour it doesn’t sell well. I remember when they done Cardiff arena years back I’ve never seen the arena so empty, barely a quarter full.
  4. I like Bad Omens but are they really that big? Have they done a full size sold out academy tour over here? I’m sure they have history being abit diva like.
  5. Are we fully ruling out Limp Bizkit and Turnstile at this point?
  6. See you this time next year Yeasty with the 2025 headliners.
  7. Funny you mention Shikari, they are still yet to be given a main stage slot at Download.
  8. And Download would have still probably sold out even with them having their own tours booked.
  9. They just need to scrap the if you got a tour booked you can’t headline rule, it’s sh*t and it’s why we haven’t seen the likes of Foos, Green Day, Blink, RHCP at Download.
  10. Few issues with that leaked poster is as I said above it states Pantera first UK show in 20 years when it would be 23 years (I think) and Lonely The Brave have hinted they are being announced whilst they ain’t on the poster, and some of the order of the bands names are wrong, I think the poster last year that got leaked looked more legit as it had draft all over it and wasn’t as clear as this one now, guess we’ll see soon enough anyway.
  11. Didn’t Pantera last play the UK in 2001? The posters says 20 years but it’ll be 23 years come next June.
  12. Nothing loading for me, is it the already posted lineup we had a few pages back?
  13. Wes posted they would be back in the UK next year so not sure where they’ll pop up, unless they’re going to announce an arena tour instead, 10 years since they last played Download.
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