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Slam Dunk Festival 2021


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10 minutes ago, Chavmeisterdeluxe said:

If Creeper are isolating like I suspect as their Facebook group has had a fair few people catching the rona at their gigs last week, they should be just about fine by Slam Dunk 

Should have stayed at the back like me and they'd have been fine, being old has its perks. 

What's the point a gig if you're not in the mosh pit! 😜

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47 minutes ago, LazyDavid said:

Shame really, could have seen them getting a good crowd and they put on the best performance at Download Pilot!


Wonder who/if will come into that main stage spot

Who's actually touring at the moment? Looking at my gig tracking thingy and I've seen a few decent sized acts like Dinosaur Pile Up, The Subways, Boston Manor, The Wildhearts, Massive Wagon, Yonaka, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are about but not sure how good a fit some of those are.

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Creeper were never on the website if you go to an archived page of the website they weren't on it on the 20th August so we're likely never put on it as they were a late addition 


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2 hours ago, sacred shape said:

Boston Manor self-confirmed they're playing at Leeds Festival today - must be the secret guest headliner as they said it would be a longer set than their 40 mins today

The special guest headliner is only 35 minutes though

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1 hour ago, binge.to.bopo said:

Evening All, Newbie here, heading to Slam Dunk North solo 😄 if you see a short ass red head wandering around, say hi! I saw the secret headliner announced was Boston Manor, unfortunately not good enough to drag me away from seeing Don Broco!

You could watch pretty much all of them before Broco start to be fair 

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