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  1. Has the "special guest" spot been removed now? I know it's not on the poster anymore
  2. Random one. Is it worth paying for the VIP tickets? I know they have there own bar and toilets but does it add enough value to warrant the extra £40?
  3. Amity affliction!!!! Just need beartooth and eskimo callboy for my perfect lineup
  4. I know it was a fake, just found it funny how well he did
  5. Hearing alexisonfire announced my hopes for amity affliction joining have gone up. Interesting how that "fake" poster from earlier got most of these right
  6. It was nice to see mcfly stick around and watch the whole of "a" set. Even with all the cancellations and issues around parking I enjoyed the day.
  7. Had to abandon funeral for a friend, after My wife had an asthma attack due to the amount of people smoking in the tent.however the skints was a nice pallet cleanser before anti flag and alkaline trio
  8. With the crash on m62 detour and massive queue to get in. We didn't get into area until half 1. Just in time for mcfly
  9. I've got a printed copy of my pass that counts doesn't it? It doesn't have a qr code on it
  10. That's worrying me for other acts flying in
  11. I just hope Alkaline trio and "A" don't clash
  12. We lost me first and the gimme gimmes Can we have the Welsh equivalent? Punk rock factory
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