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  1. Hoping for a UK rock band to replace Maneskin. Don Broco, Architects, YMAS... I'd be happy with pop acts like Rex Orange County or Marina though.
  2. Not a fan of the double main stage, and for Reading I honestly think Dave and BMTH should've switched places, or at least Megan Thee Stallion and BMTH. As for Download's "double main stage", the headliners I picked for "Main Stage 2" are bands that people think are ready to step up as headliners (Parkway Drive). Also System of a Down's there so it kinda gives the illusion that yes, this stage IS a main stage (I've seen people argue about SOAD's headline status as well). Then you got Misfits and Motley Crue who divide people on whether they'd headline or not, so I gave them a "headline" slot on the stage SOAD is. Realistically though, MS2 are all glorified subs.
  3. "Next year is essentially our 20th year so we wanted to do something a little bit special. All I can say is that it will be very, very exciting.” "People are going to flip." The lineup:
  4. I'm not even trying to be realistic with this one.
  5. I've seen some people suggest recent Bloodstock headliners as viable Download 2023 headliners. Kreator, Lamb Of God, Sabaton etc. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Bloodstock a similar size to Slam Dunk? (tad bigger maybe). I just can't see any band that's headlined Bloodstock headlining Download next year.
  6. That's why they'd have to risk bumping bands to headline status even if they divide the crowd.
  7. If I were in Copping's shoes I'd attempt to get at least one band that has never headlined, every year. Whether that be new "are they big enough" bands like BMTH/Ghost or bands like Green Day/Foo Fighters. The other headliners could be the same ol' reliable dad rock as long as one day has a brand new headliner.
  8. They co-headlined with Kendrick Lamar
  9. I hope the Metallica x2 rumour is false. Also would Download have both RATM and BMTH less than a year after Reading?
  10. If the four day sticks it'd be a good way to promote "weak" headliners on Thursday or Friday while the other days cater to the standard headliners 2023: Metallica/BMTH/Metallica/MCR 2024: Ghost/SOAD/GNR/A7X 2025: Slipknot/Twenty One Pilots/Rammstein/Def Leppard 2026: *Unknown band that exploded in popularity*/Iron Maiden/Muse/RATM and~ so on.
  11. Do you think Download would/should look more into booking left-field acts like Die Antwoord and Chase & Status? Billie Eilish, Grimes, Rina Sawayama, Doja Cat and Halsey are primarily pop artists that have experimented with rock. Poppy used to be pop and is now straight up rock/metal (and she was booked for 2020/21). And there's a lot of metal/hip hop crossover so acts like Eminem, Denzel Curry, Run The Jewels etc. wouldn't be considered too controversial.
  12. A lot of people I spoke to saw GNR 2018 because key members were back (Slash, Duff etc.). Hearing how bad they currently are, plus having them play again soon-ish, plus the lineup 'novelty' of 2018 could mean a lot of people would be less interested this time around. They'd still get a big crowd, though. Just think it'd be a bit of a waste.
  13. A comment on Facebook suggested Metallica/Ozzy/Metallica/SOAD with a shit-ton of likes. Subs being Alter Bridge, Rob Zombie, Slash and Black Stone Cherry. I would honestly lose hope if that were the lineup. The festival needs new bands. Even a band like Bon Jovi would be somewhat different.
  14. Bands people have considered as headliners for next year (but likely won't, one way or another): Machine Head - Highest they've gotten is third down. Sub more likely I think. Judas Priest - Subbed Kiss and Slipknot. Likely to sub again than outright headline. Status Quo - Headlined second stage in 2014. They aren't getting any bigger than sub. Trivium/Lamb Of God - They're at the same level as Machine Head, arguably smaller. Motley Crue - They probably are headline worthy now... But would still sub. Alter Bridge - They're a forever sub band now. Same with Korn. Architects - There is no way they'll headline any time soon. We're in bizarro world if they do before BMTH. Black Stone Cherry - Forgive me if I'm wrong, but are they really that big? I thought even subbing GNR was a stretch. Fall Out Boy/P!ATD/Paramore/TOP - Torn on these kind of bands. They're definitely "headliners", but for Download? I dunno. Parkway Drive/FFDP - Headline 2023? Pushing it. I'd say no. Enter Shikari/BFMV - Just because they headlined Pilot doesn't mean they're regular Download headliners. Honestly the only 'new' bands that can step up to headline (as in not co-headline or are already huge like Green Day) are BMTH and Ghost... Possibly QOTSA. And even they'll get stick for not being big enough.
  15. The "Where's SOAD?", "Off to Bloodstock then" crowd would no doubt hate it.
  16. Could P!ATD or Paramore be a sub for MCR? Or are they considered "headline or nothing"? You could have an "emo" day while the remaining days are standard Download. MCR / P!ATD / Bright Eyes / Alexisonfire / Pierce The Veil / The Used / Badflower Other days are BMTH, A7X, Metallica (hopefully just once).
  17. There will always be 'old' headliners. "Hello~ Donington!" bands as me and my friend call them, with an overly exaggerated English accent. And I'm completely fine if every year we get one to appease the older crowd. But, there needs to be a new 'wildcard' headliner as well. Take 2014 as an example. Friday had A7X as the wildcard "will they go down well?" headliner, Saturday had the established Linkin Park, and Sunday had the legacy Aerosmith. Avenged proved themselves and were back in 2018 as an established headliner. If say, the wildcard headliner is Twenty One Pilots or Paramore, and they get a shit reception... Then hey, they won't be booked in the near future (aside Biffy). But at least they were given the opportunity while the other days have Rammstein and AC/DC for example.
  18. Some unlikely and/or outright controversial headliners that I'd still happily watch: Eminem, Billie Eilish, The 1975, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, P!ATD. Hell, I don't even mind Yungblud (headlining second).
  19. How likely are these rumours? Anyway;
  20. BMTH and Ghost are, in my opinion, the only bands that could step up to headline Download. Parkway Drive and FFDP aren't quite there yet, and Gojira and Architects will have to wait even longer (unless they co-headline). I'm also seeing people suggest Enter Shikari and BFMV as headliners for next year. I don't think they'll ever headline the main Download. If we see a band like Alter Bridge headlining one of the days, I'd be thinking someone big pulled out and/or Copping's trying to save money.
  21. Thursday: SOAD / Alter Bridge / Disturbed Friday: BMTH / Architects / Gojira Saturday: Metallica / Ghost / Halestorm Sunday: MCR / Pawkway Drive / Don Broco Second Stage: Slash / The Offspring / Killswitch Engage / Sabaton
  22. Didn't go this year. Were there any secret sets?
  23. BRING ME THE HORIZON / Limp Bizkit / Gojira / Alexisonfire Second: The Offspring / The Distillers GREEN DAY / Panic! At The Disco / Don Broco / Neck Deep Second: Disturbed / Papa Roach METALLICA / Parkway Drive / Halestorm / The Pretty Reckless Second: Killswitch Engage / While She Sleeps
  24. This would be an instant weekend ticket for me
  25. "Next year is essentially our 20th year so we wanted to do something a little bit special. All I can say is that it will be very, very exciting." - Copping. The lineup:
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