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  1. But only one show - nothing for the North site. Also SD South is the 30th May....so either date above is wrong or they are at the fest.
  2. I was surprised the ADTR are at Download given their plans for Slamdunk this year - only a few days between the fests, so thought they might have done the same thing, as planned with SD.
  3. Yup - I think the NOFX stage was 2nd last year - BFMV were in the tent.
  4. Whoop! Just had the estate agent out yesterday, as need to sell our place.
  5. I think Frank is on the rest of the PID tour, but not the Slam Dunk dates. Maybe on another stage though?
  6. But what if the parents don't have alternatives? I'm gutted that my son wont be in school for another 2 and a half months, when he's been off that time already. My wife and I are both working at home full time for now - we're pretty lucky that our employers are pretty flexible, but both of us are getting rumblings of the call back to the office. We just don't have enough time to balance schooling him and doing the jobs we're paid for. I've no idea what the plans are for summer hols - normally there's a holiday club at his school - no idea if that can happen. Would love him to visit the grandparents for a week, but that's not on the cards either at the mo. I imagine there are a lot of similar couples or those with less understanding employers. If the govt wants people to get back to work they needed to sort out schools. Then there's the kids themselves - my son is an only child and is really missing interacting with other kids. He's kicked the football back and forth with his best a few times, but he seems really down about the whole situation. We're doing what we can but it's horrible at the moment.
  7. Maybe we could do a swap for the woman who killed Harry Dunn and she can appear in court over here.
  8. The signer behind her isn't as impressed though....the freeze frame above looks like he's flipping her the bird!! 🤣
  9. It's a pattern until it's not. If music tastes veer in a different direction or a couple of big names are available then the pattern dies. It's not a pattern to bet the farm on. The organisers won't be like "we can't book Foo Fighters this year, it doensn't fit the pattern!"
  10. I don't think we'd agree on a lot of that, but am curious as to your views on the track and trace apps for the lovely Covid?
  11. I guess it asks the question at what point do key workers stop getting free childcare. Not sure on the right answer for this - depends on the state of C19 by then. I'm not a key worker, so have no idea what I can do over summer. Hoping some form of holiday club will be open. I can see my employer being relatively flexible in terms of working from home to some extent, but imagine there are others who will be asked back to the office. Normally my son has a week at my folks, but they're near 80, so not sure that would be recommended. But I think he'd really struggle going through to Sept without school or hol club - he's an only child and needs that interaction with other kids (even if at 2m distance!)
  12. Lies!! Don't Metallica play every 5th year unless it has a 4 in it. Also the Friday headliner on even years always starts with a vowel except when the Saturday act's lead singer's middle name is Geoff. These patterns are blatant!
  13. I'd agree with this. My son gets 2-3 pages of activities, that must have taken 2 hours max to pull together. Plus a 2 min call from the class teacher each week. She must spend half a day on the kids at home if I was being generous. She also does 1 week in 5 in school looking after the key worker kids. It's hardly full time. I appreciate some of the teachers of older kids are doing some sterling work with online lessons, etc but there are a lot getting a much easier time of it.
  14. I'm a governor at my son's school - there's normally 350 kids. Currently there is 10 attend. The head is looking at the reopening in June and sent out questionnaires to the parents in reception & Y1 asking about whether they would want the kids back at school. So for each of those year groups (60 kids) there were 25 yes's, 15 maybes and the rest no's. So 40% will come back - I wouldn't count on the maybes. Given they are working on classes of 10, they would have to go to a half and half approach, so Mon/Tue for one class, W/Th for the other and then the Fri the teachers prep work for those at home and do the weekly ring round. Not ideal, but it's a start. When Y2 opens, I'll send my son back. He's an only child and struggling without his friends and a formal education - we're both working from home and trying to do what we can. But at some point we'll need to start back at the office once it opens. The economy will struggle if parents are still having to juggle both childcare and work. Appreciate its a tough decision, but there will still be some risk if they go back in Sept too.
  15. Hmm, got to go back quite a way to find the headline sets I actually saw - last few years of Leeds, I must have been lurking round the other stages....you'll see from my sig that I've been a few times, but the below is the complete list of headliners in order. Don't count the Pumpkins who I walked away from after 10min. Metallica - 03 Linkin Park - 03 Iron Maiden - 05 Metallica - 08 GnR - 02 Pixies - 05 Oasis - 00 RHCP - 99 Darkness - 04
  16. So with Reading / Leeds gone and recent govt announcements, do we reckon that Slam Dunk has had it now for 2020?
  17. My business works with several pub groups and they aren't quite sure how to play it. Mon to Thurs they barely breakeven, so they need those shoulder to shoulder Saturday nights to actually make a profit, otherwise it's not worth it to them. It's a bit like Ryanair needing to fly at 80%. Only way to get round it is to look at pricing.
  18. This thread has confused me - guidelines have always been that you can drive locally to exercise, just as long as the exercise is longer than the drive. So I can drive 10 mins for an hour's walk in the woods. Also, general advice has been if you can't work from home (and your co is still open) than you can still go to work. I took Boj's announcement as basically more of the same, bar garden centres! There was the rough markings of the plan ahead provided infection rates / R reduce and he gave an arbitrary scale they can point to..."look we're still at 3!" or "wow it's down to 2!". He generally came across ok, but it was a bit of a nothing announcement for me. Not change for me - still stuck at the dining table juggling work and homeschool!
  19. Another great finish to Better Call Saul. Glad they get 13 episodes for the last season. Sounds like Kim is going to try to out-Saul Saul, which must be where she either goes too far and pops it or ends up in jail. Caught up with Ozark too - again the season feels too short - fantastic cast and really well put together.
  20. If they still have Sum41 and Don Bronco, then where would Alk3 fit? Are they replacement headliners for NOFX? As for previous comments along the line of "they wouldn't clash x with x".....history says they would.
  21. It's good that Labour are having all these discussions about what went wrong, what should change, who's a plotter, etc now. The leadership contest was very much a rushed job, with not very much time for people to focus on these issues. The public will really appreciate this period of reflection of the past - it was a bit unfair on them that Starmer's election victory was put through at such breakneck speed without the chance to fully assess the centre / Corbynism fight of the party.
  22. I suspected that was on the cards for a while - though they may save it for the last season. Though part of me thinks he'll cross the line with her one too many times and just push her away as he becomes more Saul and less Jimmy.
  23. I've not seen anything official as yet from the ticket company. Imagine we'll find out a bit closer to the time. Hope it still goes ahead
  24. In a joint statement after the meeting Board of Deputies president Marie van der Zyl, JLC chair Jonathan Goldstein, CST chair Gerald Ronson and JLM chair Mike Katz,said: This is really positive for the Labour Party, but if so much was achieved with some simple meetings / actions, why on earth did the previous leadership let it blow up into the issue it was?!
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