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  1. I watched it last night and was quite impressed too. Wonder how far into the books they'll get as books 2 & 3 weren't a patch on the first one.
  2. The SNP need to be careful about what they are asking this time round; Sturgeon was on Today yesterday saying that remainers should vote SNP in Scotland to stop Brexit/the Tories, regardless of whether they support Indy or not. A fair bit of advice, as they are generally second place in tory/labour seats. However then to claim an increase in their vote (assuming it happens) is a surge in pro indy, wouldn't necessarily be true.
  3. Oh, I completely agree on the last point. But the lower that % in reality, the more likely that person will scream if they are told to do the same in less hours.
  4. That's just the cost to the public sector for the extra roles they'd have to recruit. But think of, say, the sausage factory down the road from me where I worked - there were shifts of 100 people working 24/7 to make the bangers. If those 37.5 hour weekly shifts were now 30 hours, then they would need to employ an extra 20% of staff to produce the same levels of demand.....then guess what happens to the price of those meat sticks? Some businesses will force efficiencies and put pressure on people to do more to save the cost to the consumer. But for those that do need to employ extra people, that's going to be pretty tricky to when we're at near record employment....let's hope project fear is right, so Brexit can free up some of the workforce. I'd love a 4 day week for the same money, but I just don't see it as a workable policy.
  5. This is so true for me - if Labour had a Blair or Cooper with Centrists views and a pro Remain stance, then I wouldn't hesitate putting an X to Labour. But with Corbyn and their ambiguous position, I can't trust it. In NE Herts, its a safe Tory seat, with Labour in 2nd place, but I'm still going LD so I don't give either Boris or Jez my tacit support for their views on Brexit. Additionally, some of Labour's policies seem crazy. The 4 day week plan is insane - the reports in the papers today of a cost of £17bn to implement, plus a lot of businesses folding. Then throw in nationalisation, UBI, etc....I'm out.
  6. I love a "which pile of shit smells the most of shit" competition.
  7. I used to live in that constituency - and when I was reading your comment about it being a Con / LD swing seat, I was nodding along....really surprised at the 17 result. I remember that Susan van den Venn running in local elections and it being a pretty close run thing. Allen was also well liked in the area - thought she stood a good chance to get the seat.
  8. Not sure how else they do it though. It's clear Sum 41 close the main stage. I guess they could move PID to the tent, but the tent had 2 stages in it, so don't think they'd do it - plus PID was pretty full for the most part. There's the old swapping headliners so S41 and DB take turns to headline. But personally don't think Slam Dunk would go down that route. Maybe they go for 3 outdoor stages, but not sure there's the room.
  9. GC Headlined main and Jimmy headlined what became the PID stage. (for Hatfield anyway) I reckon Bronco are taking the Bullet slot in the tent. PID will have NOFX / Pennywise, but not sure the others actually would go on there - though makes for a great announcement later on.
  10. That's more like it! Happy with S41, NOFX, Pennywise, WATIC, FYS and don't mind a quite a few of the others. Given they've announced Don Bronco as headliner and Sum41's position on the bill they are going to be on separate stages. Not sure what they do with NOFX, unless they headline the PID stage again - feels lazy, but given PID is their idea, I can't really see them subbing a stage named after their album.
  11. I know, should have included a winky to show tongue firmly in cheek.
  12. Hope we get some acts for the Fireball/PID stage - was less impressed by the first announcement....only 4 Year Strong that I'd want to see.
  13. Worryingly, I reckon than the polls are reflecting the Tory voters drifting already. If the centre right tories, who voted remain, are going to desert, then they already have.....like me. There'll be some still on the fence and his behaviour with the letters will put some off, but many will have had the last straw before now.
  14. Maybe take a few online classes in the time spent on these circular arguments!
  15. Note quite a new system.....it'll be moving to new systems. As if he scraps the idea of a single benefits system, then he is advocating bring back separate benefits, so will be reinventing JSA, Housing Benefit, etc. I don't think many people disagreed with the principle behind UC - just how it was rolled out.
  16. I don't agree with the proroguing, but wasn't the reality that parliament would have been in recess for the majority of that period anyway for conference season. Personally I'm glad we don't have it clogging up the news, but would pain me to see him using it to his advantage.
  17. I can only see this working in the Tories favour. Labour and Libdems get their conferences, but not the Tories. Other parties stopping them getting their message out, while they all get plenty of coverage. It'll further harden their vote.
  18. You can imagine the conversation - Big Pharma - want to buy some pills Jez - no thanks, tell us how you make them so we can. Big Pharma - no, why would we do that, we'll make no money. Jez - I know. Big Pharma - want to buy some pills Jez - no, I have you over a barrel. Big Pharma - oh, no money for us again. Jez - we need some pills please.....
  19. Do they - if the investors don't agree, then why continue. Per Neil's post earlier the divi yields aren't massive. OK, have a national drug company to develop some new pharma........do you know how expensive that would be.....I don't think the tax payer would agree that it's a good use of money. Also the government do step in if a drug is too expensive....that what NICE is for. I know it has its limitations, but it's better than this proposal.
  20. That's how investment works though. If an investor doesn't get a good return, then why would they invest, when they can get a better return potentially elsewhere. AZ investors got back 13% of the revenue as a divi last year - is that fair, who's to say. They are taking the risks of putting their money into this company. If I have a product, I want to make back the money I have spent on it. Then I want a bit more money to have made the whole thing worthwhile, otherwise, why bother in the first place. If someone then tells me that I can't do this in one market, then why would I go there?
  21. Thing is if, say, AZ invest £1bn in a drug and need a price of 50p/dose to recoup that, but actual production costs are only 2p/dose. They are not going to give away the recipe m,eaning they can't cover their costs. The funding from the government is not going to cover this gap. Why would any pharma company stay for this? The NHS would need to import these medicines instead and probably pay more.
  22. I just don't get how they think the policy will work without devastating UK pharma. The industry spends a lot on R&D across many countries and has to recoup that once it starts selling (e.g. for products that don't work, testing, etc). By allowing a generic production, then it will limit the revenue it can generate, so why would it invest in the UK.
  23. I'm the same - reckon that they are trying to hook the younger tastes first with that set of bands. Looks like a lot of decent medium sized names, but none to appeal to the PiD crowd. Hoping they have something up their sleeve.
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