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  1. Dammit - haven't got wifi at home yet so can't watch these yet!
  2. To be fair, every new government would do that. Assuming Starmer wins the next one, he'll be straight out there blaming the Tories for the promises he can't fulfil. And last time the Liam Byrne note played straight into that narrative, so left an open goal for austerity to score into.
  3. Not by Starmer though. It's by no way a defence of the Tories - but he's guilty of a similar thing.
  4. Ozanne had a go at all the Tory cabinet sitting on their hands in Johnson's reign - they were all accountable for Boris' mess, yet Starmer served in the shadow cabinet under a man he deems not to deserve the party whip. Double standards?
  5. I read that there would be no cuts to the salaries - just that there would be different rates of pay in different regions. E.g. London might get 3%, but the North East might only get 2%, etc. I know that in real terms, these are pay cuts, but that was the case anyway. Or have I missed something?
  6. I feel for him in a way, as he must know it's lost, but he has to go through the motions of it now. He won't want to drop out, as that looks like giving up and he hasn't really dropped a clanger like Leadsom did in 2016. He'll likely not get a good role in the new cabinet either.
  7. I sorted one a few months ago, just waiting to move to secure it. If it falls through, then back to square one. Fixed for 10yrs at 2.34%, but same parameters now is 3.59% - is only going to go up now.
  8. My fix ended in May - no other supplier wants to offer me anything. Still, hopefully if i move house in the next fortnight, I can lock in a 10yr mortgage fix before the rates get higher.
  9. I'm not saying he didn't do anything, but in the grand scheme of things he was flicking Johnson's ears, which Boris was slitting his own wrists. That loyalty is coming across as blind loyalty, which makes others question your judgement. I don't think there's anyone else on the forum who presents such a one sided view on a politician. Even people sympathetic to your view will turn against such an opinion.
  10. I don't think Starmer had much to do with Boris going if I'm honest. Boris did all this to himself. If anything, Starmer's beer in Durham diverted attention away from the shitshow of Johnson. I know he was cleared, but that beer is on a par with Sunak turning up early for a meeting and getting fined because they had premeeting cake. Same with the polls - it's not a pull factor for people voting labour - it's people deserting the Tories. I'm not saying Starmer is terrible either though. I'm a centrist who voted Tory a lot in the past (not Bojo) and am considering voting Labour if Truss gets in. His approach to the unions is right - he needs to win over those who voted Tory in the past to stand a chance of getting in power. Pandering to the unions would put them right off. He's solid, which is what the country needs after Johnson / Truss, but he needs a bit more spark to get it right. I also think you unwavering support of him makes others dislike him more. Telling someone that because they live in a different country that they shouldn't care is really odd. I'll always have a link to the UK wherever I live. It'll always be my business what happens here.
  11. With the pay deals getting discussed, a quick story from schools - my other half is a primary head and she has said that her team are happy about the new % increase for next year....unfortunately, with no increase in funding, she needs to make cuts to the equivalent of 2.5 TA's.
  12. Exactly - either everyone contributes to it via taxes or just those who use the rail service via the rail fares (which are already heavily subsidised). The problem is that the the income from railfares has dropped due to the pandemic and has only re-risen part of the way (homeworking, etc). so will likely never be what it was. Who should foot the bill? Sounds like we'll have to pay the drivers, etc more too - that money has to come from somewhere.
  13. Wasn't there a clip of him on LBC where Marr had him admit the 3 or 4 of them were not going to happen now?
  14. I guess he stands a better chance against Truss than Mordaunt. Depends on where the votes of those eliminated end up - he may not have the numbers to support it.
  15. I think it's that last paragraph that is the sticking point, as Labour have tabled the vote against the government and the prime minister - so as it mentions an individual, then it should be in opposition time. According to the Beeb: In a statement, a government spokesperson said: “We have given Labour the option to table a straightforward vote of no confidence in the government. "They have chosen to play politics by tabling a vote of no confidence in the government and the prime minister."
  16. There's only 4 of them with the required 20 nominations so far (Rishi, Liz, Mourdunt and Tugboat) - wonder how many of the rest will even get over the line today.
  17. Damp squib - if he was going to do it, should have been before all the resignations.
  18. Private school is an interesting one - I'm privately educated (granted in Newcastle), it gave me a good education. I got decent, but not superstar grades. I went to a good uni, scraped a Desmond in maths. Ended up in accountancy on a good salary. I've no idea what difference there'd have been if my folks hadn't sent me privately, but I'd like to think I'd still do pretty well. It may be different at the Etons, Winchesters, etc, but it's not an old boys network of legs up, internships, etc - we just apply for jobs. A lot of my mates have done well for themselves too. It's likely that it just boosted our grades up a notch or too, possibly getting us to a better uni than we'd have gone to. Who knows. My folks didn't have flash jobs or anything - probably £40k between them. But made sacrifices to pay the fees - which by today's standards weren't as high. I'd like to send my son privately, but the fees are ridiculous. Me and my partner are well off, but still can't afford it down here in Herts/Cambs. Feels like a completely different level to afford private schools now. I guess what I'm saying is that a politician in their 40's/50's who is privately educated isn't necessarily from that high an upbringing.
  19. Reckon it will hardly register with the public - just a bit of attention seeking. The focus is now on the process of the leadership election, when those of the public who give a toss, will want to find out a bit more about the candidates. Boris is going, he's irrelevant to them now.
  20. It's ridiculous - do some of these people not have any self awareness- they'd be way above what they are capable and would be obliterated in a national poll, whenever that may be. The right of the party are going to split their vote - and whilst that is good for the more sensible candidates, it's self defeating.
  21. What do people reckon to Ms Marvel? It's fun, but kinda glad it is only 6 episodes.
  22. @NeilIs it possible to move this to the Discussions section, as not really Glasto related.
  23. Thor 4 was still pretty good, but get what you mean - wasn't as good as Ragnarok, but still really enjoyed it and plenty of laughs. Christian Bale was a great villain. Felt like a standalone film, rather than part of the bigger picture, but don't think that really mattered.
  24. Who would think joining that cabinet would be a good idea. Though decent severence pay when the new PM comes in. Apparently the new/old education secretary nets an extra £16k severence for her 2days work.
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