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  2. ZZ Top did the honours (Libertines 2015 after Motörhead)
  3. Didn’t the libertines play this slot in 2016?
  4. mickthevoice

    Resale Club 2019

    Haha I am in exactly the same position and was thinking the same earlier today. Surely it’ll increase our chances! Best of luck on Thursday!
  5. There was me about to wish you happy St. George's day too. Now you have to wait until next week.
  6. You could say the same about the first one too, and I've really enjoyed both. And it's all building up to next week and the "biggest battle ever" which will look amazing, but 15 minutes in with no idea what's going on and lots of noise and blood and gore and I'm probably going to be bored of it
  7. Jimmerz95

    Map- 1995 vs 2019

    Wow thanks for sharing
  8. I had: Stormzy // Moonface // Metal Slot // Bastille // Sheryl Crow // ??? // ??? // ??? I guess they could potentially slot in above Bastille (as could Ms Lauryn Hill?) but I dont see them taking any lower than 4th down considering they aint that small yet (still headlining Latitude etc.)
  9. I'm quite surprised they moved down to be honest, their song with Marshmello - Happier has way more streams than Pompeii does in way less time. They definitely could have stayed at sub I think and nobody would of batted an eyelid in terms of putting cheaper acts higher up the bill.
  10. Why will they be back to subbing after that? Does anyone give a fuck about a new Bastille album? Surely they peaked in 2012 or whenever Pompei came out, they’ve got no chance.
  11. dotdash79


    All the goods are arriving at the pyramid today. The Greenpeace area has been busy, but slightly hidden by trees
  12. You can change the name on the CV ticket if you were both on the same original booking for festival tickets
  13. Didn't realise Prophets of Rage had been announced for Mad Cool, previously their European dates started in August. Could have been held off the poster given they're headlining Boomtown. That being said their ticket prices for Brixton were £60+. So not sure what they'd get for playing the festival given they seem to be more Profits of Rage....
  14. It really isn’t. Surely if you’re facing an enemy who can control the dead sticking everyone in a sealed chamber full of them is a daft idea?
  15. Last night was a great episode, even though nothing was actually happening it felt incredibly tense.
  16. I have left after the headliner or during depending who it is on a few occasions and always got out the car park very quickly so you should be fine, leaving between 7-10 I think you will fly out! Have a great time!
  17. Not sure Raconteurs or Strokes really fit the genre definition. EE actually referred to it as 'the metal slot', I misnamed the thread tbf.
  18. BeddyDriver


    that makes sense , looks like they were doing a big of digging before the big orange cement mixer arrived
  19. Agree with this. Its weird, as I kind of lump them in with The Killers, Kasabian & Kings of Leon from that mid-2000s set with a couple of massive albums and some absolute sing along anthems in their arsenal. In my head, I can't rationalise The Killers headlining and Snow Patrol playing 5th down on the Pyramid lol. I suppose the same could be said of the Kaiser Chiefs. Weird how some acts keep on keeping on and other drop like a stone.
  20. Doug85


    I had a wander around today. I'll put some pics up later but that's about as close as I could get to what they are doing in Arcadia
  21. Mr Benn


    I’d bet on quite high up the bill at WH
  22. Really? Lineup page has only 3 names for the Pyramid Friday (4 if you include Crow) and 4 for Sunday. Who else is a cert for the 'Mid on those days?
  23. I'm really curious about the last bandpackage. Hopefully we will get something next week.
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