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Truck Festival 2024 Festival


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1 hour ago, LazyDavid said:

I thought top right looked a bit like The Libertines, looks like a little "The" just above the long bit

Not sure on that being Twin Atlantic, decent band but the slot seems too big, for reference Swim Deep were subbing the Thursday last year and they were just highlighted red in the main bulk


1 hour ago, Nobby's Old Boots said:

There is absolutely no chance its Milburn lol

Sorry guys, it hadn't even occurred to me that the top bit might be The lol. Just for the record, I thought milburn were too small but they popped into my head in the blurred case.

Jamie T, Wet Leg and The Libertines is absolutely also out.

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1 hour ago, sisco said:

Who on earth are Milburn

Much loved by many woulda coulda shoulda Sheffielders. Thankfully we won't be getting them for Tramlines, as they've blagged a headline at Rock n Roll Circus

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3 minutes ago, Bring Da Ruckus said:

paid promotion from Truck Festival that shows up as an advert on Instagram

Yep, got it about five mins ago! Ugh, looks like I’m selling my ticket if the undercard is weak. Wouldn’t mind seeing the Smile but not for £140

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16 hours ago, northernangel said:

You could say that about 70% of any large US festival this year as well lol, doesn't stop them selling 60k tickets at £500 quid though

Great argument for whether an act from england can play truck festival

14 hours ago, Will b said:

Someone suggested the smile could be right hand name on second row

No chance would truck book the smile

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