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  1. "experimental drug which isn't even working" Oh man
  2. No chance for Oscar and the wolf, right? 😕
  3. Too bad, I would have liked to see all of them. QOTSA at RW19 was awesome
  4. Based on previous years, when should we expect to get the official timetable? To know who performs when?
  5. Sufficient and convenient, a bit far (10-15 minutes walk?). As long as you're not too close to the party the noise should be toleratable but it's always good to have earplugs just in case. You have a small tent, that's good, try to locate it near the showers (so you can see your number coming up without standing for hours in the line) and preferably near the entrance (because the walk to the festival grounds is long enough anyway).
  6. Alright, sounds good. Thank you very much!
  7. First time at PS, and I wonder how predictable the time table is. I'd hate to miss Pond for the third time. Bands like that tends to perform early / late? Also, the band members will perform the same day with Kevin as Tame Impala, maybe it affects their scheduling?
  8. Do you think Muse is possible, or no way?
  9. A friend of mine wishes to buy a ticket for weekend 1. He joined the waiting list, but is there a way to buy directly from someone using the Dice app? Is anyone selling?
  10. Will Damon pick pkp over rw? History hints otherwise
  11. Do we know who will play when in the middle of the week? Meghan for example?
  12. Just realized Primavera runs till LATE. Is there public transportation at 2/3/4 am?
  13. Well, this single cover is indeed teasing
  14. Top3 for W1? Fun. Thursday: Tame Impala, Cigarettes After Sex, Pond Friday: The Strokes, Little Simz, Brockhampton Saturday: ONLY 3? ARE YOU KIDDING? Anywho, Tyler, King Krule and Jamila Woods. And Gorillaz.
  15. Really? Are we expecting more headliners?
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