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  1. Does anyone here remember when the full line up and timetable is usually published?
  2. Hardly know anyone. Whitney is a nice addition. Missed them on Lowlands last year. Sampa The Great is also welcomed.
  3. Given that they tour with Pearl Jam it's possible! I strongly disagree about Post. Kendrick became massively-bigger in the past 7 years. Back in 13 he only had gkmc out. tpab & DAMN really exploded. Post isn't headliner-worthy in RW. Too small.
  4. EDIT: never mind. my bad. ~30 mins to go. Any guesses?
  5. Hmm, alright. So it seems they do have reliable information about names INCLUDED in the announcements, which is awesome. But as you mentioned, it's quite different than information about other acts who aren't included in the nearest name-drop / won't be at RW at all.
  6. Sorry, but what or who is Jazebel? A RW represenative? Regardless, Tame Impala seems possible as co-headliner with The Strokes. They're quite big nowadays (headlined Coachella a year ago as a replacement to JT/Kanye) but I don't imagine Kevin is actually too expensive as a co-head for RW. He was a headliner alongside twenty-one pilots in some smaller festivals last year (Lowlands/PKP, for example), I'd assume both are at a similliar price-level: Also, I don't imagine Kendrick counts as a smaller or cheaper headliner than Strokes (though I don't really know that, just assuming) so as long as 21P-Kendrick is happening I don't see why Tame-Strokes is unlikely. Moreover, Tames new album is out in 2 days and they have a month-long gap in their US leg, starting mid-June, just in time for some European festivals. Or RW, at least. So overall Kevin seems quite likely, but whoever Jazebel is, if he/she/it is a reliable source I guess all my speculations really doesn't matter. Also, I think Post is a shit act. His performance 2 years ago was rubbish. And unlike many others, I really don't see how he fits with Fridays lineup.
  7. When can we expect Sziget to sell out?
  8. Pond confirmed on their website they're performing on Friday (16/8). Guess we can assume that means Tame Impala are Fridays headliners. I actually thought they will take the Sunday spot. As 21 Pilots do PKP on Sunday (Tame on Saturday), guess they will do LL on Saturday - which leaves the Sunday headliner slot open for whoever replaces Prodigy.
  9. THIS weeks announcements, you mean? I thought the daily thing will continue until the lineup is done?
  10. Interestingly, James Blake does not appear at the top of the list at the Lowlands website, with the headliners, Andy, Asap, nationals, royal blood and such. Meaning more bigger names to come?
  11. Confirmed via LL facebook: starting Monday morning, they will announce a new act EVERYDAY.
  12. https://edition-m.cnn.com/2019/03/04/uk/keith-flint-prodigy-dead-scli-gbr-intl/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F&rm=1 RIP. Guess we will have another headliner. Any guesses? Muse maybe?
  13. Last year they opened the gates at around 12 and shows would start at about 1 pm
  14. Well, last year I had to get to the main stage 6+ hours (3 acts) before Arctics show to get a real good spot, and even then I wasn't at the very front. At the Barn also had to be there at least 2 acts earlier in order to get to the front. I hope that given the fact that Lowlands hosts something like half of RWs crowd, and if some people really aren't going to the headliners concert, I might get a better view for a shorter waiting time.
  15. Awesome. I was more concerned about the Tame Impala show but really good to know.
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