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  1. I suddenly remembered that I did receive an email immediately after filling my application, confirming they received my request. Check your inbox again, otherwise you should fill it once more.
  2. I stated that I live abroad with no intentions or means to visit Belgium anytime soon. I also wrote that I am a student and will have to take exams during this week of July on both 21/22. I did provide a confirmation of studies from my university but not sure if it's a must. Never got any written answer, only the PayPal mail about the refund.
  3. I got my refund from Ticketmaster via PayPal. It took almost a week since I applied and the refund is 10€ short of the full price, but I guess it's a small price to pay considering the situation.
  4. Gorillaz headlined in 2018 just like Pearl Jam did. SOAD headlined just a year before that. I wouldn't say that's a main concern. Also, you can see that the PS2021 lineup is quite a mash-up of their 2019&2020 editions. Strokes is looking quite certain. I believe Kendrick will return too, looks like TDE are planning a massive release for their main artists this/next year. Tame Impala seems like a plausible option as he was rumored for 2020/2021. I've seen Kevin play live 2 times before. Can't wait for a third time. The thing is RW will want to be MASSIVE. Considering their 2020 li
  5. RW keeps on posting on their Facebook page. Is it a good sign, or.. what?
  6. Can we assume that the lineup order cited on the RW website is reflecting the order of shows? I mean, if on Saturday we have Kendrick first, then 21p, FNM and then Anderson, does that mean that Anderson will perform and then FNM, 21p and Kendrick?
  7. An important question: I wondered how early can I book a flight back. I can leave as early as needed on Monday the 6th of July. How early do they start running the shuttle and how long does it take to get from the RW area to the Brussles airport?
  8. Alright... sucks, I guess. As DTRH and RW share so much already I don't really see many other artists I'd like to add to RW. Do you still think that Tame Impala is highly unlikely for Friday?
  9. Cage the elephant, maybe?! Heard they gave a great show in RW17. Also, is Tyler the creator an option? I guess he's free on Thursday, but then it will be 4 nights in a row for him.
  10. What should we expect from the Disclosure gig? Are they just DJing or actually playing a live show?
  11. No, he was not. 2017 was the last time Max attended RW. I think he is freakishly good, already seen him 3 times live. But it seems like he's mainly working on his album now. He only had a few concerts in the last months of 2019 and he has no dates for 2020. EDIT: Oh, you weren't talking about RW. my bad.
  12. Does anyone here remember when the full line up and timetable is usually published?
  13. Hardly know anyone. Whitney is a nice addition. Missed them on Lowlands last year. Sampa The Great is also welcomed.
  14. Given that they tour with Pearl Jam it's possible! I strongly disagree about Post. Kendrick became massively-bigger in the past 7 years. Back in 13 he only had gkmc out. tpab & DAMN really exploded. Post isn't headliner-worthy in RW. Too small.
  15. EDIT: never mind. my bad. ~30 mins to go. Any guesses?
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