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  1. A few more bands added to the lineup for This Feeling Clashfinder updated
  2. Slight adjustments to the Palm City sets on the app Clashfinder has been updated
  3. Fixed the glitch, clashfinder is fully updated with all set times from the app. barring any last minute switches, it should be pretty accurate now. looks like Thursday early entry will be in the main stage for the first time this year, and Blossoms & Kooks get the same length set as the full headliners
  4. Generally, the main stage headliners don’t clash with much maybe an overlap with a minor stage, but not with the Market Stage or Nest headliners. the Truck app, with all the stage times, has now been updated. someone started updating my Clashfinder last night with the actual times, but now I don’t seem to be able to edit it myself! I’m looking into how they’ve managed to lock me out 😆
  5. No worries 👍🏼 times not confirmed yet obviously, but it’s highly likely that Palace & AT will clash. The Market Stage and The Nest generally run concurrently, the exception may be on Friday where Yard Act may get a slightly longer set time as they are billed as special guests in an afternoon slot. If so, it would probably have a knock on effect for the rest of the day…
  6. Yep, DPU will clash with Shame! I can’t miss Shame though, so will make sure I catch DPU at 2000 Trees a couple of weeks earlier 👍🏼
  7. I’ve a feeling it’s Saint Etienne
  8. I’ve got a hunch…. but it’s more of an educated guess than fact! 😜😉😉🎶
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was on after Kasabian actually, Clubhouse Allstars sets are normally late ones 😊
  10. V&V stage announced 👍🏼 clashfinder’s been updated
  11. You can come and go by car no problem 😊 from car park, or from pickup and drop off area if using taxis you’ll have to call them though, there’s not a taxi rank as such
  12. Not heard anything about the taproom, 2019 was the first time they had it
  13. This Feeling Stage being announced soon 👍🏼
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