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  1. Supergrass to headline?
  2. It’s hard and dry as a bone 🦴
  3. Took a look in them all , but not too detailed, but I’m in family camping as I have kids my mates son has been stopped by the dogs though
  4. Well I’ve been in the queue for an hour...🍺
  5. Set times put on Facebook differs to app in places 🙄 I’ve updated Clashfinder to match today’s post, taking it as the most up-to-date, considering there’s never been a year when the app was completely accurate!
  6. Doesn’t look too bad to me, Met Office is predicting a 50% chance of light showers on Friday lunchtime and that’s about it. Too hot Thursday to be honest, and 20-23 the other days will do me
  7. Snap, and bald 😂 I’ll be bacon by 3pm 🥓
  8. as we’re now 24hrs from entry, I’ve made the Clashfinder status ‘Have At It!’ should be pretty accurate, the only thing I’ve taken a punt on is the comedy in the barn which they’ve not told us much about. i’ll check for any more alterations up until tomorrow morning. Print away, and have a good festival people! 🎶☀️🍺 T
  9. not the same atmosphere as a sweaty punk rock gig in a tent, but very sensible given their popularity i’ll update Clashfinder this afternoon
  10. I saw The Murder Capital in Oxford recently and they were very good, so I’ll see them again. Red Rum Club were one of my discoveries at last years Truck, excellent and I’d go see them again if they weren’t clashing with Shame....
  11. Nah, that was all just kidding around This Feeling have it filled in their schedule, it’s just missing from the app but there’s a couple more errors on the app too
  12. Turno closing out Saturday in Palm City. Adam Ficek DJ set replacing Fontaine’s DJ set on Friday
  13. for those of you going to Palm City, Turno seems to be no longer appearing replaced by Mollie Collins , who closes the night
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