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  1. Hahahaha you’re very welcome 👍🏼🎶
  2. Nice one 👍🏼 I’ve done the clashfinder for the last 6 Trucks, but I’ll leave it you to you this year! The year that their app broke, they emailed me the entire schedule so it was still accurate 😅
  3. Likely to overlap by 15 minutes...
  4. I’m not sure to expect really! but I reckon it’ll be nearly 100% British acts
  5. It definitely won’t be running, and it’s unusual for Truck not to have posted any social media for a fortnight! obviously putting together their statement
  6. I agree. hopefully, Shame need to play eventually!
  7. Bound to be a very similar update from Truck soon
  8. Wow, I’m very surprised at that! what region are you in? it’s certainly not the case where I am in Oxfordshire, and all the exams have been cancelled this year already
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised by a rescheduling to late September to be honest. the first ever Truck was in Sept. ‘98 and in the summer floods of 2007 they rescheduled to September too....
  10. I think we’ll be ok, a few months to go yet
  11. Yeah I reckon Thursday / Friday
  12. Shame are on Saturday like they were due to be last year then, anyone seen any more confirmations on days yet?
  13. My first visit to Victorious, I have a Friday day ticket 🎫 is there much more to be added to Friday? I can see it’s a smaller set up than the weekend
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