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Always loved the things he’s been involved in. Even have his solo album which came with a free 7” single in the sleeve. A friends big brother recorded it onto cassette for me, and hated it so much he filled the rest of the tape with music to educate me. He added a few tracks, including a couple of Tom Robinson Band tracks. It worked, love TRB, but it didn’t “cure” me, I still can’t resist occasionally playing Bat Out Of Hell on a long bike ride 😂


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4 hours ago, The Nal said:

Hes up in heaven with Stephen Gately now


And Prince and Bowie

  I suppose Two out of three ain’t bad!

and it’s five years to the day since we so sadly lost Prince. The one that got away from us at Glastonbury 😕

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I'll add my favourite Jim Steinman track.  I have this album on vinyl.  The whole album is great.

E Streeters Roy Bittan and Max Weinberg on piano and drums!

Bonnie Tyler posted a lovely tribute to Steinman on Twitter.


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19 minutes ago, CaledonianGonzo said:

Real talk:

Paradise By The Dashboard Light is one of the greatest songs ever written and packs more amazing fist-pump moments into its eight and a half minutes than most bands manage in their entire careers.

Great song to hear live. Saw meatloaf several times live and to be fair he always put on a great show, especially when he toured the first BOOH , First time I think  I heard paradise was on whistle test. Steinman had a knack of creating anthemic songs with great hooks. 

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On 4/20/2021 at 9:26 PM, Neville Street said:

Even have his solo album which came with a free 7” single in the sleeve. 

Featuring this deathless banger

"You can't run away forever

But there's nothing wrong with getting a good head start..."

RIP you magnificent, ludicrous bastard.

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