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  1. Problem for me with the dust is that I wear contact lenses, and without fail by the end of the day my eyes get a little irritated.... Tried sunglasses but dust still gets in the eyes..... And I really struggle with using normal glasses so keeping the dust down is a thing for me
  2. Lukas Nelson - Forget About Georgia gets me every time. Lily Bud during Billy’s Radical Round Up- That voice those lyrics stunning Vampire Weekend - Jerusalem, New York, Berlin wasn’t expecting that at all, the tears were rolling down my face The Cure - After finally getting round to seeing them I was emotional from Plainsong all the way tell the end
  3. Friday Black Midi 7 Bjorn Again 7 Lukas Nelson POTR 10 My Baby 8 The Charlatans 8 Dream Wife 9 Billy Bragg 9 Frank Turner 7 Saturday Proclaimers 7 Carrie Underwood 8 Carl Cox 7.5 Billy’s Radical Round Up 7 Slowthai 8 Johnny Marr 9 Liam Gallagher 7.5 The Killers 9 Sunday Mavis Staples 10 Kylie 8 Miley Cyrus 9.5 Vampire Weekend 9 The Cure 10
  4. TheSheriff

    The Cure

    It has gone down as my favourite ever Pyramid Headliner taking over from Neil Young from 2009. The sound was perfect and that voice.... I was mesmerised from start to finish, such an emotional and life affirming moment
  5. First time going down on the Thursday due to a last minute work issue which I’ve gotta sort out tomorrow morning. Rest of the crew making their way down today. Although gutted, equally looking forward to a stress free drive down and an extra night in my bed.
  6. I’m still putting extra waterproofing on the tent to appease the weather gods
  7. Jarvis and Ebony having a cat nap.... I love this thread
  8. Hi yeah still available
  9. TheSheriff

    Country Music

    Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real Carrie Underwood Ferris & Sylvester The Dead South The Mavericks At a quick glance
  10. I’ve got a spare campervan ticket if anyone is needing one
  11. TheSheriff


    If you want some bluesy/southern/country rock look no further than Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real
  12. It’s the perfect ending to the festival for me, Vampire Weekend into The Cure.... Couldn’t have worked out better
  13. Really gutted about Sheryl Crow Pyramid 14.30 - 15.30 and Lukas Nelson Park 15.15 - 16.15. Due to the distance between the two stages can’t jump between the two and catch the start of Sheryl.... My man Lukas is gonna win out thoughts
  14. Surprised to see Carrie Underwood on the bill, huge name in modern Country
  15. I was under the impression LL does a show in the run up most years.... I always thought it was used as a bit of a test run by the BBC for the coverage a few weeks later. As for the lineup I got a feeling in my stomach that it’s today.... might have been last nights chicken madras
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