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  1. Very solid lineup from the Acoustic, plenty on there for me.
  2. Not their best album, but I actually like it.
  3. Ah the year my ticket disintegrated during the biblical downpour on the Friday, cos my expensive waterproof jacket wasn’t very waterproof. Ticket wouldn’t have mattered but as was in campervan needed it daily, ended up being double banded which was actually better than worrying about the ticket all weekend. Also the year I stopped wasting worrying about waterproof jackets and realised that cheap ponchos were as good
  4. 2009 - Bruce Springsteen starting his set with a version of Joe Strummer’s Coma Girl… It just hit me Bruce paying homage to my all time favourite artist with a song about my favourite place. 2010 - Frank Turner Long Live the Queen… I was having a bit of a tough time, and was about to move to New Zealand on my own, which was basically me looking to run from my problems. It was that moment I realised the friends and family I’d be leaving behind. I decided in that moment I’d stay tough it out and everything worked out and haven’t looked back. 2019 - Several times during The Cure… It was just beautiful
  5. Does Stagecoach use the same set up as Coachella ie the same stages etc. This lineup would be my cup of tea
  6. Honestly there’s nothing on the album I would skip. No filler on there for me
  7. I gotta say I like that idea of car camping
  8. Of who I’ve seen I’d say Dolly, with a honourable mention for Shirley Bassey. The one I wish I was there for is Johnny Cash
  9. The War and Treaty gotta mix of Americana, soul, blues and are absolutely wonderful… I got to see them in the Grand Ole Opry a few years back, was breathtaking
  10. No luck here either
  11. Well I was after a new water bottle, think this one might come in handy going through gates back to the campervan
  12. Kool & The Gang West Holts 2011 was a perfect Sunday night headliner for me and my mates we partied the night away.
  13. I had some email correspondence with Julia (Billy’s partner) at the turn of the year as inquiring about a Welsh Male Voice Choir I’m involved with could play, unfortunately it was not doable due to the allocated performer tickets that would be needed to make it happen would not be available. LF were in the process of sorting the lineup out at that time so it looks like they will be there as always
  14. Speak as you find, I’ve met him a few times and he’s been nothing but a gentleman
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