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  1. What fabulous logic, I'm laughing just thinking about why it was so important for you to be tall in order to shit behind you. I'm getting a t-shirt with too short to shit behind.
  2. Vaseline or mazolla - coat liberally and slide through
  3. Crowd crust is a thing. Often once through there's space. But that doesn't solve the crushes you're experiencing. Not my thing at all. They are capable of swapping bands around - BE from JP to other in 2019 for example.
  4. If BBC then it will sell out. Ticket price doesn't impact the full 2m trying for tickets 2m is what ME said on the 50yrs prog
  5. This year clashes are a nightmare - so many similar bands on at the same time. Saturday's music isn't my thing, but if it was you must be going crazy with clashes. The good news is loads of new bands for me. On the big tents closing - the other issue is that people leave at the front, so there's plenty of space down there, but they still don't let more people in. The outer people crust forms and that's it.
  6. Tell the person guiding you in that you have an awning, and make sure that the next person parking knows you need room. Then you're fine with tents. Had 4 tents no problem in the past, you just need to let them know as you park up.
  7. "Glasto" is the fundamental problem.
  8. Anyone know how much the food/drink vouchers on site will be? I notice they've gone up quite a bit from 2.75 euros in advance to 3.25 euros since covid.
  9. Made I laugh out loud, imagine if you could and someone else knew the secret command.
  10. Collapsible water bottle, crap in the morning, drink beer prior to setting off, spirits in hip flask, fleece has lining which doubles up as large pockets, poncho fits in too. Freedom of not worrying about a bag hitting people or kicked on the ground is totally worth leaving stuff behind for the day.
  11. Forced to have no bag once at a festival, a4 bag rule. So bunged everything in pockets, fleece around waste. The freedom of not having a bag is a total game changer. Try it and you'll never go back to lugging a bag.
  12. hfuhruhurr


    Have awoken from slumber - is the webcam back up reliably or is it still playing up? If it's back I'll update my site - been a while since I looked at this, so sorry for late reply.
  13. Hang on - I just looked at this and my brain hurts.
  14. All since 2010 but ticketless for 2022. Will try but have Rock Werchter booked and a Rammstein clash on Sunday! There's a bit of me that thinks it might be good not to go - just to realise that missing out isn't a total disaster.
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