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  1. My gut feel is that the min wage is a disaster - it makes people into numbers. From an employer perspective it's lazy and dismissive, from an employee perspective it's demeaning. Far better to have union representation, albeit regulated, but have people valued for what they do, rather than just a number. On taxation, I hate this, but simplification is in order - whatever system that's invented, it needs to be so utterly simple that it can't be avoided. Get rid of the millions of taxes in existence and come up with something effing simple - like a wealth tax. Just one tax. No duty on anything, no VAT, no NI, none of that balls, just one simple inescapable tax.
  2. Burgers - all promise and no delivery. Every time, I think, umm, time for a tasty burger, and every time no matter where I get it from, it under delivers.
  3. I reckon it's my fault, well, my age group which is way older than festival goers of my youth. The 30/40/50+ are to blame. (I'm in the 50+) Why? Because we like our creature comforts, we've done the mad things so are more than happy to watch but not participate in stupidity, we like safety, we're too old to get involved, to employed to turn up with scars. If we make it safe, the youth are encourage to be safe by all the old farts and before you know it, festivals have gone soft. The youngsters are over-parented too, and like it safe and familiar. Yep, it's me, sorry.
  4. I've got one like this Large Cage Platform Garden Trolley OT1006, Now Includes Liner & Tool Shelf https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005ZGKMXO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_taa_jN-bDbEFN61T6 Sides fold to cover wheels (upside down) when you need to put it in the car all muddy.
  5. The queueueueueue was way to long - I didn't get near the place.
  6. Did Download... that was a prep if ever there was one for mud. On the boots v. wellies debate: if you can, take both, your feet will love the change. Just 3 days walking in mud for 10+ hrs/day and no matter how comfy your footwear is, something will rub since it's a push&pull thing in mud.
  7. I've got muck boots (https://www.muckbootcompany.co.uk/collections/short-boots/audience_men) I'm sure you can find cheaper, I got mine at a show and cheap. Really comfortable, can walk miles in them I put in a gel insole.
  8. I'm off there tomorrow - as I was in 2016 - it's apparently as bad as then according to reports. Glastonbury will be fine, way better drainage - and they also seem to have doubled up on the tracking!
  9. Really? You mean BMTH have a cunning plan?!
  10. I bet it doesn't move
  11. They did - we were in a caravan and arrived on the A37 at about 7pm, we left the A37 at Pylle at 7am. The single most annoying thing for me was the knob heads behind us in the queue. We crept along and as we approached the big hill, I got out of the car and said the the guys behind that I'm going to leave a gap because I don't want to hill start (wet, steep caravan), so please bear with while we hang back for 10 mins. 5 mins in, they over-take dragging all the cars behind them. Ugh, the clutch wasn't happy.
  12. If you want to worry, please rewind back to the 1990s with 2G - that was at roughly microwave. Or your 2.4GHz wifi or your leaky microwave. 3G/4G and 5G work at frequencies that do no harm.
  13. We've gone through this before, it's probably worth reading https://www.howtogeek.com/423720/how-worried-should-you-be-about-the-health-risks-of-5g/ which is as nice as any article can be when faced with this pretend fear.
  14. Johnson, like many has created a bluff persona, so much so he pretty much lives it. He rehearses his lines and when questioned relies on a set pattern of speech: a bit of dismissive bluster, a few come on's, a few archaic words/phrases to catch the interviewer off balance, and a change of subject. He's no genius, the guy is a at best a wit, but rigorous intellect nope.
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