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  1. Not for me, though I thoroughly understand why a whole load of people want this kind of thing. Been doing festivals for years, now in my (late) 50s and have made my fresh+black pop-up the height of luxury - I love it. Comfy bed, lock-ups with all my stuff, earplugs in, sleep as long as I like. Washing/showers all easy with a watering can sprinkler and a bottle (ok, and some bracing moments, but no queueueueue). Can't imagine being more comfortable.
  2. hfuhruhurr

    2020 headliners

    hopefully some of you made some drinking money
  3. Education and peer pressure are the tools to solve this. But, not to be negative... one baby step in your direction could be bookable plots - you take your own tent, you've reserved your spot. Make this available for Thursday afternoon arrivals only . You know who is in what spot - they get to take their tent home. Might also ease the daftness that is now the Weds morning crush to get in. Bookable spot = obligation to take tent home. Expand scheme if it's all lovely and works.
  4. As you're about to park up say you have an "awning" (aka tents) and ask for a bigger gap - make sure you let them know as you approach your space - that way they can guide the next van into a space with your gap preserved. Oh, and check with the guys behind you which side they want their "awning". We were perfectly prepped on year only for both of us to want the same space! We've always had a couple of tents (I actually prefer sleeping in my tent than in the van!). The stewards are lovely, just ask nicely and they'll help you out.
  5. Here's wishing you never have any anxiety about anything, and everything you do is all about your enjoyment only.
  6. Since there are people who are either scared of them or just nervous, then it's a no, let alone the health issues for others. Even at a distance, I'm distracted from enjoying the music because it crosses my mind that someone near that is absolutely bricking it in case the knob drops the damn thing.
  7. if he does play, it'll be the pyramid, so cider from the cider bus, not ESB
  8. hfuhruhurr

    2020 headliners

    now you've really narrowed it down
  9. hfuhruhurr

    2020 headliners

    Not sure this is ethical, but with a roadie letting a mate of mine know that his band is playing, at 5/4 this looks like a reasonable bet: Kendrick Lamar 4/6 Taylor Swift 5/6 Aerosmith 11/10 Paul McCartney 5/4 The 1975 5/4 Foals 7/4 Elton John 2/1 (oh, and the roadie is really old, just in case you think it's the other band)!
  10. I'm in exactly the same mood and am surprised by it. Conclusion is we'll organise ourselves something else for June and not get excited about T-day again - since the outcome is a likely fail. We might try next year and be happy if we get in but won't put any emotional investment into it. We might just have more fun going to the other festivals we know we can get tickets for.
  11. use a ball of string
  12. Once pitched up, offer your neighbours a drink.
  13. Flag at the campsite is fab. Finding friends - if I'm leaving them for the beer run then I triangulate - pick on a couple of distant things I can line up and try and remember that staggering back beer in hand. Wouldn't have a hand free or the sense to use any app.
  14. true, and thinking about it my post is wrong. But there's some magic going on that enables you to refresh instantly - like blink of an eye in the midst of all that traffic - and do that consistently for many F5's. And yet on an exact same set up you're refreshing slowly and timing out more often than not. But you're right - the server must be alive.
  15. So how do you explain the millisecond refreshes? It's certainly not coming from the server. Unless I'm helping others in the re-sale, I might run in full debug mode and have a trace on exactly what's happening.
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