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  1. I did the Download Pilot, but my next gig is the regular Sisters gig at the Roundhouse early September, then The Specials, Skindred, Bauhaus so far this year. Next year filling up and hoping for the worlds worst clash, I have Rammstein on Glastonbury Sunday but no tickets for the festival.... yet.
  2. Being a sad spreadsheet, I make a note of the bands I see at festivals - and how much it all cost. Per band, it's about £20ish. (2019, 26 bands seen, £500ish cost all in). Works out the same for festivals like Download/Rock Werchter - all about the same per band cost - worst case about £25ish on average. But, those "gigs" are on average shorter, and a lot you'd not pay to see. Crikey I fell asleep in the middle of this boring post, zzzzzz, I've become an energy vampire.
  3. What a tough question. Favourite band is PIL, but couldn't choose a favourite. Tom Waits all brilliant. Let alone all the metal and punk I love. Dead Kennedys again, too many. So, in the end went for one that hit hard from the minute I first heard it. Acoustic version. Just brilliant.
  4. What would these be like in mud - any chance of them filling up with mud?
  5. I'd be wary of the height-to-width ratio. We've got a similar trolley and once stacked up it's one of us as the donkey and the other as the stabaliser. Traversing a slope or a bumpy track and you might be tipping over.
  6. Yeah - we thought we were in for the long haul - massive trolley stacked. But the security guy looked at me and said that he couldn't be bothered. I've been lucky on these things, going into Reading Fest once the guard said "got any booze", me "no"; him "well, tomorrow, come and find me and I'll let you in with some". That said, I stick with the rules and I guess that's written on my face!
  7. Our key reason for having our trolley - and bring at least one youth along as a donkey! (although they have objected when I've got on the trolley and started whipping them with bungee cords).
  8. Yes - we loved arriving on Tuesday evening and sitting on the hill in CV East - did that for 6 years. But basically that turns out to be the only benefit compared to the downsides. We switched when we got tickets in the resale and had no time to sort out a van. We camp at other festivals and it was the Tuesday eve that swayed us to keeping the CV for Glastonbury. But being in the centre of it all for the week outweighs that evening. I'd be interested to know if the CV East is still as fab now that the queueueueueue to get in on Wednesday is so long? Before we used to just walk straight in, very little queuing or messing about.
  9. At the tender age of waaay tooo old (I was alive when England won the world cup!), we switched from campervan to standard camping and wondered why we ever did the campervan. My tent (a small fresh&black) is kitted out to be way more comfy than a campervan. Less walking, more atmosphere, more people to chat to, better food, better loos, better access to water etc. Love it in general population.
  10. Crikey didn't know that was a thing - never occurred to me to check in every day. Anyway, all negative here.
  11. For me U2 weren't so bad - basically because a huge group around us were shouting in unison "Pay your .... taxes" every time Bono talked. They got so good at it we were all laughing, joining in and the weather didn't matter.
  12. Hawkwind 2019 in the Acoustic tent - argh, that was awful. Also, costly, since me and my mate befriended some fools by the bar and that was that for a while.
  13. But the crowd bouncing up and down was brilliant
  14. Mik Artistik and any of the other acts that make it so special
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