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  1. hfuhruhurr


    At 21:50 last night, later ones were too dark, earlier ones too light.
  2. Come back you silly bollocks. I really like your views on stuff. This thread might have gone tits up, but hey, don't go.
  3. They were, I remember they got us all to sit/kneel in the mud
  4. I'd be hungry and not want to miss anything and not want to order crap since there are loads of lovely things to eat. Confused, so I'd go for a beer around about now to sober me up from the litre of flavoured vodka that I'd drunk already.
  5. I guess I've a different perspective - knowing someone who had no risk factors, early 20s dead. So the idea that someone should deliberately go out and catch it is an anathema.
  6. Was point (3) a reasonable reason not to though?
  7. 1. There's no firm evidence that if you do get it you'll have antibodies and will not get it again 2. If you get it, there's no telling whether you'll be unlucky and suffer badly 3. While you're trying to get it, you won't know for 3/4 days and will infect others Please reconsider
  8. Diving catch by Mik Artistik for me, I was on my way to the Pyramid when our man with a pocket full of straws saved me.
  9. hfuhruhurr

    Black Lives Matter

    That made me laugh out loud - thanks.
  10. Checking everyone has everything and discovering two of us haven't even got tents let alone everything else. Figuring out who is going in which car (and how we're going to get their tickets to them) and how much booze to take (inc. decanting the infusions into plastic). Ordering the polypin of ale. Packing for wet, hot, sunny, cold then just taking the same stuff as last year. Doing the last few washes with fabric conditioner that we never normally use.....
  11. hfuhruhurr

    Black Lives Matter

    The point has whistled past. Correlation and causation divorced. Do you, hand on heart, believe that you hold no bias when it comes to race? Because, if you do, then you're pretty unique. The whole point is that we are all biased. The whole point is that we should look at: - our own bias - how many people (aka institutions) filled with people like us let their bias cause issues That's it. It's not a fight, it's not an us v. them. It's a realisation that our everyday bias cumulatively impacts others. BLM has asked us to take a look at our bias and for 99.99999% of people, there's work to be done and it's obvious.
  12. hfuhruhurr

    Black Lives Matter

    OK, so why are you quoting those stats? Can you not see that putting them in your argument could draw that conclusion? Also, and correct me if I'm wrong, but are BLM a group? I thought it was a movement to encourage people to rethink their biases. Yes, all movements have hijackers who push a their (often toxic) agenda - but the messaging I'm getting from BLM is to take a look at how I think, policies in place, fairness in society and take action to fix the issue wherever we can.
  13. hfuhruhurr

    Black Lives Matter

    What is your point? What conclusion would you like us to reach from quoting a statistic that I cannot begin to unravel, since I am aware that I don't understand the problem, and haven't the time or expertise to read the literature. I'd be really surprised if you have, but I'm happy to be proved wrong. Because unless I examine my own bias, I'd be tempted to conclude from your statistic above that somehow blacks are murderous and deserve what they get because they kill white people at twice the rate. Fortunately, BLM and other movements have made me examine my bias, made me question out of context stats and dodgy references. My proposition to you is to let us know if you're biased. I know I am and thanks to BLM I'm working to address it. Are you biased and if so are you motivated to improve?
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