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  1. I'm going to avoid The Sistxrhood because I'm a bloke and I understand the need for women and non binary people to have a safe space at a festival
  2. First time, long time! It feels like a shame to complain about anything after such a brilliant festival filled with so many wonderful people, but thought I should share. I had just whipped round for the National to find my girlfriend who was watching Stormzy. As I arrived a chant of 'oh Jeremy Corbyn' was going up. Then a kid (18 or 19 so should have known better) turned to my girlfriend (who is mixed race), pointed at her and shouted 'oh get em deported'. In her first 24 years she says she had only had one instance of racial abuse, that's now 4 in 12 months. Sigh :-( Anyway, after a moment to compose ourselves, we called him a c**t and went back to dancing to the brilliant black British musician tearing it up on stage with the thousands of other great people around us! :-)
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