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  1. Just remember that with all the grounded planes, reduced car use and general changes in behaviour since lockdowns started across the world, emissions and other atmospheric conditions are going to be very different to a world where the virus never existed. It's likely that the weather would have been very different too. I think it would have p*ssed it down, good job it wasn't on really.
  2. On those prick tests, and very anecdotal, but my girlfriend works in clinical trials and through her work I've been tested for antibodies twice. Each time, which were about a week apart, I had a prick test as well as lab based test that required giving about 15ml of blood. Both times, the prick test was positive but the lab test (which the company seems to trust much more) came back negative. The prick and intravenous blood were both taken by a profession, so it wasn't just me messing up that led to the inconsistent results! Add to this that my gf had a pcr test for the virus itself at the start of lockdown that was positive. She was sent home from work and we self isolated for two weeks, completely symptomless. But she has come back negative on every antibody test she's done. I know in some way we are very lucky to have got the testing we're had, but the inconsistent results just left us even more unsure. The whole thing has been an emotional rollercoaster worse than any weather thread.
  3. Like the opposing opinion that your joke was bad and has no place on an open minded festival forum?
  4. I'm going to avoid The Sistxrhood because I'm a bloke and I understand the need for women and non binary people to have a safe space at a festival
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