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  1. The 2019 festival managed to go ahead despite the recent death of famed immunologist Teruko Ishizaka. If a considerably less accomplished woman in their 90s pops her clogs, I'm sure we'll be fine to party on guilt free.
  2. Watching this, the woman on the phone farts out such a constant stream of untruths (defending people booing a anti-racism gesture by claiming white people are an oppressed group, nonsense about there being "indigenous Britons", complete falsehoods about Israeli "state law", an implied claim that white people in the UK don't have self determination, presumably because non-white people can vote) that it is hard to really grasp on to what the hell her point actually was and it would take an age to dispel everything she say point by point. You have two options here to respond. Isolate the original point and argue against that (which is what Kier does) and risk it being seen that you tacitly support (or cannot respond to) the other nonsense they've thrown out. Or you respond to each point individually, which increases the exposure given to these absolute weapons and might makes it seem like they have made genuine points worth addressing. The lady is gish galloping, an old tactic of the far-right and one we need to be wary of. We must not fall into the trap of thinking that Stammer's non engagement is tacit support, that's how the far-right want you to read it. Completely agree with your point about LBC platforming this neo-nazi donkey.
  3. While clearly not good news, this was already known and shouldn't impact current rollout plans. 50m is the number in Pfizer's press release from last month: https://investors.pfizer.com/investor-news/press-release-details/2020/Pfizer-and-BioNTech-Conclude-Phase-3-Study-of-COVID-19-Vaccine-Candidate-Meeting-All-Primary-Efficacy-Endpoints/default.aspx I know we're all nervous with a potential festival-filled summer in sight, but there's no need to panic!
  4. Everyone knows the only permissible Glastonbury gatekeeping is No Tories Allowed On that front I'm Team Harry In
  5. With that gender balance they should have really called it Männerfeld, am I right?
  6. The recent Tory strategy I'm most reminded of is 2015, where the right wing machine spent an awful lot of time and money amplifying the view that "all politicians, they're all the same" and claiming that your vote won't make a difference. I remember just how often Russell bloody Brand was on TV making that exact point. On Reddit and Twitter this morning there are a lot of several week old accounts, especially in more left leaning spaces, trying to make the argument that this debate shows that neither Trump nor Biden are good, that politics is broken and that there is no route to fix it. There is clearly evidence that this strategy lowers turnout and this benefits right wing parties. The thing is, it must be much easier to make people think that voting is less important when you have bland, unthreatening David "oh, I go to Latitude and shop at Waitrose" Cameron, rather than the guy explicitly sending out commands to a white nationalist militia group.
  7. Honestly, the most presidential thing he's ever done
  8. I'm a little sceptical of this rumour for the above reasons but if it is true, then they are definitely pulling the "friend of the festival" card.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we've never had a trio made entirely of repeat headliners before, have we? Macca/AM/FatM/Muse would all fit in that category. I know it's an exceptional year but Emily has shown a willingness to take risks in the past. Surely, even if we have lost Kenny and Taylor, she would find someone new and exciting she could bump up.
  10. Just remember that with all the grounded planes, reduced car use and general changes in behaviour since lockdowns started across the world, emissions and other atmospheric conditions are going to be very different to a world where the virus never existed. It's likely that the weather would have been very different too. I think it would have p*ssed it down, good job it wasn't on really.
  11. On those prick tests, and very anecdotal, but my girlfriend works in clinical trials and through her work I've been tested for antibodies twice. Each time, which were about a week apart, I had a prick test as well as lab based test that required giving about 15ml of blood. Both times, the prick test was positive but the lab test (which the company seems to trust much more) came back negative. The prick and intravenous blood were both taken by a profession, so it wasn't just me messing up that led to the inconsistent results! Add to this that my gf had a pcr test for the virus itself at the start of lockdown that was positive. She was sent home from work and we self isolated for two weeks, completely symptomless. But she has come back negative on every antibody test she's done. I know in some way we are very lucky to have got the testing we're had, but the inconsistent results just left us even more unsure. The whole thing has been an emotional rollercoaster worse than any weather thread.
  12. Like the opposing opinion that your joke was bad and has no place on an open minded festival forum?
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