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  1. Padgey

    2020 headliners

    I couldn't believe The Killers were nowhere to be seen in this list, especially after they had done the "secret" show the year before in the John Peel tent it seemed nailed on they would return the following year.
  2. Padgey

    2020 headliners

    For what it's worth here's the odd for this year's headliners back in September last year
  3. Padgey

    1 month on...

    Still got some Mallets left!
  4. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    Michaels Mead is our usual camp spot as well, at the top of the hill near the fence, just in from the TV compound. I was all set for working it with Oxfam and doing it differently, alone, and then my mate won a pair of tickets with the Guardian so the 3 of us that usually go were going in one capacity or another. The chance of a general ticket was an offer I couldn't turn down as it meant we could all camp together but until I had said ticket in my hand, which I ended up getting on the Tuesday morning, I wasn't counting my chickens.
  5. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    I ended up getting sorted out with a wristband through a mate which meant I didn't have to work, although this wasn't sorted until the Tuesday. My mates had won tickets through the Guardian which was great but at the time I was still going to be working so plans changed very last minute as well live 250 miles apart. In the build up I was stressing about shifts and if I could get their tents put up in our usual camping spot on the Wednesday morning. Fortunately it all worked out ok with me getting general access to the festival but it certainly didn't help with the whole build up and last minute change of plans. I was trying to make everything run smoothly for everyone and not enjoying the fact that I was actually going.
  6. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    Hoping not to be part of the resale club next year, but if not successful in October or April I'm not going to stress myself out like I did this year trying to get there as I wasn't relaxed even up until the Tuesday before the festival, that definitely affected me enjoying the festival as much this year.
  7. Would be down there at 6 a.m. to lay it out!
  8. A large swiiming pool in the middle of the field with sunbeds around!
  9. The current duration is just about right, by Sunday I'm whalloped and ready for a comfy sofa and bed on Monday morning. No doubt it's a long old slog for everyone working at the festival already, ground maintenance, plant operators etc, so adding a couple more days could be a bit much.
  10. Anyone entered the WaterAid badge competition for tickets to 2020?
  11. Gerry Cinnamon will be back next year for sure, he pretty much said it in his set with words along the lines of "this definitely won't be the last time I'm here" he may as well have done a big wink after it! It's also one for Neil's rumour thread, I'd definitely give it an (SR)!
  12. With Mallets getting the contract to supply the cider at this years festivals what are people's thoughts on the cider from the bars and would you prefer the return of Thatchers? Personally I prefer Thatchers and would like to see it return in 2020.
  13. Padgey

    What's next?

    Ticket day in October!
  14. Padgey

    Is It Too Hot?

    It was definitely too hot, especially as we got 3 days of quite high temperatures and that took it's toll on me by Sunday. I will definitely prepare better next time for such heat, eating more wisely, applying sun cream a lot more and taking on more water, I think they were my downfall. On another note a girl passed out just in front of us at Kylie, not knowing what had really happened as we just heard a thud when she hit the ground I feared the worst. I ended up barging past a lot of people, knocking a lot of drinks over, to get to the viewing platform at the back of the field to get security. We pushed our way through to get back to her and fotunately she was just coming round and had just passed out. Apologies if I barged you or knocked your drinks over.
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