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  1. Padgey

    2020 headliners

    Maybe 1 but not sure about 2 in the same year, which makes me think it might not be Kendrick! 🙄
  2. coachmag.co.uk is a good website for different cardio programs, workouts and all other fitness related stuff. I get regular e-mails from them and find them very useful.
  3. But by the Thursday morning all the hard work will be undone!
  4. Or could it mean Coldplay?!!
  5. The BBC covering up something illegal......NEVER!!!!!
  6. That was exactly my thinking after i'd entered last year. 25+ gets filtered out!
  7. Padgey

    2020 headliners

    This would be great, just to see all the social media groups go into meltdown! April 1st announcement maybe!
  8. Come on you, you did it before Christmas and look at how you felt after getting back into it. After Christmas is a struggle for everyone but once you get that first week out of the way you'll be smiling a lot more again.
  9. Padgey


    Lovely frosty morning on the farm today, here's the link for those who aren't aware of it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/glastonbury/webcam
  10. Would be great if someone off here won, good luck everyone. Oh and don't say you're over 25 you're entry will be rejected!!
  11. Padgey

    Queue Times

    I've always assumed that but don't actually know. I've just had a quick look at Tort's guide and it doesn't say on their. You've now got me wondering if the book touches on the the naming of the fields.
  12. Padgey

    Queue Times

    I had a couple of mates queuing at Gate A and Security were telling people to go to Gate D at around 11-12ish as there was no-one there. They left there stuff with me then walked up to Gate D got their wristbands and came back down and walked straight through in Gate A. While they were queuing in Gate A I'd gone, in pitch our tents in Michaels Mead and walked back, they'd hardly moved.
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