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  1. With gyms due to close is everyone looking forward to outdoor workouts and runs in the cold and damp, although that won't probably phase some of the hardened runners who contribute to this thread. I'll be having my last weights session in the gym at lunchtime then it's back to burpees, press ups and jump squats outside for the next 4 weeks!
  2. I thought that back at the end of March this year, how wrong I was!
  3. Smyths Toys still sell the Campervan, must be one of the longest running sets not to be discontinued. Loved building it, the pieces don't come in the usual numbered bags so it takes a bit longer but definitely worth it.
  4. Love the Death Star trench run
  5. Awesome, seen a build where a guy put 2 of the Cantina's together along with the smaller Mos Eisley set, 2 of them I think, to make one big Cantina, very impressive. I've been told I'm not allowed anymore!!!! Got Poe's X-Wing yesterday on Amazon! Next purchase is going to be the Razor Crest, just waiting for it to be reduced.
  6. Great choice, managed to get mine free last year through Topcashback, it was a deal for new customers. One year I had to get it off Ebay as they had sold out everywhere.
  7. Have any of you got any recommendations on fitness trackers? Looking to upgrade on my basic stopwatch for my workouts and runs! I know there was a discussion a few weeks back on watches but I wasn't sure if they were just specific to running. I'm after something that monitors my fitness when doing all types of activities not just running, if there is such a thing.
  8. I bought this set a couple of years back https://mirafit.co.uk/mirafit-dumbbell-set-weight-rack.html think it was about £200, and also added a set of 30kg. Could really do with some 12.5kg and a couple of weights between 20kg and 30kg. When I revert to to the garage full time I'll probably invest but got enough to get me by at the mo.
  9. Been slowly building up the equipment for when I finish at my current workplace, which is expected to be next June now, where I can use the on-site gym during my lunch. Got a bench and a few dumbbells, although quite limited with the weight as individual dumbbells are fairly expensive. Also got a bar and EZ bar with plenty of plates, and a pull up/dips frame. With the addition of the squat rack I'm after it will allow me to do barbell press as well as squats so will pretty much have all what I need at home, well apart from a rowing machine!
  10. Have something similar in my garage, been down a couple of years now and have done the job. I did want some harder wearing ones but they were going to be expensive to cover the area I wanted. I'm going to be extending a bit more as I'm eying up a squat rack so I will get another couple of packs of the softer ones. Think I got my original ones from Argos.
  11. Just done 6km on the treadmill in just under 30 minutes, finished off with a bit of work on the battle ropes. So glad to be back running again even though I'm only stepping it up gradually each time, felt like I had a bit more in me but didn't want to aggravate the achillies.
  12. Take the tent to the Shetlands in November, weather should be ideal! 😉
  13. Good to hear you're on the mend, fingers crossed there are no long term effects and you can get back in the gym. I've been concerned about the whole Covid thing as I suffer really badly with a chest infection at least once a year, I had pneumonia when I was 19 and not sure if that has had any long term damaging affect. Your story has certainly backed up the fact I still need to be cautious. Looking forward to another positive post in the next few days.
  14. And there was me thinking Glastonbury was what people live for every year! Our holiday in June was cancelled. We've made the decision not to book anything until there is more certainty about the virus, whether we are Covid-free or there is a vaccine, just don't feel comfortable travelling anywhere at the moment. I took 2 weeks off in August and spent time with the kids at home and surrounding areas, certainly filled the gap of a holiday abroad.
  15. I don't understand why anyone would want to take the unnecessary risk of sitting on a plane with 200+ people just to have a holiday abroad.
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