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  1. Glastonbury 2021 is slowly slipping away with this talk of potentially 6 months.
  2. Looks like the weather is turning this week just in time for me getting back out and pounding the pavement. Managed 4k on the treadmill today and the achillies felt really good, not even any soreness afterwards.
  3. The start of what became the best festival on this planet and what brought us altogether to discuss this great annual (given the fallow year) spectacle. Here's to the 51st year. 🍻
  4. Nothing to say it could be 2-3 weeks, just info I've had from 2 different sources from opposite ends of the country.
  5. I agree it's too late, but the word is lockdown will be enforced during October when the kids are off
  6. Agreed, but certain authorities have been briefed.
  7. I'm not on the night feed so having a few extra this evening, and raising one to @Superscally for his unbelievable effort
  8. Another total lockdown being prepared for October half term
  9. Day off today, other than tackling with the eldest in the back garden which burns a few cals. Hoping to get a few K in tomorrow. Well done to @Superscallyon another epic adventure, will have a few ciders for you this evening!
  10. Just caught up on what @Superscally is doing from the link @Quark posted, awesome stuff. Also watched the video of the Forrest Gump run, absolutely brilliant. The Forrest Gump running attire is an old fancy dress fave of mine.
  11. Great effort, keep up the good work.
  12. I was hoping for the line-up t-shirt/vest still, think they've missed a trick there.
  13. Not too bad, left one is fine, the right one which I'm having a bit more problems with is a little sore but nothing like what it was a few weeks ago, doing the circular motion while at my desk is helping. It's weights today so they will get a rest and then back on the treadmill tomorrow.
  14. Cardio day today, managed 3k on the treadmill and both achillies held up well, hopefully not to sore in the morning. Slowly working my way back up to 10k.
  15. Sounds like it after what EE said about a resale! Better odds of getting one now tho!!
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