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  1. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    Didn't realise you had to turn yourself yellow so just done mine.
  2. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    Connecting through VPN to my work sever had always got me them until October, I honestly thought it was a sure way of getting them but now i simply believe it's pot luck as I've heard so many stories of phones, tablets, age-old laptops etc getting them! I'm even questioning if F5ing is a good thing anymore. The first question at 9:30am on Sunday morning is going to be "will there be a secret resale?" There wasn't one for 2017 but had been the the couple of years before that. If not then we'll all be wanting a televised Mallets Cider draw to see if we get a golden ticket!
  3. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    Ha that's the one, I looked it up as well but you beat me to posting it.
  4. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    Will surely be in T&C's but I'm almost certain both are accepted. Just make sure you have plenty in your account if getting 4!
  5. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    5 more getty ups until the big day, well for those going for the general sale like me. It's still unconfirmed if our group is going to be 2,3 or 4, one of them has an interview on Thursday and if successful won't be able to make the Festival, another has gone very quiet. It means I can't quite get organised with giving out details until Thursday!
  6. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    I'm bricking it, but won't feel any worse than in October if unsuccessful again.
  7. Won a Mallets festival pack, just need a ticket for a the great festival now!
  8. Also just won one of these, for my mate! I bought 4 crates last week and submitted the codes under my registration and won nothing, then bought one yesterday and registered my mate thinking it might give us more of a chance in the ticket competition draw, only went and won one of the festival packs!
  9. Panic over people Brothers have confirmed the B Bar will be there, phew!
  10. It was something I was told the other week, I've tweeted them to see if it was true but not had a reply yet.
  11. Got 4 crates of Mallets the other day, to enter the ticket competition, but I drink cider anyway so it was a win/win, especially if successful in the comp, please god! It's not too disimilar to Strongbow, even the can looks like it a bit. And it's made by Brothers, they've done well to get this contract rather than just have the one bar, which I believe is being replaced. I do prefer Thatchers but after a couple of days at the festival the tastebuds are about gone so it doesn't really matter!
  12. I don't think a week off will do you any harm, put it in before and use the week to rest before getting back into it the following week. Plus you don't want to be getting an injury at Glastonbury and spoiling your festival. Plenty of time before October to get up to half marathon distance.
  13. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    I was sorting out the garage yesterday and my camping gear was staring at me looking all depressed, this build up without a ticket is a killer! Roll on next Sunday.
  14. Padgey

    Resale Club 2019

    There are only 2 threads I can bring myself to view at the moment, this one and the Competitions one. All the others are pointless until I've got a ticket!
  15. Padgey

    Coma Songs

    Into a Coma - Anything by Lana Del Rey. Out of a Coma to smash - Anything by Nickelback Out of a Coma to Boogie - Happy Hour by the Housemartins
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