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  1. Finally managed to secure tickets via Twickets! Hooray. They came with a Settlers carpark pass. Does anyone know if I can still camp in the "normal" bit of the campsite if I park in Settlers? Is the Settlers carpark preferable to the normal one (i.em less of a schlep!).
  2. Let it Be, Hey Jude... so many special moments during Macca's set. But the best for me was hearing Golden Slumbers. I didn't expect to hear it and after a tough couple of months personally, hearing "Sleep pretty darling do not cry, and I will sing a lullaby" just set me off! I looked around and pretty much everyone around me was just in awe at how special this moment was. To hear a Beatle sing those songs, in that crowd, on that farm... just incredible!
  3. Bicep... watching it back on iPlayer now and it looks immense. Although just seen they are playing Ally Pally later in the year so will hopefully catch them then. Carol Cox & friends at the Glade on Saturday afternoon was apparently epic. My husband and friends went there for the whole 4 hours. They said one of the best days at Glasto ever. I, however, went to the naked sauna! Which was fun... but not much dancing going on 😊
  4. That was Kebab Gangsta, or Gangsta Kebab... can't remember which way round! I also ate there out of desperation when extremely hungry and cba queueing elsewhere - and I don't usually go for kebabs! It really was banging though - pricey (£12 iirc) but one of the best kebabs I've ever had.
  5. I’m too old for it now but I was wondering earlier if anything was still going on for the hardcore clubbers! I know the Shangri-La is supposed to wrap up at 6am, but what’s the latest you’ve been able to stay at Glasto and party on Monday? Is there anything still going after 6am? Excluding after parties back at the tent 😁
  6. I love Glastonbury but the queues/crowd issues were something else this year. 75% of the time I couldn’t get a drink, couldn’t get any food, couldn’t get to a toilet, couldn’t get to see the band I wanted to! It was a joke… it felt so much busier this year than other years. Like many pp have said, it felt dangerous at some points. Half the time I just couldn’t be arsed to keep fighting my way through everything and just sacked off my plans and went elsewhere. The crowd seemed much more edgy too, less people there with good intentions wanting to have a good time. So many people pushing in everywhere, no respect for anyone around them. I went to Lost Horizons (a really chill, clothing optional, hippy place!) and there were groups of youths in their little caps and man bags in there pushing in front of everyone for the showers. Total piss take. It’s definitely attracting the wrong type of festival-goer these days, sadly.
  7. There’s definitely coaches leaving earlier than 5.30am. Could even be 1-2am. definitely none today though! (I’ve just asked)
  8. Anyone know when they start running?
  9. I'm probably going to have to leave the festival around 5/6pm Sunday evening and make my way back. It's not definite so I haven't booked a train ticket yet. What are my chances of getting on the train if I do need to leave then - how busy is the shuttle bus to Castle Cary at that time and am I likely to be able get a ticket for the train fairly easily? Also, how much time should I leave from Pylon field to the bus shuttle point, to Castle Cary etc? Hoping there's other people who have made a similar impromptu early exit! Thanks
  10. Thanks all. Not sure naked yoga is my thing, ha! Especially not as the festival goes on, all those sweaty bits on show 😄 @The Nal more than happy to pre-book, any idea where I can do this?
  11. Hi all I'm trying an alternative Glastonbury this year which won't involve too much alcohol or late nights (I know!!) I'd really like to take advantage of some of the more relaxed / healthy alternatives at Glasto for once. My questions are: I'm sure there used to be a 5k Glasto fun run around the site. Does anyone know if this is happening this year? I've also never properly been into the Healing Fields. Does anyone know if you need to book the massages / yoga / workshops etc? Or can you just turn up? Are there any areas that do anything like a hot tub / spa experience? I'm pretty sure I've seen something like this there before... somewhere to chill out and relax would be amazing. Any other tips for someone looking to experience a chilled, non-boozy festival, please let me know 😁
  12. Too quick off the trigger 😉 it’s the Seetickets coach package. I’m 70% sure we could probably blag our way onto an earlier coach but also a bit scared I’ll end up standing in the rain all night with tent etc packed up! Not able to transfer according to Seetickets 🙄
  13. Sorry my original post wasn’t clear! This is just for the coach home (to London). So doesn’t affect the actual Glasto tickets. So aiming for anyone who would like to swap to a later bus home, or hasn’t got a bus home and wants to purchase two tickets!
  14. Looking to sell or potentially swap a return coach ticket to London after the festival. I have two tickets for the 3pm coach - husband thought he’d booked 3am!! Hoping to leave around the 2am mark if possible, please let me know if you’d like to swap, or I may need to sell them and make other travel plans.
  15. Depending on which headliner you saw there was always at least a 45min wait before the main dance act. I.e Yo La Tengo finishing at 00.30 - Greg Wilson on at 2am. Four Tet finishing 00.45 - Shy FX starting at 2am. FJM finishing at 23.45 - Talabot starting 00.45am. I know there's always something to do and perhaps if I was drinking I wouldn't have found the waiting times as bad. But those three dance acts I really wanted to see but just didn't fancy hanging around til the wee hours for them.
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