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  1. Depending on which headliner you saw there was always at least a 45min wait before the main dance act. I.e Yo La Tengo finishing at 00.30 - Greg Wilson on at 2am. Four Tet finishing 00.45 - Shy FX starting at 2am. FJM finishing at 23.45 - Talabot starting 00.45am. I know there's always something to do and perhaps if I was drinking I wouldn't have found the waiting times as bad. But those three dance acts I really wanted to see but just didn't fancy hanging around til the wee hours for them.
  2. Had a great time at my first Green Man, despite the rain, toddler in tow and being pregnant! We were lucky enough to be able to camp in accessible camping as one of our party had a pass. The stewards didnt really seem to mind who went in so we all trapsed through! Was a lovely big space with loads of room for our tents and for the toddlers to run about, just perfect. Managed to see some really good sets over the weekend despite having to manage the weather and childcare needs. Was happily surprised to see Amadou and Mariam rescheduled to the Friday evening, we thought we'd already missed them. Slightly underwhelmed by Steve Mason although he did finish pretty well. SvE on the main stage was great, watching Seventeen was probably the highlight of my weekend, only wished I'd been down the front for that! I also loved Four Tet. Got my raving shoes on with the little one snug in the trolley at the back (sorry trolley-haters) and danced til 1am. Also caught sets from Nulifer Yanya, Eels and a lot of the daytime acts on the Main Stage. Really enjoyed Saturday and Sunday sitting in the sun at the back listening to some new music. My only gripe is that the dance options are fairly limited and are on sooo late! I couldn't manage to stay up til 2am to catch Giles Peterson, Shy FX or John Talabot do the after hours stuff. I don't know why there's such a big gap between the last headliner finishing and the dancey stuff starting. For me, sometimes the timetable didn't flow very well, it was a case of hanging around for an hour waiting for something I wanted to see next. I often just headed back to the tent and went to bed. I guess I'm comparing it to Glasto where there's always so much choice, all the time. Overall though it was a great festival. We'll definitely be back.
  3. They're both next to the site, just different sides (from what I can see on the map). Blue carpark is nearest to family camping. So if you don't have kids you might want to camp over the quiet side away from the pesky rugrats up at 7am! and I think @rug568 meant it's a big "No" if you have an Orange ticket and try and park in the Blue campsite (not if you swap with someone).
  4. Does anyone know if it's possible to swap carparks? I have an orange carpark pass but really want to get nearer to the Family camping which seems to be near the Blue carpark. Unless any Efestivallers living/working in London want to do a swap?
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