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  1. In fairness, they did announce the lineup and then cancel the festival about a week later (not sure on the exact timing). Surely they would have to be planning it as if it was going ahead in a year? Is it too early to start a when's the next announcement thread? 😂
  2. Does anyone think we will get a 2021 announcement at some point over the next few days? Similar to what other festivals have done.
  3. My favourite performance so far!
  4. 😂 did he have some sort of bottle crates there too? - I couldn't quite make out what it was in front of him. I'm going to watch this to the end, but for a celebration and a thank you, some of the artists could do more uplifting songs.
  5. That sounds like fun, if the situation is the same come the end of June - maybe someone on here could organise something similar and have a virtual efests meet!
  6. I've done the micros too, probably spent as much on booze staying in as I would going out. The bedtime routine has gone to pot, my girls push the boundaries, however they've become motivated for Joe wicks, which is a blessing. My wife is a teacher for key workers so she's going out. My neighbour bit it quite well, child: 'so you've been telling me all these years, and now you're saying stay in! Jackpot!'
  7. To hopefully lighten the mood, I thought I'd start a thread! - I don't really want this to be a doom and gloom Covid-19 thread, more of a lighthearted observation of the random things and oddities of your current daily life, whatever that may be - these may just apply to me as the following now occurs round my house: Hands are now washed 6,000 times a day - fact. As a result of all the hand washing my hands are now as dry as the Sahara desert, has anyone else experienced the same? A consequence of this is that there has been 12,000 verses of happy birthday sung, the kids have now gone into remixes and ventured out into new songs such as twinkle twinkle little star - it's April, Come on! Clothes are now washed almost as much as my hands, a simple trip to the local shop to buy essential bread, results in a full strip and a shower. As I'm working from home, Zoom, which I'd never heard of until 3 weeks ago has now become the thing I can't live without. I've rediscovered board games, and you will be pleased to hear I'm still the boss at Cluedo! All the house jobs are pretty much done, yet somehow the wife is still grumpy with me - I'm not a mind reader but I'm guessing because they're not done correctly! Have any of you guys had similar experiences or for any other oddities about the current events?
  8. As much as this is painful for those who have tickets (including me) it's the right thing to do. No one could have predicted the recent events, I for one was definitely in the 'NO' camp on the original, 'Corona Virus should we be worried?' thread - but things have definitely escalated in an unprecedented way. Glastonbury festival will survive, however there's thousands of people, thousands of businesses and people's livelihoods that won't survive and will suffer as a result of what's going on. Yes it's really disappointing, but try to stay positive for what you have. Hopefully everyone is ok health wise and can get through the tough times that will be ahead. As has been said if anyone that's struggling needs a random to talk to drop me a dm
  9. I'm not quite sure if it will have any affect on insurance. Glastonbury's public liability would remain unchanged, for anyone to bring a claim against Glastonbury themselves they would have to prove that they had been negligent - assuming all the risks have been assessed fully, I seriously doubt any claim could be brought against them for someone catching the corona virus. Otherwise you would have liability claims all over the place with people catching colds etc so in other words insurance wouldn't be a problem!
  10. Carrots 🥕 - will get you in the rabbit hole!
  11. Clubber Lang

    The Strokes?

    I stupidly went through on the ticketmaster link instead of the emailed one, so got the wheel of Ticketmaster doom! Will try again at 1, anyone got the general sale link to use or will that not be known until 1?
  12. Do most of you go with an airbed? Or is an Inflatable mat better? Are there some other hidden sleeping gems? Thanks
  13. Cheers March, what's Paines like? I've only ever camped in Pennards and park home - on the one hand I'm like if it's not broke don't fix it on the other I'm like shall we venture to pastures new!
  14. Thanks guys for your responses
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