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  1. Do we know when they're on?
  2. Fisher Price Hauntology, you mean?
  3. I'm assuming that's the actual glade where the Glade stage used to be, whereas now the Glade stage isn't quite in the glade, but parts of The Glade, including the Glade Dome and Glade Cafe, may well be in the glade. Got that?
  4. But isn't that supposed to be the drawer of the south east corner, or at least part of it? At the end of the day it's not the festival's dedicated dance area, Silver Hayes is. The south east corner just isn't big enough to pick up all the slack that Arcadia doesn't have covered, and it's made it absurdly busy in recent years. I actually think it's a good thing if they try to spread the crowds around more, and I've got high hopes for the new Silver Hayes team based on what I've seen of Love Saves the Day. Plus, we haven't even got Block 9 yet, which is always the best south east corner lineup anyway...
  5. Ooweeoo, I look just like buddy Olly
  6. This was my first thought too.
  7. Don't think Arcade Fire have lodged themselves in the public consciousness to anything like the same extent The Cure have, The Cure actually had hits for starters
  8. Surprised it took as many as 3 pages for this thread to fully devolve into 'rap music, more like crap music!' level #Discourse.
  9. Sorry Matt but I think you're talking about something completely different. The cultural turn towards retroism is a thing, but breathy acoustic covers of pop and dance songs is a different phenomena.
  10. Autotune rules, and it's ruled ever since someone first realised they could just max the effect out to make their music sound weird as fuck.
  11. Just remembered that stall in Greenpeace selling watermelon slices larger than a beach ball, hope that's still there...
  12. Apologies of this has already been covered but anyone got any hints about where the Hare Krishnas are likely to be parked this year?
  13. To be fair I was on the fence until the new album announcement snapped me out of it. Any other year I'd be up for PSB, Bicep or Charli but I feel this is it as far as the likelihood of me seeing Kendrick live goes, so count me in for Kung Fu Kenny
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