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  1. I was at APE on the Saturday and Field Day on the Sunday and agree about the sound being all over the place. Kano appeared to be smashing it but I have no way of knowing... Artwork and Floorplan both sounded banging where I was standing, mind...
  2. To be fair, Sikora is a big time pro-privatisation grifter with questionable credentials...
  3. Winslow Leach


    Fair play to Idles though, it took Frank Turner a lot longer than this to burn through all his good will
  4. Winslow Leach


    I’m sorry you had to find out this way but they are, and always have been, the BrewDog of punk.
  5. Not sure about the rest of Gallows but I can assure you Frank and Steph Carter aren't from Watford, they're Hemel Hempstead lads...
  6. Anyway, the only good Famous Person take on cANceL CuLtURe is Abel Ferrara. Many of your compatriots have been canceled. How do you feel about that phenomenon? What do you mean by cancelled? Like Woody Allen. He cannot work. He works. He makes movies and he just wrote a book. It’s a complicated issue. Because I grew up with the Women’s Movement. So in the early '70s, when I was a university student, this was an all-powerful thing, like #MeToo in certain ways. I have three daughters. I know what their life is like out there in the world. It’s very tough. And two of my daughters are Black, so, that’s even tougher, and it breaks my heart. I kept saying to myself, where is this woman’s movement? And then in the last four or five years, it [has emerged] in a big way. It’s like what’s happened in the last month — the recognition of what it’s like to really be Black in the United States. So, I don’t know about being cancelled. It’s a scary word. It’s like being deleted, eliminated. But everyone has to confront — I’m a Buddhist, so I’ll say it — your karma. Your actions are going to define who and what you are, and you’ve got to answer to it. But you could overcome it. You could rise. It’s not an execution. I mean every one of us, everybody who’s in jail, they’re not dead. So, they have to try to make amends for what they have done and who they hurt. And that’s it. Right now, things are happening fast. What did Vladimir Lenin say? Sometimes decades go by and nothing happens, and sometimes weeks go by, and decades happen. I think that’s what’s happening now. I hope what went down in the last month is really going to inspire some real change.
  7. Not sure why anyone is surprised by this: Cave being a War on Woke w*nker is about as surprising as Kate Bush being a Tory or Van Morrison's flirtations with Scientology. Maybe Mr Reasoned Debater, The Goth Motivator is launching a pre-emptive strike in case someone digs up the *ahem* questionable things both him and Morrissey said about Stevie Wonder back in the day.
  8. Alright Brendan O’Neill
  9. Tbf, 'George Bush does not care about black people' holds up pretty well.
  10. Wildly off topic but I was thinking just the other day what a great, underrated screen presence Wes Studi is.
  11. And the watermelon on my feet?
  12. Not with that sweet, sweet total collapse of the earth's climate underway baby!
  13. Bring back the social groups guy
  14. I mean, never forget: Mandela was a Marxist.
  15. Not really, everyone from MLK to the Panthers agreed capitalism was fundamentally incompatible with equality.
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