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  1. Oh boy this is so much better than Charli.
  2. Pet Shop Boys // Robyn fuuuuuckin’ hell, break my heart why don’t you
  3. Only just getting round to the Beatrice Dillon album and god damn this is good.
  4. Unless the government is going to start producing and distributing masks free of charge, making them mandatory in public is an absurd thing to demand.
  5. Think I'm going to spend all the money I've saved on commuting on decks instead... Anyone got recommendations for something solid, reliable, suitable for beginners and compatible with a Mac?
  6. I reckon the police are a pretty significant transmission vector, especially in cities. Why try and socially distance when you can crowd five of you round some randomer out for a walk and bellow and spit all over them?
  7. Just connecting some dots here...
  8. I mean, 5G is bad, just not for the dumbass reasons people keep trying to claim.
  9. Real heads know His n Hers is the best Pulp album
  10. Is that purchase essential, citizen?
  11. Think of the virus as a killer clown with X ray vision and powers of mind control. Would you risk it?
  12. Not gonna lie lads, loving the logic of 'don't you dare go outside you monster, get the delivery guy to go outside instead'
  13. Without a comparison to, say, sitting in a room with someone, standing in a queue outside a shop, or literally any other activity in any other space where other people are present, this is basically meaningless.
  14. Not sure there's much room to get up on a high horse about dastardly Easterners while the UK government is doing a Weekend at Bernie's with the PM.
  15. So do I, and there's enough of a stark divide in this city without one lot working remotely from their gardens and balconies while the poorer, overwhelmingly BAME population sit locked in poorly maintained housing stock developing rickets and depression. It's the new 'they're on benefits but they have a big TV!'
  16. The idea that there's masses of people lounging around parks and that this is the main reason for the virus spreading is bullshit, it's about shifting the blame onto the public, and you're a rube if you believe it.
  17. The 'rona really did you a solid there.
  18. Still sounds like nothing else. Accept no substitutes.
  19. The difference being those changes were underpinned by actual existing social movements, whereas socialising and moving are the two things that've pretty successfully killed off.
  20. Corner shops are your friend right now.
  21. Decided Disney+ is bad because a) Disney are monopolising and homogenising all culture, but mainly because b) they've badly cropped all their Simpsons episodes and c) they said they'd have Malcolm in the Middle and they don't
  22. What is this, amateur hour? Let's really escalate things: Top five Springfield town meetings 5. $pringfield (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalised Gambling). 'The chair recognises the little chick with the gleam of hope in her eyes.' 4. Bart's Comet. 'Quit stalling, what's the plan!?' 3. The PTA Disbands. 'Oh the taxes, the finger thing means taxes!' 2. Bart After Dark. 'That could be any mayor.' 1. Marge vs the Monorail. 'Heh. Mule.'
  23. Absolute embarrassment of riches over on NTS, where all of Andrew Weatherall's 'Music's Not for Everyone' shows are available for your WFH pleasure. https://www.nts.live/shows/andrewweatherall
  24. Cheers mate, gonna have to put a rain check on that though...
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