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  1. Yes, I turned down the tent option as have a Motorhome... now with EHU I'm all good thanks.
  2. Sure thing, looking forward to it !!
  3. Assuming E21? I have an East CV ticket and they replied:
  4. Keep plugging away at the training, that's the hard part this time of year, when the day comes round soak it all up it's a special thing and you're privileged to toe the line, enjoy, I've done 12, loved every one !!
  5. Nudenut

    2019 Headliners

    And there's me attending for my 50th as a big Killers fan, who knew ha
  6. Heartbreaking, RIP Keith !!
  7. Nudenut

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Rhythm of the 90’s
  8. AH, sorry yes I had read the whole thread, I'd applied for a pitch to the Accessibility team, they replied saying that all Caravan and Motorhome accessibility pitches were now allocated for 2019, end of.
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