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  1. Sad day, huge loss - RIP
  2. I'll take sunny days and warmer nights thanks.... mud no fun for me !!
  3. I couldn't get past the holding page on 3 devices.... friend managed to go in and buy 3 separate times thankfully.... same guy who got the Fest Tix so it's obviously his year, phew.
  4. Because easier to walk for families with Children. accessibility issues etc.
  5. I’m in, out of my group of 6, three got through..... can’t wait !!
  6. Nudenut

    Kylie Crowd Size

    We were also to the left of the tree..... has to be the most people I’ve ever seen congregated in one open space !!
  7. Respect where it’s due The Killers ??
  8. Nudenut

    The Cure

    I’m a fan, was at GF as my 50th this year and was super happy when The Cure were confirmed but somebody had said to me his voice wasn’t great now, er how wrong could you be, 60yo and absolutely smashed it, I found the set spellbinding, the whole band shone. The soundscape on the Pyramid stage is just phenomenal (I was dead centre just behind desks and second row speakers) and The Cure made very best use of it. Could get some here but listening to Lovecats yesterday did have me wonder if that maybe a slight stretch for RS vocally now, it’s just a little more demanding ??
  9. JJ surprised me tbh, was convinced she’d be a bit naff but she came in and gave a whirlwind performance of 21 songs that had pretty much everybody around me dancing away to.
  10. Nudenut


    The “Hungry Festival Goer” filled yorkie took some eating for Sunday Dinner.... that place must have made a killing !!
  11. Nudenut


    Good vibe there Thursday night, my group all enjoyed it... went back Saturday and just wasn’t feeling it, ended up at Greenpeace for Smokin Jo which hit the spot.
  12. Nudenut


    Was there for Carl Cox and Charlotte de Witte on Friday night and thought it was outstanding, sound was superb and the crane/lights/fog was bewitching to dance under... then you add flames ?
  13. The Killers The Cure Vampire Weekend
  14. Should die out by lunch and that be the end of it ??
  15. Morning, absolutely throwing it down in Essex, on the frog n toad at 8, looking forward to some decent weather. This thread has cost my employer heaps ? Have a wonderful festival everyone !!
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