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  1. Daft Punk reunion act Pyramid Saturday night, feat Nile Rodgers. I'm calling it.
  2. Honestly don't know why people go in so early. We arrived at like 5PM on Wednesday and got in with no queue at all, what are you really missing out on? We found an easy pitch on South Park, it's not really that far away.
  3. They got away with it before I think. I remember seeing Grimes there in 2016 and it was less busy than the least busy act I saw on the park this year. Granted she wasn't as famous as she is now but she was still 2 big albums in. If they put her on the park this year it would absolutely rammed. There were too many people/not enough good acts, the lineup was a bit bereft this year.
  4. Saw an artist I really loved at Strummerville on the Saturday afternoon before Faux Real came on (who were also fantastic). Now the app (and the board at the time) tells me it was Cumbia Kid but I have done a google and can only find someone in a completely unrelated genre who looked completely different. My only guess is they cancelled and were replaced with this guy. He was great, seemed super nervous but he smashed it and I absolutely loved it it was so relaxing. I'd really like to find his music. There weren't a lot of people there so it may be a long shot but he was tall, white, dark hair with beard and he played electric guitar in a a kind of arpeggiated thumb/fingerpicking style. Here's a video: https://imgur.com/a/zjIywxg
  5. Seems far fetched IMO.
  6. Yeah in theory, in practice that almost never happens. Plenty of people still pissing in bushes this year, never saw anyone told. The simple solution is to have more toilets IMO, the queues this year (even for urinals) made it inevitable. It's easy to judge and I'm sure most who do it could have held it but some people have weak bladders.
  7. I think the complaints mostly stem from the fact that historically (and to be honest even till relatively recently) men have had the lions share in music. There are simply more better/popular male acts than they are female because the scales haven't had time to flip the other way yet.
  8. Yeah definitely I also feel it's something to bring up every year as a PSA to others, especially women who are far more easily threatened by people claiming to be security. It can get dangerous!
  9. So I don't know if this happened to anyone other groups over the weekend but the story is as followed. On Thursday night we were sat around as a group near the Glade just parallel with and below the side of the railway tracks. It must have been between 12-2AM (I can't remember the exact time). Now this didn't happen directly to me but to my mates girlfriend (lets call her Sarah) and I was sat across from her so I didn't really clock on to what was happening until about halfway through the exchange. We were all just sat chatting having a good time, I was drinking but Sarah and a few of her friends were passing around a bag of coke when these two guys who said they were 'security' rocked up and said 'we've seen you taking drugs' and wanted to confiscate them. Although I didn't fully hear or comprehend exactly what was going on at the time as I was across from and I was quite drunk apparently Sarah got a bit argumentative and they showed her a handful of baggies they'd pulled from others as some kind of means of proof. Meanwhile she had slid the baggie under her thigh to try hide it from view. Eventually they were having none of it and asked her to stand up and lo and behold discovered and confiscated the baggie. Now this was the point that me and my mate on the other side of the circle had started to clock onto the situation and thought there was something kind of weird about it but the security guys disapeared. Sarah was quite upset at the whole situation was quite stressful for her but me and my friend were getting steadily more and more convinced that it was all bullshit for a number of factors Attire, they were wearing florescent green/yellow hoodies with security and a bunch of numbers printed on them, which we had not seen any security around the festival wearing No lanyard/ID From my experience security don't flash their 'haul' at punters to validate their authority I've never seen security going around confiscating drugs at the festival before, unless you're obviously dealing and then it's usually the police. Gut feeling Well, it wasn't over anyway because apparently the guys were back in the area obviously looking for their next target and we decided to confront them and ask for ID. He flashes me this badge which from what I can tell (it was dark, and I was slightly drunk) had no mention of Glastonbury on it and he was very obviously concealing the top left corner with his thumb. He would also not hold it and it wasn't on a lanyard like I saw all other festival staff wearing. I decided to question him on it and call him fake, so he and his mate say he's going to radio for the police. This spooked people a little bit but I decided to stand my ground and the guys just scarpered. never saw anyone else with remotely the same uniform for the rest of the festival. Has this happened to anyone else this year? Some guys came up to us after quite angry and sympathetic saying they'd experienced/seen similar. Something to be wise to I think, I find it quite scummy tbh and doubly so as from what I could gather from others they seem to mainly target women as they think they are more likely to be intimidated and not wanting to be as argumentative. It's also the second time in two consecutive years that someone I've been with has been robbed, it's quite disappointing to be honest.
  10. Genuinely scary at times this year to be honest. Along with being quite exhausting. I find it kind of embarrassing to admit but I left on Sunday morning and judging by the queue for the train at Castle Cary that morning I wasn't the only one. The main things for me were Absolutely everywhere being completely fronging. Always a queue for the toliets even for a piss. Huge queues for food at all times of day unless you go either really out of your way or in the middle of the night. The crowd at TLC and the crush after outside the park. I'm kind of torn, I initially hadn't read all these messages but my friends and I had discussed how busy it seemed this year before. To be honest I booked these tickets three years ago when I was a) younger (25 and at uni v 28 and mostly stay home) and more socially active. I thought it was just my anxiety getting the better of me and I spent most of my sat night feeling quite upset and overwhelmed in my tent alone. Decided to bite the bullet and leave the festival Sunday morning as I genuinely felt I wasn't really having a good time. I've always been prone to anxiety and the pandemic certainly hasn't helped but it definitely just felt way busier than 2016/2017 when I last came. Had the most fun in the late evenings this year as I had to get sloshed to enjoy it. This thread has validated my feelings somewhat and made me feel a bit less embarrassed about it, my friends were very understanding too. I think I'll be giving large festivals a miss for a while which is a shame but this year has left a bad taste in my mouth for a lot of reasons (not all of which are necessarily Glasto's fault).
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