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  1. During Sam Fender to the left of the field there were lots of different black and white flags. Some stripes, some quarters, some others. We weren’t sure if they were for him (Newcastle colours), or to do with Billie Eilish. They all looked the same shape and size and were new and just appeared then dispersed around. if this is a new “guerilla marketing” thing then I can see flags getting banned or monitored in some way. we loved this years flags in general 🙂
  2. Out of upvotes. echo the comments on the youngsters. We were with such a great group for Macca, some on their first festival, some on 2nd/3rd. They were so interesting and interested.
  3. Same. We said this as we drove out. Retirement plan has to include being able to afford it until we are either dead or completely medically unable to attend!!!
  4. Same, could not believe it! BROOOCE!!
  5. The weather has been perfect. Tomorrow showers before 9 then all good 🙂
  6. He sure stays up late for an old fella. was that the best 45 minutes or so of Pyramid action we’ve ever had? I think it might have been.
  7. AF for JP tomorrow? I know we thought it was Ezra and ?? He threw a sickie elsewhere so now, who knows. But a friend says “I know the AF support crew are here”, but I have no way to corroborate that. I’ve a gap at that time tomorrow so might go anyway, and scoot off if it’s Ezra
  8. Any Paolo news? still people saying Arcade Fire, I know it was kind of ruled out, but…. ?
  9. I agree with the two posters a couple above, sorry for anyone affected by the worst of the people jams. I can remember plenty from the last few years, we have just forgotten what it’s like to a certain degree. Yesterday we managed to criss cross the site and pack in Steve K & Seth L in CN, half of Crowded House on Pyramid, most of First Aid Kit on Other, Beans on Toast in Rabbit Hole, half of Arlo Parks on Park, a pint at the Cornish Arms, Sam Fender and Billie Eilish on Pyramid. I even managed a quick solo trip to see 4 Paul & Jacqui songs in Acoustic between Sam F and Billie and got back to our gang slap bang between the mixing desks at Pyramid before she started. it’s busy, we just need to be patient and relearn how to deal with crowds. They even emailed us about it last week!!
  10. Is Bastille on? WG crazy busy
  11. Anyone seen a place to buy a flag pole? Promise to keep it at the van!! Went in the boot of the van and our old one is gone 😞. Will tape together some old tent poles if we can’t find a new one. The camping shop didn’t have one.
  12. Just did the same on bbc, scary “headline” but ok in detail 🙂
  13. They can get wristbands at PGC and walk through site and up to WV on Wednesday (I think)
  14. Neville Street

    Diana Ross

    I was thinking through the various “legends” I’ve seen, and I came to the same conclusion. I think she’s going to eclipse a number of the recent legends
  15. He’s not going to be happy with what’s gone on here!
  16. 😂 it was some time ago and I guess there was beer on board! I was meaning the type of truck as well, looks like that blue one is like a fairground long tractor unit with a shorter trailer with a front and back axle, but that could be angle and zoom
  17. If it’s this one, I think that’s Sawdusty’s truck and trailer? Or that’s similar to what he was set up next to on his mega wooden table a few years ago when I went to get a fire log 🔥 🪵
  18. Has anyone asked Alan about the cheer?
  19. Neville Street

    Worthy FM

  20. Almost all of us will be camping this time next week 🙂
  21. It wasn’t there the other day, this was shared in here somewhere a few days ago. I just double checked that ifs from this year and you can make out the aircraft steps near the sign so it is this year. No dirt road. as per other reply, maybe it’s where they have levelled out ready to put the trackway down?
  22. Good point about them wanting to go home! The drivers best scenario is distributing all the tickets. With 2 kids along, one of which didn't exist when the tickets were bought in October 2019, i think this will go fine with the driver. They will either be OK in a spare seat or lap, or they will give you the ticket and you can go get the local bus or find a lift share for 1 adult and 1 child. I would not get too worried about it. As others have said, worst case is ticket will be at Gate A. I get the licensing conditions, but there are always unusual circumstances, and the 2 year hiatus will exacerbate that this year. Have a great time 🙂
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