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  1. I had never seen Paul McCartney and simply went along because the opportunity was there. I actually really liked his chat in between songs. It made it feel personal and I thought it worked really well. And Liam is great being Liam. Actually I liked Noel's chat too. That stuff about "These songs are for me, but if you stick around...." I appreciated him being so clear about what was going to happen!
  2. I'm having a problem with Bruce (Springsteen) at the moment. Been a fan since 'Nebraska' (1982), but I can't come to terms with the current dynamic pricing ticket saga. My own tickets (Dublin, Copenhagen) were actually face value, and were bought before all of this kicked off, but it's the principle that matters. Am not even looking forward to the shows now. First show is 5 May 2023. Wonder if I will feel different by then.
  3. Any excuse to share some Måneskin! Intro sounds very familiar....
  4. I stopped drinking back in 2020. I have done two festivals this summer so far, and am actually amazed at the difference that makes money-wise!
  5. I watched a few more past week before they disappeared. Really enjoyed Gabriels.
  6. I am a low wage healthcare worker, but festivals are an absolute priority. I will do without other things. It is important to have the festival to look forward to. Mind you, this year I didn't have a ticket, so went with Oxfam. I will try for a ticket in October, but will happily do Oxfam again if I fail. You obviously miss stuff when working, but it is also a big saving, getting your money back after the summer.
  7. I agree with the overproduced comment. Seemingly they have just signed up for a Las Vegas residency in a new state of the art theatre. Not sure I like the sound of that too much..
  8. I didn't find Songs of Innocence / Songs of Experience shoddy at all, but that is a matter of personal taste. Even if you think so, all of their latter albums have a couple of songs that work brilliantly live. Live is where U2 are at their best. If they take the best of their recent albums plus a big chunk of greatest hits it will be brilliant. Also - last time they opted for a really bare bones show, but headliners bring all kinds of fancy stage stuff to the farm now. Just a matter of making it fit the stage.
  9. Push myself through tiredness and go for the headliner. I went back to the tent for a coffee and a rest and missed the Pet Shop Boys, who looked amazing on the iPlayer...
  10. All Points East competition for 4 VIP tickets for 28 August: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cf_wq3yopMW/?utm_campaign=NCTBS - APE Competition (Yn44k9)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Nick Cave Mailing List&_kx=89e7G8_kqsIGsaL7uBu0S56MRCNMJt4LDV-dHfHElGY%3D.TfCFtb
  11. Whilst not as big as Glastonbury, Roskilde is rather massive too. About 170,000, including artists and volunteers. Just a matter of walking the long way around, which I would do if I really wanted to see an act. It's not really a pinching point to get in. People queue and wait for the green light.
  12. I always think it is madness that they don't have a oneway system for the pits. Whilst it is not necessary early on in the day, it would make things a lot easier and safer later on. It can be very uncomfortable when the crowd for one act moves out and those who want to see the next act are pushing in... At Roskilde Festival they have a traffic light system, but it could be as simple as: Enter the pit on the left and exit on the right.
  13. Am in Rome. Saw Måneskin last night, 14 months after getting into their music. I had a ticket for Brixton Academy, but that got postponed due to Covid. They played Circo Massimo, an astonishing venue, where I had seen Bruce Springsteen previously. Sold out crowd of 70,000. They played for 2.5 hours. Absolutely incredible. Nothing fancy: Guitar, bass, drums and the most charismatic frontman around. Fantastic.
  14. In the order in which they were asked: returning Bruce Springsteen, new Depeche Mode, not going to happen Oasis.
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