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  1. Am not much of a Spotifier, but was having a discussion the other day about John Cougar Mellencamp's 'The Lonesome Jubilee', which I used to have on cassette and loved. Listening now and I still like it.
  2. Yep. Saw it in the cinema as well. Don't know their music all that well, but thoroughly enjoyed the film. I still haven't been to a gig post lockdown (they only re-started a few weeks ago in Ireland), so was really enjoying the big sound of the cinema's PA.
  3. Watergirl


    Thanks for that link. Loved reading that. Like Pete, I am an original fan. I will probably get to the show one day when I find myself in London. The album is the big thing for me. Have been listening for over a week now and I absolutely love it. Here's another review I really liked, by Kate Mossman. https://www.newstatesman.com/culture/music/2021/11/abba-voyager-review-strange-psychodramas-deadpan-humour-and-sexy-grandparents
  4. Watergirl


    Just had a look at this. I have several albums that are near the top of that list: Linda Perhacs, Shelagh McDonald, Vashti Bunyan. It seems to be a thing for folk ladies to disappear for decades.
  5. Nice article, with some very sensible quotes from the band. https://variety.com/2021/music/news/maneskin-italian-rock-band-roxy-interview-1235108380/?fbclid=IwAR0X6zlmj9PwqYTjrfKr_NNPKQb5F4b6u7aj1wKe5VNMAL6blvxwuxj0y3s
  6. Love them. Would be brilliant. I just need a Glastonbury ticket. I have watched clips from their recent shows and have a ticket for their Brixton Academy gig. They are a breath of fresh air, or as Steve Van Zandt put it - "single-handedly bringing rock back into the mainstream".
  7. Actually, you have a point @crazyfool1 I have just edited my original post. Could you delete yours please, as the details are in there.... Thanks!
  8. Sharing this as I am sure there are some Frank Turner fans on this forum.... This is a secret project to do something nice for Frank's upcoming 40th birthday (28 December). If anyone wants to participate (it's quite simple, nothing tech-y), please PM me with your email address or Facebook name, and I will forward an invite with instructions of what to do.
  9. Still waiting for my first gig back. No gigs yet in Ireland, only socially distanced limited capacity "book-a-table" events....
  10. I used to go regularly to Roskilde (haven't been for a good few years now). You could actually tell when it was a Glastonbury fallow year as there would be noticeably more Brits. This was before festival-going became such a big thing, and when there wasn't as much choice within the UK as there is now (well, not now, but in a normal year). One of the things I liked about Roskilde is that bands can play as long as they want and are not forced to do a shorter festival set. So you get three hours of Springsteen or the Cure, and even earlier in the day acts can play their regular length gig. Also the sound was always great, at all stages.
  11. From what I remember it didn't sell out as quickly as Glastonbury 2020, but selling out it did. They have also had two rollovers.
  12. In the Q&A it says that for two years "young people" didn't have the chance to get their first festival experience. My guess is that it is also to boost the percentage of young attendees. Roskilde used to give free entry to locals over 60 on their final day, to make it more an all ages event. This was so successful that they had to keep upping the age.
  13. Watergirl

    Roskilde resale

    Posting this here, as Roskilde is somewhat comparable to Glastonbury in size and scope. Apparently they received 5000 tickets for refunds, out of 80,000. Everyone else rolled over their ticket. There was a waitlist option for people interested in the resale tickets, and the waitlist was bigger than the amount of tickets available, and those tickets are now gone. They are also making 5000 additional "under 25" tickets available, that will go on sale in November. Proof of age required. I am without a ticket for Glastonbury 2022, hoping for a resale ticket. The small Roskilde resale is not good news, but was to be expected I suppose.
  14. Måneskin. Saw footage of them at European festivals recently. Looks like fun. Mid afternoon Other Stage would be great.
  15. An Post have just released a series of stamps, celebrating Irish singer songwriters who have performed at Glastonbury, featuring Christy Moore, Lisa Hannigan, Sinéad O'Connor and Hozier. Part of the proceeds are going to the Irish Music Industry COVID19 Emergency Relief Fund. The link below has a Vimeo link for a very nice launch gig that took place at the GPO (General Post Office) in Dublin. Free to watch. https://www.anpost.com/Shop/Special-issue-stamps/Irish-Singer-Songwriters-at-Glastonbury-Festival?fbclid=IwAR06jx1jfT2yJJOqoejQHgh9XIPLmxmD1muCj0gwaXVIEmheBBfCM9AHC0w
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