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  1. True, but not the quirky type of unlistenable shit that appeals to me!
  2. Ferris & Sylvester. Saw them at Strummerville.
  3. I would love if the programming was more in the spirit of Peel’s radio shows. Unless my memory is wrong the JP line up used to be more alternative, less pop.
  4. I used to spend a lot of time at the Acoustic. Not so much now - though went to see Albert Hammond this year and that was a great gig. Missed Grace Petrie but apparently she was great too. As others have mentioned, sound overspill from the Pyramid is a big problem. And the bar next to the tent has stopped serving Guinness..... Now that is a real shame.
  5. I was thinking the same about that lasting-a-week argument. I once arrived at Roskilde on the Monday. It was a muddy year and by the time the music started on Thursday I was exhausted (they have changed their dates and the main stages run Wednesday to Saturday now). Those photos were no doubt taken in fields where the younger crowd go. Last time I camped with friends in the caravan field, which wasn’t as bad.
  6. Q aerial posters Cork board with all kinds of memorabilia (wristbands, daily guides) Brilliant tealight holders made out of old tins that I bought years ago somewhere near Avalon
  7. Wednesday Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip (Croissant Neuf Bandstand) - 6 Thursday The Drystones - 6 Beaubowbelles - 3 Beans On Toast (Greenpeace) - 8 Keston Cobblers Club - 4 Tom Bright - 5 Lyza Jane - 4 (but loved the ‘Ocean Rain’ cover) Johnny Lloyd - 6 Frank Turner (Strummerville) - 9 Friday Lankum - 9 Sheryl Crow - 5 B C U C - 6 Steeleye Span - 6 Morcheeba - 7 The Magic Numbers - 4 Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls (Avalon) - 10 Saturday The Cat Empire (Other) - 8 Fantastic Negrito - 6 Mattiel - 6 Sons Of Kemet - 6 Liam Gallagher - 8 Chemical Brothers - 5 Sunday Mavis Staples - 8 Yola - 6 Dervish - 8 Fatoumata Diawara - 7 David Keenan - 9 Albert Hammond - 8 The Cure - 10
  8. Nick Mulvey will be the guest curator of Cambridge Folk Festival, which I will be going to. Great to hear you rated his gig so highly!
  9. I saw the incident at Strummerville too. Was wondering how it ended. I felt sorry for the guy. In the 90s I went to Glastonbury twice on a “package” organized by a guy who had handed out flyers at a Dublin Waterboys concert. It was for flights, transport from the airport and entry into the festival. All who took the trip camped together and it was a good experience, fairly-priced. It was only much later that it dawned on me that we never saw a ticket.
  10. Found this article in my Facebook feed. I can’t read Danish but I get the gist of it. The first two photos compare the Glastonbury and Roskilde aftermath. Google translate translates the headline as “Incredible festival miracle. The UK's largest music festival, Glastonbury, shows that it is possible to get guests clean up after them”. Whilst it shouldn’t be a miracle when people do what is the decent thing to do, it’s nice to see Glastonbury in such a favourable light. https://ekstrabladet.dk/roskilde/nyheder/utroligt-festivalmirakel/7706719?fbclid=IwAR0VguI5au9FnBoo_JZSti_NnnQfhzO_zKyb3Bel8TpPw4KrJJ3r8hdTNi4
  11. There was blatant drug dealing at the Chemical Brothers. The dealer looked like a stereotypical dealer. I wondered if he had gotten his ticket the conventional way...
  12. I guess this is intended to be funny? You must never have been to Womad. It does require listening to music in other languages, which may be too much for some folks.... It’s a great festival on a lovely site, with plenty of other activities besides music. Not comparable to Glastonbury, but nothing is.
  13. Had been wondering where to link my review. Here it is. https://www.therockclubuk.com/index.php/festival-reviews/3185-glastonbury-festival-pilton-somerset-26-30-june-2019
  14. Ah. Then it should be Grace Petrie instead of BCUC. I left Sheryl early to go and see BCUC, who I had seen before but weren’t as impactful the second time around - and in THAT heat.
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