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  1. Watergirl


    I’d be happy with that. Would much prefer Sting to a pop diva or a rapper.
  2. Watergirl

    Record number of people trying .

    Are they rumoured? I haven’t paid attention to the speculation until now, but that would be excellent.
  3. Watergirl

    What I learnt during the ticket sale.

    A few years ago a friend got through for us on Internet Explorer, which was not much used anymore at that stage. We wondered if it made a difference. Probably not.
  4. Watergirl

    Mark Radcliffe

    Indeed. Am a long-time listener. Wish him well. Seems such a nice man.
  5. Watergirl

    What I learnt during the ticket sale.

    That’s what I do as well. Manually refresh. Apple doesn’t do F5.
  6. Watergirl

    What I learnt during the ticket sale.

    I am the very lucky friend whom @alibear got through for. We “met” on this forum a few years ago and have been able to help each other since. I managed to get through last time and will be trying to help on Sunday of course. Thanks to the Efest forum!
  7. Watergirl

    2018 - Your Thoughts

    My EOTR review. https://www.therockclubuk.com/index.php/festival-reviews/3096-end-of-the-road-festival-larmer-tree-gardens-wiltshire-30-august-2-september-2018
  8. Watergirl


    Updated my photo, reluctantly, and also changed the postcode from a made up one to my actual postcode. Ireland only introduced postcodes about two years ago. I say reluctantly because I have been lucky for so long with this registration that I did not want to change anything in case I jinxed it. But it is done now, and the registration number remains the same. Just saw the photo acceptance email.
  9. Watergirl

    Buying tickets

    Or even further back when I would phone the NME ticketline on Monday as I didn’t want to pay for an international phone call from my own phone on Sunday!
  10. Watergirl

    Womad 2018 review

    Yes, that’s the one.
  11. Watergirl

    Pearl jam for Glastonbury

    I haven’t been here for a while. This is a great idea.
  12. Watergirl

    Cambridge Folk Festival

    My review of this year’s CFF. An average year line up-wise, but still a fabulous weekend: https://www.therockclubuk.com/index.php/festival-reviews/3088-cambridge-folk-festival-cherry-hinton-hall-2-5-august-2018
  13. Watergirl

    Womad 2018 review

    Had a great time at Womad. Here is my review: https://www.therockclubuk.com/index.php/festival-reviews/3086-womad-festival-26-29-july-2018-charlton-park-malmesbury-wiltshire
  14. Watergirl


    Not as good for me personally as last year’s. Will skip.
  15. Watergirl

    Album of the Year 2017

    Such variety in the lists! Mine is different still. 10. Afterglow - Jon Boden 9. Diversions vol.4, the songs and poems of Molly Drake - the Unthanks 8. Alive - Kíla 7. Strangers - the Young 'Uns 6. Soulsun - Damien Dempsey 5. Kids in the street - Justin Townes Earle 4. Trails and tribulations - Martin Simpson 3. Out of all this blue - the Waterboys 2. Between the Earth and sky - Lankum 1. All American made - Margo Price