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  1. Watergirl


    Not as good for me personally as last year’s. Will skip.
  2. Watergirl

    Album of the Year 2017

    Such variety in the lists! Mine is different still. 10. Afterglow - Jon Boden 9. Diversions vol.4, the songs and poems of Molly Drake - the Unthanks 8. Alive - Kíla 7. Strangers - the Young 'Uns 6. Soulsun - Damien Dempsey 5. Kids in the street - Justin Townes Earle 4. Trails and tribulations - Martin Simpson 3. Out of all this blue - the Waterboys 2. Between the Earth and sky - Lankum 1. All American made - Margo Price
  3. Watergirl

    Cambridge Folk Festival

    Link to my review of CFF 2017 http://www.therockclubuk.com/index.php/festival-reviews/2922-cambridge-folk-festival-report-cherry-hinton-hall-cambridge-27-30-july-2017
  4. Watergirl

    BD 2017 Review

    Am a bit late with posting this link, but here is my review of BD 2017. http://www.therockclubuk.com/index.php/festival-reviews/2934-beautiful-days-festival-escot-park-devon-18-20-august-2017
  5. Watergirl

    2017 - How was it for you?

    I have been so busy since getting home that I am only catching up on forum-reading now. This was my first time at End Of The Road. I did stewarding, which I enjoyed. Friday had most of my must-sees and I managed to swap a shift so that I could see everything on the Friday. Here is my review: http://www.therockclubuk.com/index.php/festival-reviews/2937-end-of-the-road-festival-larmer-tree-gardens-31-august-3-september-2017
  6. Watergirl

    New site layout

    Thanks for that info. Good to know.
  7. Watergirl

    Dates for 2017

    Dates for 2018: 26-29 July. No clash with Cambridge. Great!
  8. Watergirl

    Top 5 Performances 2017

    Lankum Lucinda Williams Shovels and Rope Laraaji Lisa O'Neill
  9. Watergirl

    New site layout

    I have heard that too, and that Peter Gabriel foots that bill. Not sure if this is true. I have been three times. Cambridge Folk Festival is my favourite festival, so when they clash I skip Womad. Next year they will be on subsequent weekends, so can go to both!
  10. Watergirl

    Who should reform?

    I am an Abba fan and I don't want them to ever reform. Let the memory remain as it is. I think they are smart enough to know that themselves. I want Bellowhead to reform - just not yet. In about five or six year's time.
  11. Watergirl

    The War on Drugs

    That is an excellent track. On the topic of U2 and the War On Drugs.... Article on WOD in the current issue of Uncut. Adam Granduciel finds himself at a dinner party at Jimmy Iovine's (as you do). Paul McCartney is about to leave when Bono goes up to McCartney to point out Granduciel: "You see that guy? He made one of the best records of the year". I like the War On Drugs. Saw them at the Pyramid. They are Waterboys fans too.
  12. Watergirl

    First festival advice, not Glastonbury

    Plastic bags, toilet paper, Wellingtons, earplugs.
  13. Watergirl

    The best place to **** was ****

    The best place to have a sit down meal was the Hare Krishna tent. I am out of likes, but loved @VolumetricFox 's video!
  14. Watergirl

    Worthy View Review

    Only seeing @idb's photos now. Quite an eye-opener. From my vantage point (Hitchin Hill) it looks like a fancy place way up on the hill, but as per the photos it is the camping equivalent of a fairly dreary housing estate...
  15. Watergirl

    V Festival banning stage times?

    This makes me thinks of these silly questionnaires that you often get after attending a festivaI, where they are trying to find out how they can get more money out of you in the future. I generally do fill them in because I wouldn't mind winning a ticket to the following year's event, and I do like to give feedback on how disappointing sound overspill is, but these surveys are always so money-centered. I go purely for the music and can only just about afford the festivals I attend, so am totally not interested in who sponsors the drinks, whether there are fancy camping and posh loo options, phone charging fascilities or any such-like. Glastonbury is great in that respect. You can bring your own food and drink, the program is free and you don't get into trouble for printing a Clashfinder....