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  1. Watergirl

    2020 headliners

    I came on here this morning to say exactly the same thing. I saw the film last night and it was a “Queen at Live Aid” moment for me. I now want to go out and buy every Depeche Mode album. Why have I never gone and seen them live? And if Glastonbury book them, they should show this great film (Depeche Mode: Spirits in the Forest) as well. Such a moving documentary about the power a music! Fantastic work by my fellow countryman Anton Corbijn. Never mind this “event cinema” concept. This film is far too good to be shown only once. Everybody who is a diehard fan of a band should see this and will find themselves in it.
  2. Watergirl

    Nick Cave

    Bought the new album today. Really beautiful. 2019 is such a great year for new music. Best of the 2010s.
  3. I got the new Lankum album ‘The Livelong Day’ yesterday (on its release day). Also went to see them last night at Vicar Street in Dublin. It is unbelievably good. Weird and wonderful! I have been a Lankum fan for a while and saw them when the opened The Park stage this year.
  4. I was there that year, am a massive Bruce fan and I managed to miss it. Have seen a clip of it since. I went to see Rokia Traoré at West Holts instead (or was it JazzWorld back then?). Oops - ah yes, it was Gaslight Anthem. Not a big fan of either (HS, GA).
  5. Many thanks for digging up this thread. I am hoping to go the volunteer route this time around....
  6. I have bumped the volunteering thread. Lots of info there.
  7. Watergirl

    Funnest Glasto sets

    John Otway. Saw him a number of times in the Cabaret Tent and once with band on the Acoustic Stage.
  8. Oh, I like this. From 2007 I actually have notes and lists. Before that I am going for ‘most memorable’ rather than best. Leafing through the programmes, many of my favourites played (Primal Scream, Van Morrison, Nick Cave, Sharon Shannon) and I must have seen them, but it is all a bit of a Blur - who I am sure I saw as well, however it was a Blur headline set at Roskilde that really stands out in my memory instead. 94 Johnny Cash 95 Pulp 97 Beck 98 Foo Fighters 99 Joe Strummer 00 David Bowie 03 The Darkness 07 The Waterboys 08 Leonard Cohen 09 Bruce Springsteen 10 Richard Thompson 11 U2 13 Rolling Stones 14 Robert Plant 15 Patti Smith 16 P J Harvey 17 The Young ‘Uns 19 The Cure 20 .......no ticket........
  9. I was going to say Leonard Cohen, but I guess he is not considered a ‘traditional legend’, even though he was in that slot. Similarly Patti Smith and Robert Plant. All brilliant afternoon slots. Of the tackier ones, for want of a better word, I really enjoyed Dolly Parton. Have not seen most of the others. Diana Ross seems a great choice. Now all I need is a ticket....
  10. Watergirl

    Volunteering 2020

    Thanks very much for copying this info @marathonsteve. I had seen this somewhere and intended to have a proper look later; then couldn’t find it again.
  11. Watergirl

    Coach resale

    Exactly that. I do wish they’d keep the numbers lower. Limit of two gives more people a chance...
  12. Watergirl

    Good Luck ALL !

    Same from me. I am working a night shift, so have all night to think about it....
  13. I am thinking way ahead..... If I don’t get Glastonbury I can go on the Saturday and really enjoy the full week. If I do get lucky I’ll have to re-think!
  14. I have often done both, but that was when Roskilde ran from Thursday to Sunday, whereas now it is Wednesday to Saturday, which is that bit harder transport-wise. I understand that the ‘silent and clean’ pass means you get early access to that area on the Saturday that the gates open. That won’t really work if doing both festivals...
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