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Jelly Belly

Visiting the farm in 2018

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47 minutes ago, stu_kent said:

It seems they are normally comfortable with the odd few people wandering about but as festival time approaches on the fallow year, they are putting out a stronger message so people don't just turn up and make their own Glastonbury 2018.

I think there will be security on site over what would be the festival period too - from solstice onwards.

Mainly to stop this happening x 500:


well I dont blame them ....once they see me in my fancy dress they really will be worried :)

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23 hours ago, parsonjack said:

Interesting...is this the standard response to visit enquiries that has been given previously?  It seems to suggest a more restrictive approach than before ref access to Pyramid, Green Fields etc?

I went to visit around this time last year - they were just starting to get things ready to build the festival - and the email was a lot less restrictive than the one above then. I guess, as has been pointed out, they are trying to avoid a mini-Glastonbury creating itself by everyone turning up that weekend.

But if memory serves all I was given was a reply with a map and asking me to stick to the footpaths and close all gates behind me...

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When I visited a fortnight ago, there were signs up advising that there was no public right of way to the Pyramid and West Holts fields. There were a couple of tractors working, I think they were silaging.

When I visited in October I think there was a similar sign up on a gate that would usually be the link between the bottom of the Pyramid field towards where John Peel tent used to be. There was also a massive bull (and his harem of cows) in the field before you walk through to the Stone Circle. Sign or no sign, there was no chance I was walking through there...

I guess when the festival isn't on there's even more reason to respect the farm.

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I just happened to be in Glastonbury last Sunday with my kids on my birthday. We went and had a lovely walk round the site. It's really strange how much smaller it seems when it's empty.

We saw Michael pulling up outside Pilton church on the way and gave him a wave.

We just wandered down Hitchin hill and had a big walk around most of the site. There were a few locals and family's walking their dogs and a few vehicles driving around the fields looking like they were on farm work business. Nobody seemed bothered that we were there. We stuck to the paths and tracks and had a lovely time.

We took some photos underneath the pyramid (which wasnt fenced off) and at the stone circle.

I reckon they are pretty cool about visitors in small numbers, especially if you are respectful but i also completely understand why they don't want hordes of people descending on the place.

We came across a fire pit with loads of beer cans and rubbish left around it. Could be locals or it could be festival fans - either way you can see why they want to discourage these kind of visitors though. Respect the land and I reckon your pretty welcome to roam.

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