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  1. For the last 20 years we’ve stayed in Croscombe (north of the festival) and getting there via Shepton has always been traffic free. So if I were you I’d go: Shepton, Croscombe, Wells, Glastonbury, A361 -> Pilton. The other (much quicker) option is to cheekily ignore the ‘No access to festival’ sign at the junction of Shepton Old Rd/Old St and Old Wells Rd and head to wards The Crossways, and on til you hit the 361 at Steanbow. Ignore the stewards who never approach you and turn right - you’re heading to the East car parks now.
  2. That’s disappointing. Not for the golden showers, but she seems to be the heart (and kidneys) of the band’s performance.
  3. I can’t wait to see them. Their version of Killing In The Name is even more intense than the original. And quite a live act - the lead singer is on a warning not to get overly carried away on stage. She was subject to a police investigation after a gig in the States. If you don’t know the story Google it. It’s quite shocking 💦
  4. I've done that too. I'm convinced it's because Guy Garvey and Jimi Goodwin look like the most unlikely frontmen for an Indy band. They's look much more at home wearing a hard hat and hi viz for work
  5. No he's not. Just very judgemental about other people's taste, like a lot of folk on here. Being judge doth not make a troll.
  6. And if you're at the older end of the spectrum (like me) 'Spit of you' is really affecting. Gets me every time. Not that it'll be easy to hear cos it's the kind of song that the less engaged talk throughout
  7. I honestly think for those who are on the hill 12:45 Sunday for Ukraine's Dakhabrakha, that is going to be the emotional high point of the festival. If you don't know the band watch this. They play a weird fusion of world, trance, folk and blues that in tracks like Vesna and Yanky is like nothing else and incredibly contemporary. They look great too - traditional Ukrainian outfits. Part of the performance uses video of the war as a backdrop. It's not impossible to imagine that Zelensky might even speak by zoom. Pray the sun shines on Ukraine Sunday lunchtime.
  8. Well that would be amazing but I’d have said Other or JP more their vibe. I’ve been dropping ‘see you at Glasto’ into their twitter comments recently but they haven’t really risen to it so I’m thinking the dream may be over.
  9. If it's halvin's clashfinder, yes. The one someone else did earlier in this thread has them all already afaik
  10. Go into the clash finder menu choose customise then highlights
  11. Me too as you can imagine, with my username ...
  12. Just reread the original screenshot tweet and realise Midlake 'hoped' to be there. They never said they were booked. Ah well
  13. 🤔 No sign of them on the list, sadly
  14. Well unless they're a TBC looks like they were fibbing
  15. I once took the kids to see Kasabean on the 2nd stage at Chelmsford while Radiohead were on the main stage (Superdad, huh?). As we left the venue passing near the main stage I heard 'Creep' drifting through the air. Their last song. Believe me, in no way did it make me feel better about missing the rest of the set. You're better off enjoying PB in full and not rushing to catch Sam. Or do it the other way round. But trying to enjoy both - there lies disappointment
  16. But surely this is just a matter of your taste versus someone else's taste? To draw the conclusion that the line up is predictable, not featuring enough bands you can't see elsewhere or too geared towards old bands (I think these are your criticisms?) then to say you'd like to see The Strokes, Gorillaz, Tame Impala and Yeah Yeah Yeahs just doesn't seem to stack up. I'd like to see Another Sky, Howl & The Hum, Luz, National Service, Gerry Cinnamon, Mosa Wild, Man Of Moon, Fews and Sohn. But that's just a wish list of bands I like that aren't at Glasto (least I don't think any of them are!) - the fact they aren't doesn't stop me from thinking it's a great lineup. I think it is and I'm really pleased with it.
  17. 12:45 Sunday, the Pyramid is going to be the place to be. Dakhabrakha. For those who don't know them, they're Ukraine's biggest musical export, wear traditional Ukrainian folk outfits and sing ... well it's weird, ethereal, danceable and amazing. I've wanted to see them for a while and missed their Oval Space set last time out. I think the outpouring of love and support will be enormous - even from those for whom the music's not their cup of tea. Bring your Ukraine flag.
  18. It has! Here it is unvarnished https://clashfinder.com/s/g2022/
  19. halvin's editing it at the moment I think.
  20. If you watch the end of the set from way out left of the stage ready for a quick getaway you should get to the right of Pyramid in about 15 mins weather (and oncoming traffic) permitting. Getting onto the hill for a decent view will take longer if it's congested down there.
  21. Just caught up with this incident. Have to say it looks as though he’s been treated fairly shabbily and without much sensitivity, considering he’s a long time member and actually does something every year for this forum that many of us find really valuable. My Glasto planning doesn’t really start until I’ve got a BSR playlist. Hope it’s resolved and he comes back into the fold.
  22. @Brave Sir Robin Interesting you have Midlake down but there's no mention of them at all on the rumours list. I can see from this article that they've apparently hinted at it. Anyone know why Neil's not listed it? Too vague a rumour?
  23. I’m trying to recall whether in the past there have been deals on upgrades nearer the time. I did a VIP day last year and liked having the chance to chill away from the crowd. But it’s a big premium this year and unless that comes down I doubt I’d go for it.
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