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  1. Great weekend as usual. The rain friday was hard work. but then it wouldnt be beautiful days without getting drenched once or twice. The lack of plastic was great. Reusable cups are a great idea. (i bought 5 more on sunday night to take home) having worked recycling multiple times i can note there were about half the amount of bins that are usually set up, it worked out well though. People seemed to take their rubbish with them to find bins. There was minimal crap left at the end of the stages compared with other years, i imagine the site was a doddle to clean up at the end same time next year
  2. Received this today, Thanks Jackie After another one now if anyone else happens to have a spare
  3. Let me know if you can help cheers
  4. this thread always reminds me of this video £25 for a hotdog £30 for a burger & Morrissey can sod off
  5. its pretty late now so its probably discussable.. some of my friends made it with the standard EPO at gates that weren't scanning. As far as im aware this wasnt A,B, C or D. but they were vague on the details. (twatted in a field in somerset) observations: With at least one gate not scanning bands out then the system doesnt work at all, hence theyll probably shrug at you & send you on your way..
  6. Having worked outside for a while now, I would have killed for weather like this on glasto weekend. instead of a mud shit show That said, I can see how it must be very hard work for folk not used to the sun, or even those that have just been been drinking, (or other) for several days straight now
  7. They’re apparently QR barcoded & being scanned in and out. But I have heard muttering of friends having some luck at a certain gate. I don’t really know how though
  8. Top of Williams green usually has loads
  9. Working about 10 miles away from the site. It’s horrific. Still deciding whether to go give it a go tomorrow
  10. Does anyone know if EPOs are different this year?
  11. The kids stuff is great. They win “best family festival” quite often. There’s a mix of paid & free things to do. i went to bearded last year also, I prefer BDs myself but they are fairly similar I’ve taken my kids every year since 2011 when they were 8 & 5 & they’ve loved every one
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