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  1. my usual crowd seem happy with that. There’s not much I’d care about seeing though
  2. Theres a few villagers who are regulars on here if you want some first hand accounts.. but I agree a similar doc on how the village deals with the fest these days would be good
  3. Having watched it all the way though now, there’s a few scenes/sections that weren’t in the edited version that’s been on YouTube throughout
  4. It really gives context to the Michael & Anne story we’ve already seen later on. There’s lots of gold here too, like the stone circle guy..
  5. / Goode vs Eavis This has been on YouTube for years but missing the first part. (I’ve never seen section 1 anyway) Here’s the full thing, recently uploaded
  6. The wailers in 2000. Pretty sure they opened the pyramid
  7. I'd also work it if any old time efesters eventually know of anyone wanting crew nearer the time. My pm is always open il do all shifts before during & after PS: I’m going anyway I’d just much prefer a wristband this time
  8. it didn’t happen at all last year but yeh if it’s going to happen it will be a few weeks before the festival
  9. the header disappeared on devices i wasnt even refreshing. it was nothing to do with refresh rates
  10. i imagine loads of people were doing full ctrl+f5 and trying to download the large header image with each download, just slowing things down
  11. the header disappeared across all my devices at the same time, on different IP addresses. i think it was removed by see at some point
  12. #Team978 were you in the whatsapp SR survivor group chat?
  13. good luck tomo/sunday, the ticket gods owe us one for that secret resale shenanigans
  14. oh im sure this thread will be alive & well for years to come. it still haunts me
  15. 😨 i'd probably avoid cars altogether. i hope all is well now
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