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    June 2018

  2. DareToDibble

    June 2018

    Like most have said - I haven't missed it as much in the knowledge that the festival wasn't on. It would have been horrible if it was on and I'd just not gotten tickets. Greg James played a prank on people on Radio 1... Played a live Killers set and when it finished came back saying "The Killers, live from Glastonbury - what a weekend. That festival really is the greatest on earth and I feel so lucky to have been there again this year" or words to that effect. Although I knew it was a joke it still got to me! I attended Ed Sheeran and The Killers 1 day after the other ovver Glastonbury weekend which helped, as well as moving home to Cardiff the week after so that's been a welcome distraction, too. The panic of ticket day has already set in and I can't decide if it'll be harder this year due to more people trying after the fallow year as they're all suffering like us. Or easier as a lot of the "casuals" will forget. I never went in 2013, did it feel any easier/harder than normal?
  3. Biffy Clyro. I've wanted to see them live for years but when I saw them last year I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed by them. Can't really put my finger on why but I didn't really connect with the performance at all.
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    I haven't watched WWE in a couple of months now. I see via twitter they have Kane and Daniel Bryan back as a team which makes me think they are scraping the barrel. Is there any reason for me to start watching again or is it still rubbish?
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    2019 Improvements

    There were pools everywhere in 2016 and all I heard was people moaning about them
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    Football 18/19

    I thought the same. This news has come out of nowhere, too. You'd think there would have been rumours involving one of the best evver players changing club. This World Cup has England written all over it!
  7. DareToDibble

    Fed up with festival queues?

    What an odd petition. SIDE NOTE: Going well I see... signed once. By the person that made it
  8. DareToDibble

    왜 스팸입니까? 한국인은 여기 없습니다. 가버려.

    9. 파블로 허니
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    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    It was announced today that it will be Juanita Stein. No idea who she is but I believe she has supported them elsewhere.
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    Definitely got me, too! Absolutely stunning - so many good memories. Can't wait for next year (ticket god permitting of course)
  11. DareToDibble

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Going to see The Killers in Swansea next Saturday. Still no mention of who their support act(s) is/are. Can't find anything online either. Support acts are normally listed by now aren't they?
  12. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    To be fair I'd have expected that to come in. Gutted for Egypt though.
  13. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    Started doing an acca yesterday just on the first 20 games of the World Cup... came out at around 41,000/1 - and that was picking the favourites! Of course a 20 team acca is never coming in. Definite money to be had during the World Cup though. Uruguay and a draw for me today.
  14. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    Semis for England I think. Got a funny feeling about them this tournament, will surprise a lot of people.
  15. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    From reading the twitter of a lot of the trusted journalists (mainly from the Liverpool Echo) I would say this Fekir deal is now really unlikely. I don't really see the problem with what Liverpool have done. They were due to spend around £50mil on a player who they had medical concerns about. They are well within their rights to go back to Lyon and try to renegotiate a price. If I was buying a house and then a survey came back saying there was one wall which may potentially collapse I think I'd be going back with a lower offer, too. I'm quite glad we seem to be a lot more shrewd with transfer dealings than we used to be.
  16. DareToDibble

    Formula 1

    Inspired by the Moto GP thread. Are there many other F1 followers on here? I see Ricciardo has a 3 place grid penalty for the Australian GP already, good start. Can't really see past Mercedes/Hamilton running away with it again this year unfortunately but hopefully Ferrari will put up a good fight.. Any predictions?
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    Formula 1

    I've been on holiday and was going to spend this afternoon watching the Canadian GP... not worth my time then?
  18. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    Seeing Gerrard and Lampard - 2 players I grew up watching - step into management has basically shown me that I am now classed as "old".
  19. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    Whilst I do think that Raheem Sterling was naive to get the tattoo, he is definitely being victimised. That's not to say other players wouldn't have been too. Just worth pointing out that even Sky Sports News have had a go: What I will never understand about the English press is why they always seem to do all they can to demoralise their national team before a Euros/World Cup - then have a massive pop at them for getting knocked out. Is it really any wonder? I'm Welsh, I can hardly talk about massive sporting success however the one thing that stood out during Euro 2016 was the way that the entire nation, including the newspapers, all got behind the team. Seems England could do with the same thing?
  20. DareToDibble

    BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    Funny you say that as it took me until about 5pm to realise there were urinals at Swansea, too!
  21. DareToDibble

    Worst Headliner?

    Foo Fighters, 2015. Massively unimpressed. Just had some redhead singing for 2 hours. Dave Grohl looked different live.
  22. DareToDibble

    BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    Whilst I appreciate that artists only do small sets at Big(gest) Weekend, Taylor Swift didn't half take the piss. I reckon she was only on stage for about 20-25 minutes. It's crazy going to these small festivals after you've done Glastonbury, everything was an absolute breeze. Although I did queue for a toilet at one stage for longer than I ever have done at any other festival. Best thing to come out of the weekend is my girlfriend now has the festival bug and I've registered her for Glastonbury.
  23. DareToDibble

    Ed Sheeran cancels tickets

    I think it's brilliant. Absolutelly hate people who will buy excessive amounts of tickets just to sell on with a massive profit margin.
  24. DareToDibble

    BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    So they are! Will have to miss the end of Taylor Swift to make it over to James Bay but quite happy it's possible to see both. Really not bothered about Florence. Just need to find myself a poncho now as I don't trust the Welsh weather and every forecast I've seen has been different.
  25. DareToDibble

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Awesome, will do! Cheers!