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  1. Any idea what the plan for Howe was when he came in? Was it with a view to him getting you back up if you do go down or will he be gone?
  2. Yeah I’m not sure it was an option anyway to be fair. I was lucky enough to be at the Belgium game, the atmosphere was the best I’ve heard it for a Wales game in years. Can only imagine it’ll be on another level for the Austria game.
  3. I think Wales would be making the right call not moving the final from the Cardiff City Stadium. The atmosphere for the Belgium game was unreal. It loses that intensity of moved to a half sold out Principality Stadium.
  4. I’m not sure I fully agree. It’s a good indicator of when a driver has arguably outdriven their car. It’s rare the winning driver isn’t from the winning constructor. There will be other factors at play of course. The winning driving could potentially have had the better car, but an average teammate who wasn’t bringing in the points they should have.
  5. We’ve done well to avoid the big boys (huge that only Portugal OR Italy can go to the World Cup!). Wales v Scotland in the final - should we both make it - is amazing but also a bit gutting as it means there’s no way of both going. Win 2 home games and we’re going to the World Cup. Never gonna get a chance this good.
  6. He is credited with having a big influence on the way Klopp, Tuchel, Nagelsmann and Hasenhuttl manage. Klopp definitely speaks highly of him in the book I read.
  7. I think it's fair to say Lewis is the most naturally gifted on the grid at the moment and has been for some time. Even when he was at McLaren he was getting the car higher up the grid than it should be. I am too young to really remember Senna, which I'm absolutely gutted about. The film/documentary was incredible but I feel was only a small glimpse of what he meant to the sport.
  8. What's the Christmas schedule for these then? Maybe not for a couple of weeks yet but it's likely to get to the stage where people are busy with Christmas/family commitments. Do we take a Christmas break and get a few more in now before it gets busy? (I am aware I'm not exactly a regular on these at the moment but I will get better I promise! 😄)
  9. Are we assuming Poch is that manager? If it was Zidane I don’t see why either party would want to wait until summer.
  10. I think anyone would be brave to bet against Hamilton now. That Mercedes has been like a rocket ship in the last 2 races and Toto has hinted at another upgrade for the next race. Would be great to see the season go down to the last race which seems pretty likely now! I want Max to win, purely as I think it's good for the sport. I hate it when one person/team just dominates season after season. I absolutely love Seb Vettel now but hated it when he was winning endlessly for 4 consecutive years. Whatever happens though this has definitely been one of the best seasons in years!
  11. I agree with points 1 & 2, definitely. I don't agree with 3 (yet) but that's going to be down to personal circumstances etc isn't it. I recognise I'm lucky that at the moment it's just myself and the wife, no kids to fund! But the minute that changes then I would definitely start considering the cost more.
  12. From what I can see the closest we've had to Christmas was 19th December to announce Arcade Fire (2014) and Kylie (2019).
  13. He seemed quite happy last time I saw him on TV...
  14. Even after a quick Google of "Steps top songs", I don't recognise any more of them. Good game while it lasted.
  15. I knew @crazyfool1's joke would set off a Chain Reaction of Steps jokes.
  16. Food Vendors Hurt/Heal BigEats 50 Dosa Deli 50 Deluxe Diner/Rocket Lounge 50 Eat the Farm 50 Hot P'totoes 50 Le Rac Shack 60 Mango Rays 50 Notso Katsu 50 Only Jerkin' 50 PanCrêpes 50 RAD BURGER 50 Seasonal Samosas 50 Taste Tibet 50 The Crumble Shack 50 The Fryer Engine 50 The Real Banger Co 50 The Roaming Rotisserie 50 The Vegan Pyramid 50 Tom's Toasties 50 Wrap Up Burritos 50 Club Mexicana 50 Fresh Organic 50 Vegan Fried Chicke 50 Co-Op 50 La Grande Bouffe 65 Goan Seafood Company 50 The Famous Welsh Oggie 50 (+10) Tor RFC Fajita Stall 50 Anna Mae's Mac N Cheese 50 Buddha Bowl 50 Giant Yorkshire Pudding Stall 50 Hare Krishna Tent 50 Piggie Smalls 50 Jamaican Jerk Chicken Stall 50 The Banghra Bus 50 Burger & Beyond 50 Voodoo Ray's 50 Scrumpets With Crumpets 50 Beat Hotel 45 Los Churros Amigos 50 Happy Maki 50 The Peckish Peacock 50 Wham Bam Tikka 50 Mr. Toastie 50 Fishfinger Heaven 50 The Paellaria 60 The Duck Truck 50 The Beach tree Restaurant (hospitality) 50 Mama Falafel 50 Jumping Bean Burritos 50 Ghandi's Flip Flop 50 Burger Bear 50 Mendip Moments 50 No Bones Jones 60 The Growler 50 Square Pie Co. 50 Tea & Toast 50
  17. DareToDibble


    It's the first AEW PPV I've stayed up to watch live, definitely won't be the last My mate had told me about how excited he was for each match and to expect some great wrestling but it's been a long time since I've seen a PPV that good.
  18. Don't speak too soon. We said that last time and a new one popped up within a week 😄
  19. Coincidentally, both Klopp's Liverpool contract and Gerrard's Villa contract end on exactly the same day...
  20. This, 100%. I know it shouldn't matter but it would also great for the festival to have 2 female headliners.
  21. John Peel Tent & The Park Hot Chip 64 Jazz World / West Holts Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 28 Justice 24 (-10)
  22. John Peel Tent & The Park Hot Chip 192 (-10) Jazz World / West Holts Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 94 Justice 94
  23. Fantastic stance by them. Unfortunately this is what it's going to take for it to stop. Ridiculous that it's needed.
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