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  1. Jelly Belly

    Visiting the farm in 2018

    Apologies if this has been asked a million times previously but I don't get on too regularly but what is the likelihood of being allowed to have a look around the site when the festival isn't on? Myself and my wife are taking our 20 month old Daughter to Cornwall in July and looking for a one night stop off in the Glastonbury area to break the journey up from the North West and thought it would be nice to take her down there for a stroll about. Are they really strict when it comes to who they allow into the fields?
  2. Jelly Belly

    Dolly Parton MIming?

  3. Jelly Belly

    Dolly Parton MIming?

    She mimed 1000% and any denial from her managment is on a parr with Suarez saying that he 'fell' into the Italian lads shoulder. My wife works with a lass who used to look after booking at the Manchester Evening News Arena, the way artists get around it is that to call it a 'Live' performance they must sing at least one song Live, Dolly did this by singing the 'Mud, Mud, Mud' song live. At the end of the day, she's 68 and her voice is most likely not as on form as years gone by but I wish they wouldn't try and make the punter out to be stupid by talking bollocks and bare faced lying to cover the fact that she mimmed.