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  2. No one wants top 4 by the looks of things
  3. I have achieved a Zen like state about my ignorance of most of the goings on in the outside world. I have become, comfortably numb;
  4. Burnley's time wasting was of the charts tonight. Not bothered about them anymore. They can go down next year as far as I'm concerned. That said, yet again we were nowhere near good enough. Damn.
  5. jump


    You do have to laugh at how weirdly run WWE is. It's been less than a week and "The Viking Experience" are now called The Viking Raiders plus Andrade, Vega & Black (who's married to Vega and WWE don't like breaking up couples) are now off to Smackdown as Fox weren't happy with the shakedown. To balance things Cesaro out is moving to Raw which means The Bar are no longer a team.
  6. Jay89

    Silver Hayes 2019

    Only one music related account on instagram. Doesn’t seem to fit though.
  7. Homer


  8. Thank you very much, that’s really fucked up the deep inner thoughts I have when I look at the images of those Glastonbury attendees who had the alternative lifestyles in the 70s!
  9. Based on the timings for the last few years, you'd get 2 acts between the legends slot and the headliner - But it's certainly not impossible there's only 1 - it's been suggested that both Kylie and The Cure will get longer sets than the 2017 acts did, and if that happens they either need to push the legends slot to starting at about 3pm, reduce the stage changeover times, or cut an act between them, and cutting an act would seem the most logical. The other aspect of that is that it wouldn't be unprecedented for the "legends slot" to move up to around 5pm or so - that was pretty much the standard time until a while back when a combination of an earlier stage curfew and longer gaps between acts pushed it a bit earlier.
  10. bombfrog

    Silver Hayes 2019

    Ooooh, I love a good mystery.
  11. I can understand that, but I'd rather not have something on the polar opposite end of site that I might want to go to.
  12. pogal

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    Anyway, she ain't comin'...
  13. Keithy

    Silver Hayes 2019

    @Titters has been doing his Glastonbury research and mentioned he couldn't find anything for 'twonky order' who are in the Silver Hayes poster. I've had a good Google and found absolutely nothing in the whole internet. So...alias for someone doing a secret set? And if so, who? Natural reaction is Fatboy but anyone else is might be? Or is it an actual real act??
  14. jyoung

    Billie Eilish

    Sometimes the sound at the Other Stage is trash. That's the only reason I ever moan about it. As for Billie, I would've prefer JP because I think it would have been more intense and fitting of her style. Hopefully the Other Stage slot is a late one.
  15. Huh, that the reason? Source? He's really fucked his career up hasn't he?
  16. dingbat2


    Underneath and behind the pier I wonder?
  17. Ayrshire Chris

    Billie Eilish

    Good comment. The problem lies with those who take offence not the music. Ironic debating the lyrics of one of billies songs when another artist who is appearing swings naked on a wrecking ball in her video!
  18. So how's it going guys? I'm going to Glastonbury instead of Rock Werchter this year, but I used to be on the 2017 & 2018 forums alot for RW. What's people's opinions on this years Rock Werchter line up?
  19. Walked 11 miles in the Lake District with our 9 month old in the carrier he’ll be transported around in June. Climbed 900+m in perfect weather...hopefully the same for the festival!
  20. I mean Twenty One Pilots are also a big possibity but at this this stage I think it will be some fresh name like KIngs Of Leon or there won´t be any new headliner at all, and if they put Vampire Weekend as headliners that won´t surprise me.
  21. Cheers for this A little insight, but interesting
  22. Banks Barley Gold 7.4% at £1.49 330 ml equivalent to 2.4 uk units. Actually not bad at all
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