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Liverpool Psych fest

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On 14/07/2017 at 2:06 PM, Swanmob said:

I am. Not been before either. Recommendations would be Black Angels, Omni and Duds. I don't know a lot of the other bands so I will need to do some homework. 

The website is pretty good for checking out bands. I recommend laetitia sadier, jane weaver and, from 1 track on spotify, Purple Hearts! Looming forward to it. Friends of mine went last year came back with a whole fist full of recommendations including the amazing Josefin Ohrn and Baba Naga! 

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Haven't heard anything. Shame cos my 1 visit in 2017 was fantastic. Dare i say cautiously that psych is a little more mainstream so pops up all over the place.... 

22 hours ago, tee kasule said:

Anyone know If this is happening in 2019 ? 

Thanks in advance


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P Z Y K  C A B L E

Housed within a new complex of interconnected, industrial recesses set in and around Liverpool’s North Docks, PZYK 2020 will be the new incarnation - and ultimate realisation - of what was formerly know as Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia. 

Conceived with pinpoint acuity and lucid tranquility, join us in joyful submission for our immaculately conceived, blissed-out drop-out. This is our new PZYK reality.

A distilled, durational experience. Tomorrow’s 14-hour, high definition dream-state.

Passes on sale 4/5/19, midday.


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13 minutes ago, Declan said:

Still no names announced. 

Do we think this is going ahead?

Tickets are still on sale, so hopefully. Do they tend to get decent acts for it though? Because for £55 I want my money's worth haha


Also, anyone interested in this one?


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Forgot all about this. Does seem weird that we’ve still not heard anything, and it seems pretty foolish of them to assume that a lot of people are just gonna fork over £50+ with no acts announced. 

re; that Melon Yellow thing, I was excited about it until they announced the lineup. Somehow can’t see that doing very well either....

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7 hours ago, jannybruck said:

Always had a great time at this and actually like the idea that they've taken it down to one day/night, will be a great summery vibe.

Loads of festivals are quite late at announcing stuff this year so I'm not reading into it too much.

Yeah, what concerns me is the total silence— there’s been no promotion since the announcement last April, and it doesn’t look like they’ve updated their site. I’d think they’d want some visibility after skipping a year, and moving to a new date and location.

Most May festivals have announced something by now, or at least shown more signs of life.

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