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  1. They said it was up in the air (Brexit), but just announced for August 28 & 29 at de Effenaar in Eindhoven. FIrst lineup announcement next a Wednesday.
  2. News tomorrow, they say on FB.
  3. News coming Thursday, I’ve been told.
  4. Well, it's been dead for 24 hours....
  5. Glad to hear it! Any word on when they’ll announce a lineup?
  6. I know it’s not real, but given that Black Midi is playing Wide Awake in London on Friday, I doubt they’ll be hitting the stage in Barcelona at 4:00 AM.
  7. Yeah, what concerns me is the total silence— there’s been no promotion since the announcement last April, and it doesn’t look like they’ve updated their site. I’d think they’d want some visibility after skipping a year, and moving to a new date and location. Most May festivals have announced something by now, or at least shown more signs of life.
  8. They've been so quiet, I forgot this had moved to May from September. The lack of any details or updates is somewhat concerning.
  9. Primavera LA isn’t until September. I don't think the radius clause lasts that long.
  10. Not happening. Dean is doing a “Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500 songs” tour, but Damon and Naomi are not involved.
  11. P Z Y K C A B L E WELCOME TO THE NEW PZYK REALITY Housed within a new complex of interconnected, industrial recesses set in and around Liverpool’s North Docks, PZYK 2020 will be the new incarnation - and ultimate realisation - of what was formerly know as Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia. Conceived with pinpoint acuity and lucid tranquility, join us in joyful submission for our immaculately conceived, blissed-out drop-out. This is our new PZYK reality. A distilled, durational experience. Tomorrow’s 14-hour, high definition dream-state. Passes on sale 4/5/19, midday.
  12. They've released tickets (probably returns) for a bunch of previously sold out shows. No NIN or Cure, but just about everything else. And, they announced they're not replacing Frightened Rabbit. Queen Elizabeth Hall will be dark that night, in memory.
  13. Thank you for the tip.on this. I got in the queue at 9:45 and was already #1635. Even with the hour wait, I was able to get front row for MBV, along with good seats for Mogwai, Mono, Alcest, and the Notwist. I guess I’m fortunate not to be a NIN fan.
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