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  1. Never heard of them but liking their description on wikipedia! All the genres of music I like!
  2. Fair enough, yeah let's hope so, would be great for this festival, great swagger and style, not unlike Interpol.
  3. Thought the Walkmen were broken up? Don't get me wrong I would love them.
  4. How about Black Midi, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and Pom Poko? Not sure how likely or unlikely either would be to feature. Field music will have an album early next year, so too Algiers. Would like to see at least some of these bands involved.
  5. Tool anybody? Timings would probably fit pretty well considering the new album is just out (which is sensational btw!).
  6. Agreed, I'm all for it. There was hardly anybody, relatively speaking, in the Adidas/pitchfork area for that run of drab majesty > nenah cherry > June of 44 > messthetics which meant not having to evade talkers too much.
  7. I think I've settled on this. Julian baker > the necks > half malkmus > big thief > Mac demarco > stiff little fingers > nas > Interpol > erykah badu Lucy dacus > snail mail > sons of kemet xl > beak> > fucked up > dirty projectors > last 45 mins Janelle monae > aldous harding > low > yves tumor > swervedriver > last half of jungle Built to spill > shellac > drab majesty > nenah cherry > June of 44 > half of messthetics > half of stereolab > roisin Murphy.
  8. I may be wrong but seems to me like Interpol and GBV are one night and are clashing and Carcass another night.
  9. Didn't notice that one, gutting, considering the dearth of this kind of thing in the first place! I'll have to miss Carcass and Guided by Voices.
  10. Thanks for your efforts guys. Pond and Sons of Kemet clashing is a bit of a sickener. Always to be expected though.
  11. True, still leaves 3 weeks or so to check out the bands as I've not done anything really up to now.
  12. They love a tease these guys.
  13. Yeah Comet is Coming sound decent from what I've heard of them on 6 music.
  14. This is a nice bonus for me. They should be extremely strong favourites as well given they'll be up against Spurs or Ajax. Should make for a great atmosphere.
  15. She was a must see for me from the get go. Is the new one as good as the previous 2?
  16. Cheers, I know Jungle pretty well but will check out the rest.
  17. Much appreciated thanks, the only one for those I already have down is Sons of Kemet so this is a great help.
  18. Anything in the realm of June of 44, Beak, Jawbreaker or world music, singer/songwriter, jazz, experimental etc that people have discovered towards the bottom of the order? I have tried to listen to the spotify playlist a few times but have been soon repelled each time by terrible dance music.
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