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  1. Unbelievable line-up. Will be worth waiting for.
  2. Very happy with this. Bauhaus still there and Lightning Bolt and Idles added. Lovely stuff!
  3. I think I'm right in saying Lightning Bolt and Idles are additions from this years lineup. I'm very happy with those 2.
  4. If that's the case all cinemas, theatres, festivals, many sports clubs etc will go out of business. Can that be allowed to happen?
  5. Easy to see why you've seen them so much, I would too given the chance. Incredible set and incredible musicians. Only about 5 tunes from schlagenheim but the new stuff sounded amazing. Looks like they're going a more jazz route with it. They're good enough musicians to anyway.
  6. I'd like to think that's just because they play down that neck of the woods all the time. I'm seeing their Edinburgh show on Monday and hoping for years ago etc. They won't have played here before I don't think.
  7. Adidas for me as well, great little stage.
  8. Yeah we stayed in badalona last year as well and it was pretty convenient. Not booked anything yet but will aim for around there again.
  9. Me too. It's incredible. Can't see any lineup this year coming near to matching that.
  10. So have 2 names been announced today? Do people expect this drip feeding to continue for the whole lineup?
  11. Great news, something to lift the gloom!
  12. Sorry quick question (not been keeping up with this and don't have time to go over the latest pages). Any indication as to when the announcement will be?
  13. Never heard of them but liking their description on wikipedia! All the genres of music I like!
  14. Fair enough, yeah let's hope so, would be great for this festival, great swagger and style, not unlike Interpol.
  15. Thought the Walkmen were broken up? Don't get me wrong I would love them.
  16. How about Black Midi, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and Pom Poko? Not sure how likely or unlikely either would be to feature. Field music will have an album early next year, so too Algiers. Would like to see at least some of these bands involved.
  17. Tool anybody? Timings would probably fit pretty well considering the new album is just out (which is sensational btw!).
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