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  1. Cheers, I know Jungle pretty well but will check out the rest.
  2. Much appreciated thanks, the only one for those I already have down is Sons of Kemet so this is a great help.
  3. Anything in the realm of June of 44, Beak, Jawbreaker or world music, singer/songwriter, jazz, experimental etc that people have discovered towards the bottom of the order? I have tried to listen to the spotify playlist a few times but have been soon repelled each time by terrible dance music.
  4. I think there are enough lesser known bands as there is! Jokes.
  5. So no chance of any more acts being announced do people think or is this it?
  6. They did remind me especially of slint alright.
  7. Impressed with June of 44. Cheers to whoever flagged those up.
  8. I agree with this and have been thinking the same thing for the last few days. Far too much stock seems to be being placed in those end of year lists. To me they are not indicative of quality at all. Any old rag magazine or website with an agenda can have their say!
  9. I thought I was a fan but I didn't recognise many of the tunes they played last year. They were good though last year.
  10. Lovely, thanks. I'll get right on it.
  11. Sounds like they'd rival Pig Destroyer for album tracks!
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